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TOP 7+ Magento Applications Improve Your Delivery Process

by Chloé Nguyen

In the age of ecommerce, providing high-quality and top-notch products is not enough. It’s probably can keep your brand on track and ahead of your rivals to some extent. However, you still need to think beyond the box!

The keyword is services! Customers nowadays have a higher expectation when it comes to the additional services they’ll receive during and after purchasing your product. 

And, one of the essential services that customers have careful consideration before making a purchase is the shipping process. Thus, effective delivery service is a critical factor that can lead to your company’s success, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

magento application shipping

Yet, finding the proper Magento applications for your store might be too overwhelming, especially in this enormous market. 

But, no need to worry. Because in this article, we’ll bring you all the tips to boost up your delivery effectiveness and suggest TOP 7+ Magento applications that make your shipping process smoother. 

Let’s get started!

Tips to Boost Up Your Delivery Strategy 

Provide transparency for customers

According to a study conducted by ShipperHQ, 82 percent of customers prefer to shop with a display of delivery dates at the time of purchase. However, just only 40 percent of businesses do so.

Hence, merchants need to show customers a precise delivery date and all the detailed information related to the shipping process on the checkout page. This will increase brand trust and also bring a great shopping experience for customers. 

Ship items as soon as it’s available

Secondly, bear in mind that all customers love fast, especially in the today-ecommerce world. So that, whenever your product is available, retailers must immediately package it and ship it as soon as possible for your buyers.

fast shipment

Drive warehouse operations more efficiently

One more important tip is to manage your inventory efficiently. In this way, you can increase your warehouse’s productivity, which will make your delivery process smoother. 

Besides, with a proper warehouse strategy, retailers can reduce the expenses in this segment and optimize their profits. 

Allow customers to choose the delivery date

Finally, remember to let your customers choose the delivery date and time at their convenience. In this way, merchants can prevent the bad scenario when your buyers cannot receive the products or even reject your delivery because of the slow shipment. 

Moreover, it also helps the online stores mitigate the extra shipping cost due to repeated delivery for a product. 

Allow customers to choose the delivery date

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Top 7+ Best Magento Applications Upgrade Shipping Process

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date

The first extension we want to recommend to you is Magento 2 Order Delivery Date by BSS Commerce. With this module, customers can select a preferred date and time for orders to be delivered at their convenience – directly during the checkout process. 

magento 2 order delivery date

Besides, they can also add a quick note in the comment section that helps merchants in making a better shipment.

Key features of Magento 2 Order Delivery Date: 

For Customer:

  • Pick up the expected delivery date and time on the checkout
  • Leave additional information/note for the merchant in delivery comment

For Admin:

  • Exclude specific day/time from the delivery date based on the availability
  • Edit and add order delivery date to related documents (orders, invoices, email, etc.)
  • Support API order attributes

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar

Free Delivery Bar allows store owners to display a bar that shows clients the minimum cart total required to receive free shipping. It is unquestionably beneficial for every firm to tell customers about its free delivery policy explicitly.

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar enables store owners to specify the minimum cart total for free shipping and display to clients their in cart value and the countdown amount until free delivery. There is no better approach to encourage orders to spend more money!

Get a glimpse of the features of this Magento 2 modules: 

  • Display a Magento 2 free shipping bar to show the amount left until free shipping.
  • Auto-update the current cart total and the remaining amount
  • Customize Magento 2 free shipping amount and message for each store view and currency.
  • Display free shipping bar on multi places in the store: Homepage, product page, category page, etc.
  • Include tax in the displayed subtotal on the message bar
  • Show success message when buyer’s order reaches free shipping amount.
  • Customize fonts and color of the free shipping bar and success message

Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Method per Customer Group

Thirdly, the shipping and payment Method per customer group is an indispensable Magento application that allows the administrator to specify which shipping and payment methods are presented to each customer group. 

This module also improves checkout and admin management regarding various shipping and payment options. As a result, it smooths the delivery process and saves time for store owners.

Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Method per Customer Group

Let’s give an eye on the core features of this Magento 2 extension: 

  • Magento restrict shipping methods for particular customer groups;
  • Magento 2 restrict payment methods for specific customer groups;
  • Work well with default Magento 2 shipping restrictions and payment functions;
  • Compatible with integrated payment methods like Braintree and iDEAL & Giropay via Stripe;
  • Support REST & GraphQL API
  • Magento 2 B2B Solution is included to serve checkout stage by setting up payment & shipping restrictions for Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Auto Invoices 

The next one is also an important extension in our selected list. By installing this module, store owners can generate the order shipment automatically which can save a huge amount of time and reduce the errors that may occur while doing it manually. 

Let’s catch a glimpse at this Magento application features: 

  • Automatically generate Magento 2 invoice/shipment based on payment methods for orders with “new” order state
  • Automatically send invoice/shipment emails to customer
  • Apply automatic invoice and shipment for multiple payment methods
  • Work well with Magento 2 Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group extension
  • Add PDF File To Shipment Email

Magento 2 Pre-Select Shipping

Magento 2 Pre-selecting Shipping is definitely a must-have extension if you want to speed up the checkout process. By allowing customers to pre-selecting shipping and payment method, it urges customers to complete the order more quickly. 

Magento 2 Pre-Select Shipping

This module also provides the auto-select shipping method for customers, optimizing their time on order processing and increasing their shopping experience. One more great thing, this is a FREE extension developed by the BSS Commerce team! 

Highlight features of this Magento application: 

  • Allow admin to pre-select and load one shipping method
  • Auto-select and display one option at the payment method part
  • Load a pre-selected shipping/payment method based on its position
  • Apply to both ordinary and multiple addresses checkouts

Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method

The Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method extension brings a new shipping method that can only be used by the admin to generate orders with no shipping costs. This best Magento 2 shipping plugin also creates invoices and shipments automatically after orders are placed.

Let’s take a look at the key functionalities: 

  • Create orders in the backend to assign Admin Shipping Method
  • Validate for backend users only
  • Set applicable countries (all or optional)
  • Auto-create invoices and shipments to orders
  • Enable Pre-select

Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method

The last one we want to mention in this list is Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method. By harnessing this Magento application, merchants can customize their shipping method for each customer from different regions. Thanks to this feature, the store owners can launch their delivery strategy in specific areas more efficiently.

magento 2 custom shipping method 

Check out all the core features of this Magento application: 

  • Create unlimited custom shipping methods in Magento 2;
  • Easily manage and control custom mẹthods in a grid table;
  • Suit your shipping method with specific countries and regions/ states;
  • Each custom method bears full features of the “flat-rate” method.
  • Support REST API

In A Nutshell

The above is all the best tips to boost your delivery strategy and the TOP 7+ must-have Magento applications for every store owner to enhance their shipping process.

If you have any further questions on this issue, please leave them in the comment section below. We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible!

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