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Magento 2 Quick Order

Magento 2 Quick Order is an extension that allows your customers to easily order multiple products without visiting many product pages. With this extension, B2B customers can quickly search and add products to the cart by their names/SKUs. As a result, your business will see a boost in B2B sales and an increase in repeat purchases.

Specifically, the main functions of Magento 2 B2B quick order are:

  • Quickly order by SKU or product names using a form
  • Bulk order multiple products via CSV file upload
  • Prefill bestsellers or frequently bought items in the fast order form
  • Efficiently select all product options in a smart popup
  • Access a sticky Mini Quick Order for fast purchases on any page
  • Compatible with all Magento 2 product types
  • Responsive design for seamless functionality on diverse devices
  • Compatibility with Magento 2 Request for Quote, Configurable Grid Table View
  • Compatible with popular themes like Porto, Fastest, and Infinit from Codazon


  • Compatible with Hyva theme
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 & PHP 8.2

COMING SOON: Support GraphQL

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Community: 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Enterprise: 2.3.x - 2.4.x

One-Time Payment

30-Day Money Back

Free 1-Year Support

Free Installation & Lifetime Update

Special Price $119.00 Regular Price $159.00
Marketplace Approved
Theme Compatible

Exaggerate B2B & B2C Order Process: Faster & Smoother

Special Price $119.00 Regular Price $159.00



Save -$95.20


Are your B2B customers going through multiple product pages to select and order their wanted products in large quantities?
Does it take lots of time and effort to search, select, and add to cart products in bulk?
Do you want to optimize your wholesale customer shopping experience?


Magento 2 Quick Order extension will be the best choice in this case to improve the shopping experience for your B2B customers.
It allows customers to search and add products to the cart rapidly by names/SKUs. Especially, it supports B2B customers in placing bulk orders via CSV file importing.
Let's increase B2B sales and have more loyal customers with the Magento 2 Fast Order extension.

Magento 2 Quick Order - Detailed Features

Add products on the spot with Ajax search by SKU

There is no need to search through several store pages just to select products by each one! We have streamlined the process, and allow customers to add items on the spot with an improved search function:

  • Search products instantly by names or SKUs.
  • Identify typical searches via AJAX and Elasticsearch.
  • Add multiple products to the form right from the search box.
  • Auto-suggest matched results according to customers’ typing.
  • Auto-select for a matched result.

Expand the product list by entering multiple SKUs

For extra convenience to your customers, we allow expanding the product list by inserting multiple SKUs and their relative quantities. Our Magento 2 quick order extension supports all product types, except for bundle ones.

Quickly place a Magento bulk order via import CSV

Usually, wholesalers love to prepare a detailed order sheet beforehand, including particular product names, SKUs, quantity, etc. Let’s make use of such a form to advance their order placement in only three steps:

  • Download the sample CSV file.
  • Input SKU & product quantity (without custom options or child products).
  • Click the Upload button to add bulk products to the quick order form.

Let’s speed up Magento 2 quick order processing now! Wholesalers and business customers who order large product quantities would appreciate this option wholeheartedly.

Switch display of quick order templates as you see fit

Our Quick Order Magento 2 extension offers two order template choices for business customers and wholesalers on Magento 2. Both templates help optimize the B2B shopping experience by allowing customers to search and order products by SKU instead of browsing multiple product pages.

  • Template 1: place the search box outside the form.
  • Template 2: buyers search for products inside each line.

Preload bestsellers & frequently ordered products

It’s well known that B2B consumers make repeat purchases monthly or quarterly. The plugin saves consumers precious searching time by preloading best-seller products in the quick order form, making them ready for the list.

Customers can leisurely add things to their cart without performing extra searches after arriving at the form. And that's the convenience of our Magento 2 bulk order enhancement.

Support 5 types of Magento 2 products

Compatible with a wide range of product types, the Magento 2 Quick Order extension is the absolute choice for a speedy checkout process:

  • Simple products, downloadable products, and virtual products.
  • Simple products with custom options, configurable products, and grouped products.

When customers select products with custom options, a popup appears and lets them choose which one they like without going to individual product pages.

Even if customers select numerous products at once, the popup will intelligently display all of them with the next and previous buttons.

Use “Mini Fast Order” and add products to order even faster

Want to add extra items to your order list? There’s no need to navigate to the quick order page! Let your customer use our Mini Fast Order form in the menu header button.

The Mini Fast Order form has the same features as the basic one, allowing customers to select a limited number of products. It’s advisable to click the "add more products" button if they need more than a few.

Responsive for multiple devices

Quick order Magento 2 is always available for customers on the go! All features are optimized to ensure a seamless shopping experience, whether you are using mobile or desktop.

The display is responsive, mobile orders to easily navigate and interact with your products across various devices. From then on, quickly turn orders into profit!

Segment customer groups to use Magento 2 B2B Quick Order

If your company serves both wholesale and retail, it’s up to you whether to allow only B2B buyers to use the Quick Order feature or not.

You can freely customize the rights to use our fast order form. B2C consumers can continue to use the standard purchasing process on product sites, while B2B businesses can generate larger orders using the quick order form.

Highly compatible with Configurable Grid Table View

Want even faster bulk orders, especially for configurable products? Try using Magento 2 fast order together with Configurable Grid Table View.

Once customers search and add an SKU of the configurable to the quick order form, all child products will be listed at their fingertips, allowing customers to check all prices and stock availability at a glance.

Work best with Request for Quote

B2B customers are hardly satisfied with the price published on the website. Hence, they call or email you for a price quotation, which might cost time and resources to follow up and convert the quote into an order.

Thankfully, Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order works great with Request for Quote Magento 2 extensions, allowing you to speed up the mentioned process. Customers can easily search and add multiple products to the cart, then move all to quotes for a personalized price.

Choose The Best-fit Plan Based on Your Needs

Speed up order process for B2B business
  • Fasten ordering process in a form, instead of navigating each product page
  • Add multiple products to cart via a CSV file
  • Support all product types

$ 119.00
Provide a seamless ordering experience in various pages

Everything in Basic plan, plus Add Multiple Products to Cart:

  • Add multiple products to cart from the product list pages
  • Bulk order using checkbox and quantity box
  • Display a success popup with product details after adding product to cart

$ 191.00
Create a new display to quickly add children products to cart

Everything in Basic plan, plus Configurable Product Grid Table View:

  • Display all configurable products' variants (stock status, SKU, unit price,…) in one grid table
  • Add multiple children products to cart simultaneously
  • Enable configurable product grid table view for specific product pages and customer groups

$ 191.00

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Release Note

    • v1.4.3 (Nov 29, 2023):
      • Update: Compatible with BSS M2 Configurable Grid Table View
      • Fix Bug: Module doesn't check Parent Product's website before assigning ""is Child Product""
    • v1.4.2 (Jun 27, 2023):
      • Fix bugs:
        • Compatibility issue with PHP 8.1
        • Search issue with BSS M2 Category Permission
    • v1.4.1 (Apr 25, 2023): Update: Compatible with Magento v2.4.6 and PHP v8.2.
    • Hyva compatible: v1.0.0 (Dec 2, 2022): First release.
    • v1.4.0 (Jul 13, 2022): Compatible with Magento M2.4.4 and PHP8.1; Convert declarative schema; Fix error loading upload file CSV configurable product for a long time.
    • v1.3.9 (Mar 15, 2022): Change logic display install|not install module Configurable Product Grid View and Request for quote at Recommend Extension; Fix display mini form on mobile.
    • v1.3.8 (Feb 22, 2022): Fix bug showing noti "SKU do not match or do not exist on the site" while adding product to the Fast order form. Fix bug translating the top menu. Fix bug when enter "space" to the fast order form.
    • v1.3.7 (Jul 18, 2021): Update Refresh Logic; Fix edit qty of child product of grouped product; Work well with M2 Configurable Grid Table View by BSS Commerce; Compatible with M2 fastest_grocery_gourmet theme
    • v1.3.6 (Feb 18, 2021): Fix coding standard issue
    • v1.3.5 (Dec 18, 2020): Support mini fast order form; Add new config Refresh; Add notification message about customer’s permission; Fix display message of out of stock product
    • v1.3.3 (Aug 05, 2020): Fix bug of configurable product with 3 attributes having different price ; Fix bug of not being able to edit grouped, configurable product when when the config Sales/Tax/Price Display Setting is including tax; Fix incorrect excluding tax price in the fast order form; Fix loading image issue when not setting images for children products of configurable product; Fix bug with custom option which is multiple; Fix harcoded font issue; Fix compatibility issues with M2 CatalogPermission; Remove HttpPostActionInterface to work well with magento 2.3 below; Fix wrong price display when configuring grouped price
    • v1.3.2 (Jun 10, 2020): Replace 'jquery/ui' by 'jquery-ui-modules/widget' in JS file
    • v1.3.1 (Jun 9, 2020): Fix bug searching product with Elasticsearch engine; Fix bug scrolling when using safari and touchpad; Improved Search: match multiple words; Fix bug showing wrong calculated price with product has custom options; Compatible with Magento 2.3.5
    • v1.3.0 (Feb 27, 2020): Optimize Speed; Compatible with Magento 2.3.3
    • v1.2.8 (Oct 10, 2019): Fix scrolling issue on fast order form; Fix compatibility with M2 Configurable Product Grid Table View
    • v1.2.7 (Oct 02, 2019): Optimize UI/UX; Compatible with Mageplaza M2 Layered Navigation, Mirasvit M2 Layered Navigation
    • v1.2.6 (Sep 04, 2019): Update new features and design
    • v1.2.5 (Aug 06, 2019): Compatible with Magento 2.3.2; Automatically create Quick Order CMS page; Remove config "Enabled Shortcut Top Link" and Add config "Enable Fast Order in"; Add row to FastOrder form; Update Sort By: Name, SKU, Price, Quantity; Add Proceed to Checkout button; Compatible with Elasticsearch
    • v1.2.4 (Jul 12, 2019): Prevent /fastorder/index/csv url to generate a report
    • v1.2.3 (Apr 22, 2109): Fix bugs on Magento 2.2.8
    • v1.2.2 (Apr 09, 2019): Compatible with Magento 2.3
    • v1.2.1 (Nov 22, 2018): Fix bug not display Fast Order link on Magento blank theme; Change map's name of js file; Fix search issue of product name having special characters
    • v1.2.0 (Oct 05, 2018): Fix bug not showing popup with Simple Product with custom option on magento 2.1.15
    • v1.1.9 (Sep 25, 2018): Fix search issue of still showing products with "not visible indiviaually" on fast order form
    • v1.1.8 (Sep 21, 2018): Not allow displaying products with status Disabled on suggest list when searching on Fast Order form
    • v1.1.7 (Sep 11, 2018): Fix bug with price display and inability to add to card products with custom option of which type is Date & Time; Fix suggested text showing on search field when enable/disable module config ""Search by SKU"; Compatible with magento 2.2.5
    • v1.1.6 (Aug 29, 2018): Fix bug when product name is as same as its sku
    • v1.1.5 (Aug 01, 2018): Fix add to cart display issue
    • v1.1.4 (Jul 10, 2018): Remove OK button; Automatically select with one and only suggested result
    • v1.1.3 (Jun 13, 2018): Fix bug with Configurable product when children products have different price
    • v1.1.2 (May 04, 2018): Fix bug with qty increments; Fix grouped product display; Compatible with magento 2.2.4
    • v1.1.1 (Nov 20, 2017): Bug in layout file that creates Fatal Error in the backend
    • v1.1.0 (Nov 16, 2017): Compatible with magento 2.2
    • v1.0.9 (Sep 12, 2017): Fix issue with https; Fix hardcoded image display; Validate qty increment; fix issue when Configurable product has 2 swatch attributes display lowest price of selected options latter
    • v1.0.8 (Jun 07, 2017): Fix search issue when disable search by sku configuration
    • v1.0.7 (Apr 16, 2107): Optimize search function; Add Tooltip for configurable products
    • v1.0.5 (Mar 12, 2017): Fix bug with configurable products with one attribute
    • v1.0.4 (Mar 03, 2017): Fix bug with multiple websites and updating subtotal when import products via csv file
    • v1.0.3: Fix duplicate log out on mobile phone, group price issue and default, not allow adding to cart when qty is 0
    • v1.0.2: Work with tier price of products without custom options
    • v1.0.1: Fix issues on IE
    • v1.0.0: First Release