Magento 2 B2B Demo: Get The Best B2B Features in Actions

by Rin Nguyen

In this era of technology, everything gets moved online. B2B model now goes live to boost sales beyond normal negotiations. To help you better visualize B2B features in Magento 2, we offer Magento 2 B2B demo (Open Source) in more than just one way. 


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Take a look at Magento 2 B2B

What is B2B in Magento 2?

As you know, B2B stands for Business to Business, referring to the transactions with wholesale customers, who usually buy in bulk and could settle a long-term business relationship. 

B2B in Magento 2 now comes in 3 common forms:


  • Solely B2B: just wholesale customers
  • B2B2C (or B2M – Business to Many): both wholesale and individual customers (end-user customers)
  • B2B Marketplace: integrate B2B into a Marketplace and let wholesale customers pick their favorite seller(s)

Magento Commerce already supports a lot of B2B features, which we will cover in the next section. Alternatively, for Magento Open Source, you can go for B2B individual extensions or packages that best suit your needs. 

Implementing B2B in Magento 2

Equivalent to two versions of Magento 2, we have two options for implementing B2B into your B2C website:

  • Enable the B2B features supported by Magento Commerce
  • Get a B2B extensions package to supplement the Magento Open Source

Now let’s dive into what the two options have to offer and how to get the Magento 2 B2B demos.


Magento 2 Commerce with Integrated B2B

What features does it offer? 

B2B features are ready-made into Magento Commerce, so all you have to do is enable them by going to Stores → General → B2B Features:


  • Company Accounts: Allows wholesale customers as businesses (companies) to maintain the account and share permission with many team members. 
  • Shared Catalog: Keeps the default catalog for general customers while creating custom catalogs with special pricing for different companies. 
  • Quick Order: Lets customers add multiple products to cart by entering product names or SKUs manually or through a CSV file. 
  • Requisition Lists: Saves time reordering ordered products with up to 99 editable requisition lists.
  • Quotes: Customers can do quick and organized price negotiations with the seller. 
  • Payment on Account: Sets a credit limit for each company and let them make purchases up to that amount. 
  • Purchase Orders: Sets all orders as Purchase Orders, allows company users with different access to manage their POs and subordinate users’ POs.

>> CHECK this detailed list of Magento 2 B2B features to better improve your B2B website! 

How to get the demo?

To get a Magento 2 B2B Demo of the Commerce version, you need to request a free demo and provide quite a lot of additional information. Even though about ten fields are required, mostly, you provide info for contact as there is no field that lets you note some unique features of your needs. Consequently, you will not receive a personalized Magento B2B demo. 


So you need to make a request to grab a demo of B2B features on Magento Commerce. With BSS Commerce’s B2B Package for Magento Open Source, it is a different story. 

Magento 2 Open Source with BSS Commerce B2B Package

The B2B package by BSS Commerce has been installed entirely on the demo sites so you can test as you wish. Furthermore, you can book a live Magento B2B demo with us and provide us with your particular requirements. We will then set up the extensions to the best of your needs. 

>> EXPLORE the Magento 2 B2B extension to facilitate your store with the latest B2B features! 

The three Pricing Plans available

BSS Commerce offers many different pricing options for the B2B solution, so you can choose the most affordable choice that meets your requirements. Each plan comes with an equivalent Magento 2 B2B demo button that you can click and test. 

magento b2b pricing

Basic ($599)


  • Access restrictions for Category, Product & CMS pages
  • Better B2B customer management with the B2B registration form
  • Manage Company Accounts with roles and users structure
  • Hide product prices on specific pages
  • Manage quotations for price dealing
  • Custom pricing per customer group
  • Fast order via a quick form or imported CSV
  • Different pricing and payment settings per customer group 
  • Restful and GraphQL API Support (Coming Soon)


Pro ($939)


In addition to the Basic Plan’s features, you get:

  • Forced login for specific pages
  • Sales rep team for pro customer support
  • Boost sales by setting a minimum order amount per customer group
  • Another faster way to order: add multiple products to cart from product listing pages
  • Conveniently display and sell configurable products in grid table view
  • Manage multiple wishlists 
  • Keep customers coming back with store credit
  • Advanced credit settings for companies
  • Quick reorder with products/orders of the past
  • Free CRM/ERP Integration Consulting


Premium ($1249)


The complete solution for big B2B websites, with everything covered in the Basic & Pro, and:

  • Tight control of customer activation
  • Additional custom shipping methods for flexible shipping 
  • Give customers more quick info with product attachments 
  • 10% discount for ERP/CRM Integration Service


Dynamic B2B (Unfixed)


Additionally, we provide a customized solution for your business by offering a wide range of module choices. This option allows you to buy more and pay less: 

  • 20% discount for 4+ extensions
  • 30% discount for 8+ extensions
  • 40% discount for 12+ extensions

Each of our Magento 2 B2B extensions has a demo site, you can go to each module’s page and test before fixing your choice of extension set.  

Live Demo Offer

You can get a 30-min live Magento B2B demo customized to your specific business requirements by booking an appointment with us through Calendly. We are available on all working days, Indochina Time. Once you confirm your booking, we will send you the conference details. 


Just provide us with your email, the extension(s) you want a live demo, and any queries regarding our extensions. A personalized Magento 2 B2B demo will help you find a solution to your business problems, all for free. 



Or take a product tour here:


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