Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2024?

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Nowadays, over 70% of people own a smartphone. And based on the Statista reports, they forecast there will be 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide in 2025.

As of 2022, mobile commerce reached $430 billion in revenue, and Statista analysts predict that by 2026 that number will increase to $614 billion.

These numbers have forced businesses to shift their approach and develop mobile applications to provide customers with a better shopping experience.

So let’s explore all about the mobile app trend to see how it can benefit your business and how you can take advantage of it.

Mobile Commerce Is Trending Up

Mobile Commerce has completely taken over the eCommerce industry. The report by Statista shows that in 2022, 65.7% of all eCommerce sales worldwide came from mobile devices.

People are used to shopping from mobile devices. Since our phones are always just an arm’s reach away, it is much more convenient than using computers. 

Mobile commerce makes it possible for people to buy anything at any time from anywhere. It’s just too easy.

Currently, mobile shopping apps are growing at a rate of about 54% a year – the highest rate compared to any other app category.

And according to Forbes, 85% of online shoppers prefer native eCommerce apps over eCommerce websites.

Thus, it’s high time for your eCommerce site to get its share of the pie with mobile app development.

What Is A Mobile Commerce App?


A mobile commerce app (sometimes referred to as an ecommerce app) is a software that allows users to browse and purchase items from an online store on their mobile devices.

There are a few common features for all mobile commerce apps as below:

  • Search and browse: Whether it’s searching for a specific product or browsing the latest items, the point of a mobile commerce app is to make finding products as easy as possible.
  • Product information: Product pages are clearly a must to show all necessary information (descriptions, images, videos, etc.) to convince customers to make the purchase decision.  
  • Shopping carts: This feature is crucial to allow customers to easily add products, change quantities, etc.
  • Track order status: Order tracking is helpful for customers who want to know when they can expect their order to arrive.
  • Customer support: Customer support is always needed for eCommerce stores, whether on the web or on the app.
  • Reward program: It helps increase conversation rates and customer engagement by rewarding them for making purchases, referring friends, or engaging with other features.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications feature allows store owners to notify customers about new or restocked products, remind them about items still in their shopping carts, etc.
  • Multiple payment options: Providing multiple payment options creates an easy and seamless checkout process.

How Can Mobile Apps Help Grow Sales?


The conversion rate for mobile apps is higher than for other marketing channels. And here are the top 5 benefits of mobile commerce apps that directly bring good effect to your business:

Improve shopping experience

In the digital world, customers demand flexibility when shopping.

Mobile apps allow customers to order online and offline, which gives them an opportunity to check your products/services even in a bad connection mode.

Moreover, mobile apps allow you to apply AR/VR technology to offer your customers to try your product virtually.

Collect customer data

Customer data mining is like gold mining for any business. And the mobile apps allow you to collect customer data easily and quickly.

First of all, you can directly collect information about customers’ behavior when they use your app. And you can also integrate with other social media platforms to reach, market, and get feedback from customers.

Support marketing

By analyzing your customers’ behavior when they use the app, the marketing team can build suitable marketing strategies and provide a personalized experience to your customers.

And advertising on an app requires lower costs than traditional methods (such as TV, paid radio, or print advertising), which can benefit SMBs with small budgets. 

Marketers can also use app promotions to target specific groups, which creates rapid demand and market momentum.

Enhance loyalty program

Mobile apps allow you to digitally transform your loyalty program. Your customers can access their rewards using the mobile phone app rather than using the traditional collection card. 

The mobile app contributes to the transformation of the retail experience by helping your business stay one step ahead of customer expectations by delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Further, the digital loyalty program also helps in saving costs and increasing profitability.

Enable an omnichannel approach

By developing a mobile app, you can enable the omnichannel sales approach to give customers a seamless shopping experience across devices. 

Omnichannel access allows customers to make purchases anywhere. And you can improve your omnichannel experiences with a mobile app since it lets customers shop and purchase from their smartphones.

Brand awareness

A mobile app is an excellent way to increase brand visibility and familiarity. It’s like a blank billboard sign that you can completely customizable and add your logo, design, layout, and style.

It is critical to familiarize customers with your products/services. Customers are more likely to use your product/service if they are actively engaged with it through your mobile app.

The Most Trusted Mobile App Development Service

Hereby, we want to introduce you to the best solution to develop a mobile app for your Magento store:

SimiCart’s Mobile App Development Service


With over 10 years of building native mobile apps for Magento stores, SimiCart has had experience building mobile apps for worldwide Magento merchants across industries.

Thus, they understand your problems and needs very well and guarantee they can help you build the best app for your business.

A mobile app developed by SimiCart has all the necessary features, even some advanced features like QR/Barcode scanner, voice search, image search, etc. to improve the user experience.

It also provides a seamless path to checkout to increase conversion rates. And allows you to offer different languages and currencies for global customers.

Moreover, the mobile app development service of SimiCart also includes free app publishing for iOS & Android and free app promotions like:

  • Make your app available on Google search
  • Enable Smart Banner on the mobile website to get visitors to install your app
  • Provide ready-to-use mobile app promotion assets

Lastly, you get a minimum of 3 months of free support after the completion of the mobile app development to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


In this article, we have walked you through everything you need to know about mobile commerce apps.

We hope this article can help you take advantage of this new trend to growth-hacking your business!

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