Three Detrimental Drawbacks of Magento 2 Add To Cart Process

Magento 2 Add To Cart: 3 Drawbacks Of Cart Adding Process

by Van Nguyen

Add to cart is just a small part of customers’ shopping process, but it can affect the purchasing decision of buyers. Although Magento default provides us with primary add product to cart function, it may not be enough.

This article will give you a detailed analysis of Cart adding process limitations in Magento 2. 

1. Cannot Add Product with Custom Options from Product List

It is true that the Add to Cart of Magento 2 default has already been integrated with AJAX, but this only works well for products that don’t require choosing custom options.

For simple, downloadable, and virtual products, customers can easily add them to cart right from the category page.


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Sadly, customers cannot do the same for the configurable, bundle, and grouped products except for configurable products with just 2 options (size and color) that can be displayed right on the catalog.

If they want to add these products with custom options to cart, they have to go to the product page to specify options.

This is the biggest drawback of Magento default that leads to shopping interruption and page reload.  And it especially wastes time of the customer.

2. Redirection and Page Reload When Buying Product from Catalogue

Online shopping is all about user experience. Customers can leave the page, or abandon the cart if they have to bear with the negative shopping experience. It is not a good signal for your business store. 

A statistic shows that Cart abandonment costs certain sectors up to 83.6 percent of potential sales. Don’t let your store meet the same problem. 


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Take this example: If a customer has a to-buy list for her summer holiday and your catalog has all the items she needs.

Image how frustrated she would feel when every time she buys one item, she is redirected to another page then has to reload the catalog to continue shopping.

The conventional add-to-cart process of Magento 2 default can cause such interruption when customers want to buy many products from the catalog. This may discourage them from buying more and even cause negative user experience.

3. No Cart Overview & Notification Messages

After adding an item to a cart, customers want to make sure that that item has been successfully added to the cart and check the cart subtotal.


However, this function of Magento default is still limited, the notification message “You added X to your shopping cart” is too small and located on the top left of the page. They also have to scroll up to find the mini cart to check the total amount of products added to the cart.

Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Extension – The Best Solution!

If you also feel that the Add Cart process of Magento 2 default needs optimizing for high cart adding rates as well as better sales, Ajax Cart Magento 2 is surely the

solution that you can not ignore.


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It overrides all the listed drawbacks by allowing customers to add the product to the cart in AJAX pop-up.

Customers can finish all the process of adding products to cart in a convenient pop-up without being redirected to other pages.


Adding the configurable product, bundle product, grouped product and simple product with a custom option can now be done with Add Cart popup right on the catalog.

Besides solving 3 drawbacks above, this extension also provides many better features for your webstore. You can simply and flexibly customize the shopping popup to match your theme. This feature is most useful when you change the website theme following each sale season.

Do you desire your website to smoothen? A little gift when installing our extension is 5+ popup animations.

Many stores are applying Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart extension to optimize the shopping experience. Why don’t you?



If you also see that these drawbacks impact directly your sales, your customer experience, don’t hesitate to check out the best solution – Ajax cart extension. We ensure that it will not disappoint you.

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