>Top 6+1 Magento 2 Slideshow Extensions – The whys and the wherefore

Top 6+1 Magento 2 Slideshow Extensions – The whys and the wherefore

Watchful if the storelook is too idle

Never a person could eat alone one food a day to the next and so should the digital visualization of your Magento 2 stores. What particularly hits clients’ eyes could be defined in a single word: distinction.

Whether you come up with a big vividly visual party – the like no other in place of the plain the boring conveying messages like many other Magento stores or you stores just queues in that same line.

It is long-recognized that impression by banners plays quite a decisive role enough to your sales. As far as concerned in ecommerce, the visualization of stores and products becomes more mandatory critical as a sole channel for clients to illustrate what they are going to buy; if their eyes are not caught instantly, you lose their apples wandering to some rivals elsewhere and pass the profits which should have been yours.

Go bold with the slideshow

Banners slideshow & carousels prove as the most powerful presentation blend of visualization and promotion information. They drag the audience towards dramatic and picturesque photos of your products and stores; to direct them into irresistible offers and promotions.

But default Magento 2 does not provide enough tools to help create banners, so stand up by yourself with top 6+1 Magento 2 motionly slider and banner slider extensions that are going to be listed as follows.

No 6.  Free Banners Slideshow, Flash Banners & Image Slider by FMExtensions. Visit


A prominent advantage of this extension is that you can place order to have the extension without cost. The disadvantage of this extension is only enough to serve minimum demand for a banner slideshow, flash banners & image slide by just uploading image and assign any page to display. Despite that, it fits well with small and medium shop with somewhat tight budget for a fully customized option and to those typically runs less promotional campaigns.

Note: The demos for frontend and backend of this extension do not work at the moment this article is written; but screenshots can be found in installation guides.

No 5. Banner slider by Magestore. Visit

Banner slider by Magestore

Similarly to the free extension above, this one is also free on Magento Marketplace. But on the contrary, it offers you a bunch of features. You can choose to display banners in forms of pop -up, note, unresponsive and responsive slider. It enables to assign Alt Text for SEO as well as setting effective date for each banner.

There accompanied with various setting positions as well as animation effects. It ranks number 5 because Magestore is swifting to sell solutions instead of extensions, there is no evidence shown they may continue to support this module or help you if anything occurs during installation.

No 4. OWL Carousel & Slider by WeltPixel. Visit

OWL Carousel & Slider by WeltPixel

Starts from $299, OWL Carousel & Slider wins the fourth place, it supplies plentiful of customization settings to visualize slideshow to serve users’ uttermost sales, information and aesthetic requirements in terms of banners as well as product slider.

According to its description, users can set carousels for homepage and any categories as well. This extension enables you to hover to see images, and set date and time for your sliders.

Included in this extension, product carousels are customized to new products, best – seller products, sale products, recently viewed products, related products, up-sell/ cross-sell slider. Admin can customize even to the dots in the carousel, pre-next button, etc.

It enables Google Analytics Tracking by installing its free extension.  It is lightweight and good desktop/mobile UX.

If you are finding a free version with the same features, check it out for Magento 2 Free Extension Owl Banners Slider And Carousel of INAB here

No 3. Flexslider Responsive Banner Slider by Solide Webservices. Visit

Solide Webservices

The second qualified slideshow extension will name Flexslider Responsive Banner Slider. It beats any rivals with a largely customizable setup for banner slider and carousel, but only by a giveaway price – just $25.

It helps you create abundant slideshow, appoint visibility to a logged in customers, can set different visible position for them under a CMS page/ category sidebar through XML update/ homepage with XML as full width slideshow, etc. Images can set alt for bots, also can be redirected to a target URL.

It has more functions than any costly slider extension. Moreover, it supports Vimeo and Youtube videos, and lots of image format to bring you the best blend of eye-catching visualizations to convey more messages and special offers that match every demand. You can see more in the extension’s documents to see detailed competence of the extension.

No 2. Rich banner slider by Aheadworks. Visit


An interesting feature of this extension is that it is built with SEO in mind. Admin can sort out statistics on CTR on each banner created to track its efficiency.

Banner includes several slides with image alt, appears as in-page banner and widescreen banner. It is able to display at store category and to product pages for a custom group of clients.

You can set display time and date for the slideshow for reservation or termination. Another worthwhile factor of this extension is you get support from one of the most reputed name in Magento extension builder.

The disadvantage is that the extension is pricy, starts from $549 without installation service.

No 1. Easy sliders by Templates Master. Visit

Easy sliders

The universal crown goes to Easy slide because of its easiness, simplicity and let your site a living creature with 4 animation effects.

It works up to the meaning of its name, it is the only extension allows you browse to find or drag and drop multiple photos instead of selecting. The order of slides can be switched fastly due to its up-to-date interface.

If your site has already installed enough extensions and you just need simple slideshow and quick one to use, this is for you by spending only $69. It doesn’t have demo live, you should find guide documentation to learn the flow.

Wrap – up

These are 6 +1 Magento 2 outstanding slider extensions. I hope you find this blog post works out well for you.