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Revealed 6+ Best Magento 2 Plugins For Product Design In PoD Business

by Chloé Nguyen

Get a full answer of whether PoD is still profitable in 2022 and obtain the best Magento 2 plugins that enhance the product design process.

The digital age has been fast-forwarded in the last few years. Following that trend, the Print on Demand or PoD business model also became a profitable and lowest-risk way to break into the ecommerce game. 

Following this model, store owners don’t have to spend money on inventory and then hope it works out. Suppliers are in charge of inventory, storage, fulfillment, printing and production. The only thing merchants are in charge of is their store’s products. 

Even if you are an artist, a designer or whatever in society, you can build your own business by creating your product design and selling them online. Sounds incredible, right? 

However, making an item based on your creativity is not always easy. You may cope with struggles that can not optimize your designing process or even waste a massive amount of time to complete one product. 

Read the article below if you’re in this not-so-good situation or a newbie in this PoD model. We’re here to help you overcome these challenging tasks with the best 6+ Magento 2 Plugins for designing products. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Print On Demand (PoD)?

Print on Demand or PoD is an ecommerce business model in which you collaborate with suppliers to sell customized white-label products such as T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, hats, calendars, and more. Thereby, store owners can create their own designs and then sell them on demand under their own brand name.

This also means that retailers don’t need to pay for the product until they sell it. Thus there’s no need to stock up or buy in bulk, which can also eliminate the inventory management step. Aside from that, the supplier will handle the remainder of the fulfillment process, from printing to packaging and delivery.

As a result, this model allows store owners to concentrate on design and marketing, which is less stressful than running a traditional ecommerce business.

Due to its nature, Print on Demand is absolutely an excellent idea for those who want to start a business with a limited budget. As long as you have the ability to build up creative designs, you can use them to monetize more and more. 

Let’s take a look at how Print on Demand works:

print on demand work

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Pros And Cons Of Print On Demand

Pros of PoD

  • Simple to set up – The POD platforms are pretty user-friendly. Signing up, creating a profile, and uploading your designs or items are basic procedures. This can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Low investment business idea with high-profit potential – Using the PoD model, retailers barely need any budget to start a business. The only thing they are in charge of is the product design and marketing strategy.
  • Establish a unique brand – Take complete control of the design of the products and the branding of your business.
  • No inventory, packaging or shipping method needed – The model eliminates the most significant drawbacks of inventory-based issues such as stock costs, expenses, etc.
  • No machinery concluded – A third party that produces the designs eliminates the requirement to own the machinery necessary to print your own stock.
  • No stock issues  – The item will only be made if the customers place an order. Hence, there is no need for inventory management and the cost of storage. 
  • Easy to experiment with new products – With PoD business, you can quickly test your new-launched products or designs without the lowest risk and cost.

Cons of PoD

  • Order fulfillment takes longer – Because it’s print-on-demand products, it takes longer to fulfill orders than if your products were already in stock. While this may not be a disadvantage for the designer, it could be disadvantageous to the customer who orders your goods.
  • Unable to control product quality – A third party runs the print and producing processes. Thus, you can’t ensure whether the quality of items is good or bad. Bear in mind to carefully choose the print companies based on your business’s priority. 
  • Lower profit margin –  The cost of items for an on-demand printing service will be higher than wholesale business. As a result, your profit margins will be reduced.
  • Difficult to handle returned items –  Because POD businesses assign fulfillment to their suppliers, the return process might be fairly complex. However, it also depends on the e-commerce platform, the suppliers’ return policy and other factors.

Robust 06 Magento 2 Plugins To Design Product In PoD field

Magento 2 Custom Product Designer Extension – Aitoc

One of the most effective modules with an affordable price we want to provide you with is Magento 2 custom product designer extension developed by Aitoc. This extension makes the creative process of the store easier and gives customers the chance to design products that fit their specific requirements. 

The only thing merchants need to do in this case is provide them with friendly-user software and let the rest for their creativity. Buyers can purchase the most satisfied one, and store owners can profit by charging higher prices for custom-designed products.

Hit two birds with one stone, right? 

Magento 2 Custom Product Designer Extension

Take a closer look at this Magento 2 plugin features: 

  • Advanced Web-to-Print Solution
  • Multiple fonts
  • Clip arts and custom images
  • Ability to customize different product sides
  • Numerous design areas
  • Special prices for personalized items
  • Print-ready design files
  • Optimized for mobile
  • No system slowdowns

Free Magento 2 Product Design Extension – Landofcoder 

The following Magento 2 plugin we want to jot down in this list is a FREE module with product design features. 

Customers can customize their products with the help of this Magento 2 Product Designer. And on the merchant’s side, they can enable the product designer tool on all items and customize any design elements. 

As a result, purchasers can personalize products online with images, text, and Google fonts, download pdf designs, print them or share their fancy designs on social media.

magento 2 plugins

Let’s check out this Product design Magento 2 plugin features:

  • Allow buyers to personalize products by selecting from a variety of design options.
  • Make it simple for customers to download or print personalized designs.
  • Allow clients to share their designs on social media with their peers.
  • Customers can select a ready-made design template.
  • Allow adding texts to customized products.
  • The customized items are simple to upload and change.

Magento 2 Personalized Products – Milople

Similar to the 03 Magento 2 plugins above, Magento 2 Personalized Product provided by Milople also helps buyers personalize their product with images, text, clipart, and other elements. 

When purchasing the premium edition, customers use the pre-defined design layout or pre-defined quotes created by Magento 2 store admin. 

magento 2 plugins

Outstanding features: 

  • Allows previewing of the personalized product by adding images, text, and clipart to the design.
  • All product kinds in Magento 2 are supported.
  • Control with the ability to redo and undo
  • The label for the action button is easily customizable.
  • On the premium version, you can add a name and a number to the effect.
  • The premium edition includes a pre-made design template.
  • Allow for the addition of pre-defined quotes to a product.

GoMage Product Designer for Magento 2

The most expensive one on our list is the Product Designer extension developed by GoMage. It costs you $859 to purchase the premium version. 

If you provide print-on-demand services, this plugin is one of the best options. Following its implementation, your clients will be able to print their logos or images on cups, t-shirts, calendars, souvenirs, or whatever items.

magento 2 plugins

It is advantageous for your online store managers because they do not need to discuss product details with buyers. They can also create several design variations, choose the best one, and send the final version to the managers. This saves both customers and suppliers a significant amount of time. 

Outstanding features: 

  • The ability to change the image by adding text, images, shapes, clipart, etc.
  • Customers can upload their images.
  • Simple to select the available product size.
  • Allow users to choose their preferred text size, font, color, and effects.
  • Integrate cutting-edge technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS 3.
  • Allow users to rearrange previously saved designs in My Account.
  • Mobile-Friendly Functionality & Responsive Design

Cmsmart Magento Custom Product Designer Extension

Not every customer and store owner knows how to use photoshop and other technical requirements for design items. And this Magento 2 plugin is absolutely a savior for both sides. 

This online designer module will assist buyers in effortlessly creating the most satisfying products. Moreover, this powerful tool includes adding text, adding art, adding an image, free drawing, and adding QR codes to facilitate the items sketching process. 

 Of course, this results in enjoyable and delighting experiences for customers and an increase in sales for store owners. 

Check out the key features: 

  • Offer store owners the ability to manage design templates.
  • Easily manage fonts in the backend by adding, editing, and deleting Google Fonts and Custom Fonts.
  • Customized orders are simple to manage: View the design, download it, approve or reject it, etc.
  • Uploading product images for designs is possible.
  • Functions include text, arts, images, QR codes, and free drawing.
  • Integrate another Magento 2 plugin for any product.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the print-on-demand model is still a lucrative and valid business that can easily build up and gain profitable and scalable quickly. However, store owners need to focus on product design and marketing to compete in this statured market. 

Our recommendation list of Magento 2 plugins included some helpful tools that can facilitate your design process in PoD business. Try out and find the results!

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