Magento 2 Warehouse Management: Top Extensions & Services List

by Robin Tran

MSI Magento 2 is truly revolutionary. This function can be described as Magento’s attempt at inventory management by location. 


READ UP ON Magento 2 warehouse management – the most straightforward explanation. 

Up until the release of Magento 2.3, you can only engage in a single inventory system. And you can tell this was not ideal.

It’s counterintuitive and downright frustrating for businesses with multiple sales channels. On the other hand, the single inventory system makes it harder to optimize the checkout and shipping process.

Today, we’ll talk about Magento 2 inventory management and top-tier extensions that help you better at it!

Magento 2 Warehouse Management  – An Oversimplified Review

You can learn everything about inventory management within Magento by clicking on the link above. But, I still include this segment to give you the baseline information to form your own conclusion on extension choice down the line.

Let’s start!

What is MSI Magento 2?

Below is the workflow of MSI. 


As can be seen, MSI is a Magento Inventory function that connects order and shipment from the sales channels to sources.

In other words, It lets traders oversee stock for all item types in a solitary distribution center and across complex transportation systems. Dealers can deal with these areas as sources, following close by stock amounts per item. 

Stocks map these sources and deals channels (sites) to give a precise, marketable amount as stock pools for simultaneous checkout and item reservations. Magento inventory management likewise refreshes requests and shipment choices, giving you full command over your stock.

MSI Pros vs. Cons? 

So, here is the list of conveniences MSI can bring to you (short and sweet version):

  • Add stocks & sources, update quantities and grow new sales channels.
  • Limit the negative impact on the checkout performance caused by the source preference algorithm. 
  • Optimize checkout and shipping -> lower cart abandon rate.

But what’s REALLY going behind that bright orange of hope? What imperfections that MSI has? What causes one to disable MSI Magento 2?

Lack of report

Yes, indeed, it is. There is no function to tell warehouse adjustment but to check each one of the products.

And you can tell how frustrating it can get if you have thousands of products in your inventory. 

Wholesales complicates

MSI is both for retailers and wholesalers using Magento. Let me get it out the way. 

But it’s particularly tricky when it comes to B2B configuration within the inventory realm due to its customer profile. 


DON’T MISS OUT Magento 2 wholesale fast order

Wholesales clients have two distinctive characteristics within the purchasing trait: quick in placing orders and fluctuated in demand.

These two combines make it more challenging to manage the inventory in controlling as well as forecasting warehouse stock availability. 


Now, I will forever praise Magento for its admin’s interface. It’s manageable, engaging, and down-right easy to manuver. 

However, the workload and learning curve is another story. There are so many configurable options available, which are dreams for professionals but nightmares for beginners.


And on top of that, you have devdocs of terms and functions you need to learn and understand before you begin your configuration. And disable MSI Magento 2 isn’t a choice if you make a mistake during your optimizing process.

In short, you need to have a high level of technical competency to try and manage the warehouse(s) in Magento by yourself.

Now, let’s move to how you can step up your Magento inventory management!

BSS Commerce – Magento 2 Inventory Report – $59

Yes, you can tell, this extension tackles the first problem within Magento 2 warehouse management. The single inventory report function will come in handy for ecommerce with fewer sales channels.


By providing exact changes at the precise time, this module helps the last and first step of your inventory overview more precisely. 

Highlight functions

  • Comparable to MSI
  • Monitor all of the inventory changes and note them down in a grid report.
  • Allow CVS download version of said report.
  • Delete changes in seconds.
  • Track product quantity changed by REST API

Magestore – Magento Inventory Management – Contact for Quote

If you’re unsure about what can be improved/fixed in your Magento Inventory System, I highly recommend you book a session such as this one. 


In a nutshell, Magestore offers a service that concentrates deals requests and stock over the entirety of your retail to streamline multi-channel activities. Improve benefits and lessen the danger of overselling.

Highlight functions

  • Optimize stock visibility
  • Balance stock quantity level
  • Ensure stock status from sinking
  • Produce real-time reports on inventory status

amasty – Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2 – $349

It’s a $349 outfit for your warehouse management, but it 100% worths every penny. Handily split stock among numerous distribution centers and successfully oversee inventory right from the item matrix or the specific stockroom page. 


You can flatten the learning curve on Magento Inventory with this extension and manage your stock easier and smoother. It’s best for Magento users with a basic level of Magento technicality. 

Highlight functions

  • Create multiple warehouses easily
  • Oversee stock right from the product framework 
  • Lower shipping costs with an intricate algorithm
  • Produce shipments in a single tick 
  • Embed custom delivery preferences

Aitoc – Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2 – $299

Unlike amasty’s take on Magento Inventory, Aitoc put more emphasis on the restock/fulfillment of warehouse management.


So, if you’re looking for such a helping hand, definitely give them a look. 

Highlight functions

  • Manage multiple warehouses at ease
  • Optimize warehouse choosing with automation
  • Increase inventory accuracy 
  • Monitor and accelerate the fulfillment process

Boostmyshop – Inventory Extension for Magento 2 – $429

A developing web-based business can, in some cases, lead to disorder in the stockroom. Unavailable items are sold while overload items vanish from your online index. 

Getting the arrival of a faulty item from a client and afterward following it to the provider can prompt a significant exercise in futility and cash. 

boostemyshop solution

And this extension is essential for staying away from these and other normal tissues. This extension will do wonders for optimizing shipment.

Highlight functions

  • Permit storekeepers to deal with Multiple Stocks, Multiple Warehouses 
  • Grand administrator permission to monitor stock with Stock Movements 
  • Assist you with anticipating deals for your store and deal with the stock

Wrap Up

We’ve talked about Magento 2 warehouse management in all of its glorious and flaws. Hopefully, you find the one solution to keep your inventory in-check and maximize its sale potentials.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time. 


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