Magento Admin Panel How to get advanced

Magento Admin Panel: How to get advanced

As an administrator for a Magento website, you must work with Magento admin panel all day. You can realize that Magento admin panel by default is quite convenient, but some drawbacks still exist, some of which you may have found out and some others you may have never paid attention. Let take a view to several disadvantages of Magento admin panel that put a negative impact on your work:

1. Default design of Magento for admin panel may make you get bored. It is a pity that Magento does not allow you to create a personal template of your own. If the admin panel is designed as you wish, you can find more comfortable when working and your working’s effectiveness will be enhanced.

2. In Magento admin panel, you have several ways to add products: through Product Manager, CSV/XML files or API. However, all of them usually take a lot of time. Editing each attribute or a specific product is difficult. You can see the same problem with bulk updates. Adding a product is a vital step. Therefore, it should be done quickly.

3. If your store has more than one administrator, you can get trouble with admin management because the senior manager cannot control which administrator has logged in and what actions he performed. When something goes wrong, it is difficult to determine who caused the problems. Not mention to the individual responsibility, the problem fixing process can be delayed. It is better if the log-in history is recorded.

TAKE FULL CONTROL OF ADMIN PANEL with Magento 2 Admin Action Log – monitor and retore any wrong config in seconds!

4. You must check Magento admin panel frequently to update all information about important events in your store such as order placement, new reviews, and tag, newsletter subscription, coupon use. Email notification may be helpful in this case so that you can keep track with your business timely.

5. One noticeable disadvantage is that you cannot preview frontend at the same time you make the configuration in the backend. You must do step by step: go to backend → set up → save configuration → go to the frontend to see the changing, make sure you have done a right configuration → come back to the backend to create other configurations, and then repeat the process. This way is too time- consuming and inconvenient. It can lead to late and even wrong setting up for Magento site.

Have you ever had a wish that there will be a “Preview Button”  on Product Grid Table or Product Information Page for you to get access to the frontend product page within one click? A newly released extension can realize this wish for you. Moreover, with Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension, you can check customer and product information in the admin panel at ease and determine customer’s address easily with Google Map.

get advanced magento admin panel

Why don’t optimize your Magento admin panel to get a better experience and reach the highest efficiency in your work? Good luck!

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