Magento 2.3 – the Big Upgrade from Its Predecessor

Magento 2.3

Magento 2.3 – the Big Upgrade from Its Predecessor

A version of futuristic vision

From anything could be seen up to now, Magento 2.3 receives big ugrade, somewhat revolutionary. It is not like a huge revolution like the apes to the humans, because despite of bugs, Magento 2.2.x is already “human enough” in comparison with Magento 1. But it could more or less, sound like opening a new chapter for Magento users from human to human with advanced weapons because this version has companioned itself with sequences of newest underlying technologies that won’t let you down.

Count down the 10+ technologies that get you hot.

10. Google reCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication

We live in high and modern time where business cyber security is imperatively important. It is better late than none, Magento cannot stay from this mainstream, 2.3 version packs this free and open technology; login is safer to Magento admins, on the flip side, it blocks spam and automated abuse.

  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 set up a tool to identify human, as referred as easy on human, as its usability to create barrier bots’ illegal pervasion.
“Bots are not invited”
Magento 2.3 reCAPTCHA
A swatch of Magento 2.3 reCAPTCHA
  • Not only depending on passwords, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) puts up an extra layer to restrict access to only authenticable admins using Google Authentication.
A swatch preview of Magento 2.3 2FA and Google Authentication
A swatch of Magento 2.3 2FA and Google Authentication


9. PHP 7.2 support

PHP is fundamental requirements for Magento, as you know. In this version, PHP compatibility leverage to the latest version 7.1.3 + and above. The old one is only compatible to lower Magento versions (Magento 2.2 and below).  This adaptation is made to accommodate newest technology included in the version

8. WYSIWYG changes

Are you ill of using the same decade old of WYSIWYG editor on your Magento? You are about to receive the right change. From the support of TinyMCE (the supplier of the editor), ver 2.3 is no longer use WYSIWYG 3, but replace by version 4.

Better Editor in Magento 2.3

7. Elasticsearch v.5

Get searching tasks performing under Elasticsearch bar, an advanced tool to return results quicker with more accuracy. It is able to handle large catalogs and easily scale search as queries grow. Previously, it facilitates to Commerce but from now on, Open Source users can use up this tool. Other innovative features can be listed, as it displays search suggestions, offers support for stop words and synonym management. Some of actions as indexing does not impact front end customers, and it also execute in multiple languages. Last to say but not least, it supports real-time data and analysis too.

The Magento application and Elasticsearch are set up in different host. Each host has its own web server; the web servers don’t have to be the same. For example, the Magento application can run Apache and Elasticsearch can run nginx. Both web servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS).

6. Page Builder

This feature appoints to only Commerce v2.3. It gives a great page builder tool powered by Blue Foot CMS that Magento has acquired previously. Users is equipped a visual constructing tool to build up their page with no coding HTML/ CSS knowledge needed. Drag among selective layout templates and drops at the page, there you go, you have excellently define your layput interface.

Hope Magento team will pack it in later version for Open Source to use this convenient tool.

Magento 2.3 blue foot cms

5. Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

No more not knowing stock quantities in individual storing places, this technology hits and blows the way you currently manage Advanced Inventory under Stock control in Magento 2.3. This fresh technology provides admins stock management function from various storing places (brisk and mortar stores as well as warehouse).

Magento 2.3 Multi Source Inventory

It improves underlying algorithm to ensure the workflow of the store from being influenced by reindex procedure.

4. Cache Management Access Control Level (ACL)

Magento 2.3 will update additional ACL to control cache inside the site.

It works to limit the access to relevant user roles only as well as imposing right cache actions and access to the right user tier.

Magento 2.3 Cache Management Access Control Level (ACL)


3. Declarative Database Schema

It is an important upgrade from this version as it reduces the work load for developers during installation, as well as upgrade process in Magento. Up to Magento 2.2.6, developers still have to write database scripts when installing, upgrading, or uninstalling that may causes bugs during the process. With this version, it removes install, install data and uninstall file. Only by disable, attributes and database will also be disabled without deleting or running uninstall file. In short, it skips requesting redundant operation steps, (of course, upgrade scripts will be phased out in favor of declarative schema) developers can now declare their desired state of database and the system amends it automatically. However, executing declarative schema is not a requirement, it is an alternative choice for developers.

Example declarative db schema in Magento 2.3


2. Progressive Web App (PWA)

Magento 2.3 pwa
What is PWA?

To not beat around the bush, this is of most important improvement technologies being packed in the version. It is considered an app but cannot be found at the app store but well developed on web browser instead. A hybrid between an app and web browser site turns into a progressive (advanced) web app. It fulfills the responsive traits, easily to uses and tap of an app but uses HTTPs to enhance securities for pages. It works well on popular browser such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. 1 PWA page can store cache and resource to perform even when offline with one solely URL and can share content to social channels.

A prominent trait is it costs less and responds quicker than traditional apps, faster and well interact with users. Mobile users can download and install it as mobile app with some features such as push notifications or using camera for feedback. the And this version of Magento will get you through that PWA studio.

Inside the Magento PWA studio, it is a tool kit allowing development, launching and maintenance one PWA in the Magento 2 platform. It takes advantage from modern tools and libraries to create system and framework, complying to open regulations of Magento 2.

Magento PWA Studio project supplies:

  • pwa-buildpack
  • peregrine
  • Venia theme

In details, the tool and libraries one PWA provide including:

Webpack: a robust tool allowing take in module and its dependencies, in order to generate corresponding static asset. Current websites are trendy towards web apps transformation to bring out the best experience to users. Therefore they share traits like: many js, full-page reload, single page app, etc. As a result, there are more code clients.

1. New APIs

Of course, to compatible with PWA studio, new APIs has come into operation as a new stack/ protocol of pull an push communication.

1.2 GraphQL API:

It is another choice beside REST and SOAP web APIs for storefront or front end developers. The data query language was invented by big data company, facebook, to handle speed of processing due to huge data provide. It supports PWA, mobile, etc. By using GraphQL API, loading time is more instant whilst less data in charge.  It can accomplish more than one API call (than REST, SOAP), appoint exactly the data that need.

1.1 Asynchronous and Bulk Web API

It allows multi APIs to run in one time, no more queuing. It handles at ease batch of api which is a huge advantage for big sites with daily bulk API requests. It is truly a hop jump, since admins need to wait for request to return status for next queries like Magento v2.2.


Though there are patch to fix old bugs and conflict from Magento 2. 2 but there may be new bugs when this 2.3 ver releases, however, I believe this is the best version with super innovative technologies packed. Hope you have acquired some knowledge through this post and this series is to be continued! You are welcome to leave comments about v2.3 in the section below.

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