Product Visualization Today, Sales Rocket Tomorrow

product visualization

Product Visualization Today, Sales Rocket Tomorrow

“Seeing is Believing!”

It does not hold any water to deny the impact of product visualization on online purchases. Visual images add significant appeal to the product page, drive more traffic, convince the online customers 6 times faster than text content, and in turn, trigger exponential sales.

By no mean, I try to prevent you from optimizing your text information. Both are important, but to be honest, most of the online users do not have time to scan too much text. And for your information, 92.6% of them confirmed their purchase decisions were mostly affected by visuals.

A bit much text here? Then, take some visual information first before I jump to our topic today: Magento 2 & Product Visualization.

Online products become more visual overtime
Products become more visual overtime

The way products are displayed online has changed immensely from time to time, from 2D to 3D. In the future, virtual products will become more and more interactive. People might even be able to touch, feel, smell, and taste the product – sound crazy, but it may be, one day!

Does Magento 2 Keep up with Product Visualization Changes?

Yes, it does!

As one of the most popular ecommerce platform, Magento 2 is always updated on online users’ behaviors and hobbies to ensure your websites are pop in the competitive business world.

There are many ways to visualize your products: colorful images, swatch, gif, video introduction, VR & AR, etc.

Images and Videos

Under the product edit page, you can upload multiple photos and rearrange the order just by a drag-&-drop gesture to make your product as visual as possible. You can tailor the alt text per image or customize its size as wished.

Moreover, adding videos to the product page is a matter of minutes. Just enter the video’s URL, and it is ready to be published.

Images and videos in Magento 2
Upload images and videos in Magento 2

Color Swatch and Text Swatch

Swatch concept is simple. There is a range of options, usually the colors, for customers to compare and choose their preferred options. The product image will change per customers’ choice without loading the whole page.

In Magento 2, the color swatch is available for configurable products to present specific child products.

Here is an example of a color swatch:

Color Swatch in Magento 2
Color Swatch in Magento 2

Read later:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

By nature, VR & AR is not available in Magento 2 platform. But they will be very soon. Now, you can even invest in this future-facing technology with some extensions.

Recently, Magento has launched the Innovations Labs contest to encourage the creative technologies on this eCommerce platforms even if they are at an early stage, experimental, or bleeding edge.

And know what?

8 out of 25 ideas are about product visualization, to be more specific: VR & AR technologies.

VR and AR technologies in Magento 2

Hence, you should get prepared soon!

Some Interesting VR & AR Functions You Want to Steal to Your Magento 2 Stores

Virtual Try-on

You have heard of Kylie Jenner, right? – Then, you might, at least once, see her Snapchat videos. In that case, you already know the “Try-on” concept. It is similar to the Snapchat filters.

SPEQS provides a real-time AR app for customers to try on the eyewear – Just choose the sunglass model, and the True Fit face technology fits the glasses on the user’s face.

Such a shopping experience is super enjoyable. And once the glasses look good on their faces, customers can’t help but add the product to cart.

If your products need to be visual, such as clothing or necklace, you should think about the try-on feature from now. You will have to plan for Magento 2 Mobile App first.

AR Product Navigator

If you find an AR App builder for Magento 2, I recommend Webkul, who have hands-on experiences on applying Augmented Reality fundamentals for Magento 2.

(→_→ yeah, Webkul is among our competitors. Yet, if they are good for you in some cases – AR App, in particular, I still show their name here. Our business is all for your best!)

For your information, more and more customers research online and purchase offline.

If you already succeed in engaging customers with your online products, do not let them go for competitors’ offline stores.

The AR Product Navigator by Webkul allows customers to search and navigate to the product locations via a mobile app. Simply, this is a kind of custom map and path navigation system.

If you have both an online store and physical stores, this navigator helps customers find their wanted products more quickly without the salespeople’s involvement.

Kind of map to product
Kind of map to product

AR with Adobe AERO

Since Adobe bought Magento, we can expect more and more advanced Adobe features to be integrated into this platform to “make every moment shoppable.”

Project AERO – an Argumented Reality authoring tool is available for your Magento 2 websites thanks to the extension by Imagination Media.


This tool allows uploading AR files (which can be designed with the AERO) as product images in a few clicks. With an AR app and Apple ARKit, customers can take a gaming tour to apply the products to any physical space.

The way-fun experience will shorten the path to conversion, certainly!

Last Words

It is not required for all online products to be visual as a real. However, let’s be honest – The traditional ways of product presentation look boring. 65% of online users are visual learners. So the more visual-optimized, the better.

Besides videos and image swatches, AR and VR are promising. More importantly, they are not future technologies any longer. There are many built-in apps and extensions for you to plug & play!

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