explore more useful knowledge of bss modules on new bsscommerce wiki

Explore more useful knowledge of BSS modules on new Bsscommerce Wiki

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BSSCommerce Wiki is a particular Internet page built by BSSCommerce team to provide users with more useful information about BSS Magento Extensions. It contains many documents, most of which are the guides to use the extensions properly and frequently asked questions about BSSCommerce modules. 

This website is composed of four main areas: General (information), Magento 1 (extensions), Magento 2 (extensions) and How to (topics about technical)

General information

The first section is public information. In this part, you may find the answers for some common questions or the general instructions to use BSSCommerce extensions. For example, in the FAQ document, you can find solutions for BSSCommerce Magento Extensions, Installation, User guide, and Translation and Payment, Invoice and Refund.

Besides the general answer in the FAQ, we also offer more detailed instructions on how to install, uninstall, upgrade our BSS Magento Extensions as well as detailed information on the license and support from BSSCommerce. Moreover, there will be an image document to show users the process to order an extension on bsscommerce.com website.

Magento Extensions


The second and third section are bearing the same purpose. They are created to contain all Magento extensions. The only difference between them is the second section consists of Magento 1 extensions, whereas the third section is for Magento 2 extensions. In each extension, you can find a user guide to understand better on the way the extension works. You may also find this user guide on the product page of the extension from BSSCommerce website.

There will also two documents about the compatibility of extensions as well as the changelog for the customers to keep track of the extension update. As a result, they will know whether they should purchase/upgrade the extension or not.

How to 

The final section is another type of BSSCommerce technical blog. It contains some Magento instruction that helps you to overcome the difficulties in using Magento. When you click on the topic, it will immediately link you to BSSCommerce blog corresponding to that topic.

Besides the information provided on BSSCommerce.com, we hope that BSSCommerce Wiki can support all customers on the better use of BSS Magento Extensions.

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