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Magento 2 Inventory Report

Community: 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Enterprise: 2.3.x - 2.4.x

Inventory Report is an advanced Magento 2 stock management feature developed to manage stock/inventory changes. It helps keeping track of product in-and-out flow easier and garners valuable insights for business decisions.

Magento 2 Inventory Report extension tracks all the changes in the stock of products. Using this Magento inventory extension/Magento 2 inventory management extension, you will get a detailed inventory report and can check product quantity quickly.

  • Automatically list all inventory movements (stock quantity changes only) of all products into your store in a grid
  • Track changes of quantity in separate grid for each product
  • Conveniently export the inventory report in a CSV file
  • Easily delete inventory logs in the grid

New Update:

  • Separate Guest and Customer order.
  • Link to Customer details at the report grid.
  • Enable Salable quantity tracking.
  • Update quantity when an order gets canceled.
  • Track product quantity changed by REST API.
  • Compatible with Hyva theme
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 and 2.4.7




Automatically log all the changes in product quantity

All information about the Magento 2 inventory management is recorded and displayed in a Magento 2 inventory report grid.

Admin can know which product has quantity change, when it is ordered and who did this action.

The product name and SKU are linked to the product edit page. Therefore, admins can go to the product edit page and view the detailed inventory report of an individual product.

Every action making Magento stock change will be tracked, including creating orders from both the backend and front end, deleting orders, creating credit memos, importing products, and changing the quantity on the product edit page.

The admin can also delete Magento 2 inventory report logs from the grid as wished.


Detailed Magento inventory report for each product

There are 2 ways for you to check the inventory report: a report with all products and a report of each product.

With the report of a specific product, you can sort the order quantity at the latest time right on the detail page, no need to check on Sales page.

You can also navigate to the product edit page by clicking on the product name or SKU in the inventory report grid of all products.


See which users make inventory changes

In Magento 2 Inventory Report, 3 user groups may impact product quantity, including admin, guest and customer. By separating users, the store owner can know which user group makes the most changes in inventory. From that, they can create a suitable strategy for each group.

Furthermore, with orders from customers, we also equip you with a quick link to the customer details. Small move - a tremendous benefit. This advanced inventory management feature like this makes your customer management and customer avatar building much easier and smoother.

View Order or View Memo

View Order or View Memo via Inventory Report

Inventory Report Magento 2 decreases times and steps when the admin wants to check anything about the product.

The admin can quickly view the order details page and credit memo details page by clicking on the View Order or View Memo in the Action column.


Other Magento 2 advanced inventory report features

  • Better Magento 2 inventory management with salable quantity tracking
  • Update quantity at break-neck speed when an order gets canceled
  • Manage the stock of Virtual and Downloadable Products at ease
  • Quickly get a report of inventory movement by exporting to CSV file

It will be convenient for store owners if they have a feature that helps them know how and when the product stock was changed. 

Magento 2 Inventory Report is a powerful Magento 2 inventory management tool that allows admins to follow all the changes in product quantity.

Magento 2 Inventory Report user reviews

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  • Is it possible to filter the report by active products so that disabled products are not shown when I run the report?

    It is a regret that the module hasn't yet supported your demanded function, but we can customize for you. Please contact us to receive the best solution ASAP!

  • Can I install this Magento 2 extension via Composer? If yes, how can I do that?

    Yes. You can install Magento 2 extensions via Composer following the instruction here.

  • How to send customization request for this extension?


    Just drop us an email to or contact us.

    We'd like to offer customization service for all BSS Commerce extensions and any third-party extensions.

Release Note
    • v1.2.2 (Nov 24, 2023): Update log report with API bulk update product
    • v1.2.1 (Aug 24, 2023): Update: compatible with M246, php8.2, Fix bug: support all product types, show wrong Note when updating the product Qty through Rest API and action from the frontend; Fix bug wrong date and time when creating credit memo from the invoice; Fix bug importing file without quantity column.
    • v1.2.0 (Feb 27, 2023): Fix bug di:compile in module version 1.2.9; fix bug not converting time zone correctly in report grids; fix bug showing wrong message when trying to change product SKU and create credit memo from backend.
    • v1.1.9 (Dec 01, 2022): Fix bug creating order via GraphQL. Update displaying showing note "via REST API" in inventory report grid with all actions.
    • v1.1.8 (Sep 23, 2022): Works with REST API (place order, cancel order, create credit memo). Fix salable quantity logic; fix bug not changing report when importing products.
    • v1.1.7 (Jun 17, 2022): Compatible with MSI. Fix some critical bugs.
    • v1.1.6 (Jun 07, 2021): Fix report when qty is changed on grid, user ID sorting, fix recording when product becomes out of stock.
    • v1.1.5 (Dec 31, 2020): Update compatible with 2.4.0. Fix compatible with MSI. Fix bug when product stock has many source and the first source of stock is unassigned from product stock. Fix bug cancel order. Fix bug warning: A non-numeric value encountered. Fix PHP Fatal error. Fix bug Salable quantity always change. Fix bug "Time" column doesnt convert into locate options. Fix bug creating configurable product without quantity.
    • v1.1.4 (August 16, 2020): Fix bug when duplicating product and creating new product single source without stock item and undefined index qty; Fix bug when editing product but remove and leave Quantity blank then Save on Magento 2.3.x
    • v1.1.3 (July 26, 2020): Fix import issue when import nonexistent SKU; Fix edit quantity issue in backend; Update logic of Creat Order as guest Create Order as customer; Fix inventory report issue with bundle product; Fix display in the table when creating shipment; Display quantity when cancel an order; Display quantity when creating an order of virtual product, downloadable product, source qty; Fix search issue in inventory report table; Fix creating new product issue when assigning source; Fix unassign source in mass when choosing a product without source
    • v1.1.1 (Mar 20, 2020): Update Service Contact, API interface
    • v1.1.0 (Mar 02, 2020): Fix save logic when enable MSI single default source
    • v1.0.9 (Jan 17, 2020): Comptible with Multiple Source Inventory on Magento 2.3.x. If your magento version is below M2.3.x or using M2.3.x but disable Multiple Source Inventory please use module version v1.0.8
    • v1.0.8 (Jan 08, 2020): Support deleting log in backend
    • v1.0.7 (Oct 11, 2018): Fix bug when importing product via CSV
    • v1.0.6 (Jul 02, 2018): Add Update Attribute in product grid view page
    • v1.0.5 (Apr 19, 2018): ompatible with magento 2.2.3
    • v1.0.4 (Jan 09, 2018): Work with REST API
    • v1.0.3 (Dec 29, 2017): Fix bug of inability of tracking frontend orders for children of configurable products
    • v1.0.2 (Dec 21, 2017): Fix bug of wrong record when editing configurable product
    • v1.0.1 (Oct 09, 2017): Compatible with magento 2.2
    • v1.0.0 (Oct 06, 2017): First Release