Shopify B2B Examples: Successful Websites to be Followed

by Librah Do

Business to Business (B2B) improves the customer base and reduces the overall cost associated with revenue assimilation. The cost to serve, drive-in revenue system can be increased with the help of this service. As a business model, B2B is significantly different from B2C. While the latter sells their products directly to the customers, transactional modes like manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer can be easily spotted in the former.


In the world of B2B commerce, there is almost $12 Trillion on the line. The hard-won experience of the model cannot be replaced by any other system. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than committing them for yourself. Thus, before you jump into a B2B website development project, we will walk you through some of the best Shopify B2B examples of eCommerce businesses that will help you set up your counter.

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Top Shopify Wholesale Website Examples

Beard & Blade

Industry: Beauty and cosmetics


Coming first at our Shopify B2B examples, Beard & Blade is an Australia-based company that provides men’s grooming products for shaving, beard & mustache care, hair styling and skincare. Formerly known as Shaver Hut in 2007, the company has now become the most significant Australian store of its niche.

With a Shopify B2B website offering a painless customer experience, the company is dedicated to advancing their product range and customer support. You may be impressed by their free delivery, personal live chat support and free returns.

Not only the end-users, Beard & Blade community including barbers, salons and other retailers benefit too, thanks to their efforts to create strong supplier relationships.

Laird Superfood

Industry: Fitness and nutrition

If you operate in food industry, you should refer to this Shopify B2B example. Laird Superfood specializes in nourishing, plant-based foods that help fuel the users’ health.

Their online business functions with a mindset that the superfood should be good for the earth and good for the intakers. After switching online successfully with Shopify, Laird Superfood was able to grow 550% quarter-over-quarter sales and establish a wholesale channel that now outpaces consumer sales.

Death Wish Coffee

Industry: Food and Beverage


Founded in 2012, Death Wish Coffee Co.started small in Saratoga Springs, New York City, which sells strong and delicious coffee to serve groggy morning customers. Thanks to the perfect blend of beans and unique roasting technique, the ‘World’s Strongest Coffee’ was born. From there, the coffee brand has gained trust of thousands of people and expand to wholesale industry.

To align with their high quality products, the brand chose Shopify as a land for their B2B online business. They integrated ERP system, which helps them scale faster and achieves postive results. For example, the company could build a wholesale eCommerce business selling to major grocers and generate quarter million dollars in sales — $2,083 a minute — in the two hours after the Super Bowl.

Top Successful B2B eCommerce Businesses


Industry: Food and beverage


Chocomize provides for the needs of customized chocolates and corporate gifts. One of the main reasons making them popular is their well-designed webpage. There are different options to look for if you are interested in the FAQs or discounts.

Moreover, the homepage of this enterprise is not simply about chocolates. It is a high ranker in the case of “custom corporate chocolate gifts” as well. Some key areas were focused on by the organization, which turned out to be the market-changing factor for the organization. The page content is expanded and improved as well to interest more viewers.


Industry: Transport equipment manufacturing

ScaleTrains is a model train manufacturer which does not lure customers with false expectations. That is the prime definition of this entire enterprise. It dedicated one of its pages towards product availability so that it does not turn out to be an issue for the customers.

Two lessons can be learned from the approach of ScaleTrains – a prominent Shopify wholesale example.

The first one is that your business must not be limited to the dry data sheets and inventory. You can own up the true aesthetic of the market and introduce it in your industry.

The second one is that you can attract more customers by adding terms of scarcity to the product. For example, ScaleTrains add terms like “Extremely Limited” or “Rare” to their products to tickle the customer’s attention.

Serving the hobbyists of the B2B market is not that easy. They turn out to be the pickiest buyers, and half of their complaints are about the quality of the product. It is not a dig at those who are collectors or enthusiasts but a testament to their passion. The stronger the desire for a sport, the more will be the urge to look for quality.

General Electric

Industry: Energy, healthcare and transportation infrastructure

General Electric is one of the oldest B2B commercials set up in the world, founded in 1892. It created the basic definition of BtoB and is the most well-known conglomerate in the world. In the year 2017, it was named the 13th largest enterprise in the United States.

Brilliantly, Fortune 500 named this enterprise as one of the organizations which kept up with the technical improvisations in business over time. However, this came with a considerable amount of difficulties.

General Electric has tried to create direct-to-customer access with their B2B models. Therefore the branding rubber used in the direct consumer line has been used simultaneously in the B2B businesses too. The Omnichannel marketing initiatives can help entrepreneurs to a great extent.


Industry: Phones & Headsets


There is no conference room in the world, that is, not gifted by the three-point phone of Polycom. The Polycom team has tried its best to provide innovative solutions in terms of audio, videos, and other modes of collaborative technology for the last quarter of the decade.

Polycom has expanded its user base to a great extent by molding its views according to the traditional systems. Traditionally, the company has staunchly stuck to the ideals of providing only the best for its customers.

Relentless focus on the customer needs and traditional navigation of their needs has helped this Shopify B2B example to be successful. The repository benefit of the media-rich content has also been a part of these events. Self-services have been accommodated with the B2B model of Polycom.


Industry: Tobacco, Electronic cigarettes

This is another outstanding Shopify B2B example. The ethos of eJuices has countered the customer flow of commerce of Nicotine River to a significant extent. Do not let the outer garb of the eJuices B2C model fool you!

There is a vast chained network of B2B services of this enterprise beneath the cove. The retail partners are supported by this particular B2B service provider. In addition to the customer-friendly features of the enterprise, the robust website structure makes it easy for other businesses to communicate with the authorities. The direct options present for e-Juices can be solved with the common-stopper in the B2B models the Inventory.

The takeaway from being associated with this enterprise is that you will get to know your company’s niche quite well. Not only that, you will be able to communicate with them as well. Investment in tactics that can lower the risks of the resellers can be kept in mind.

Nicotine River

Industry: Tobacco

Nicotine River is one of the B2B liquid nicotine and laboratory equipment wholesalers. It has worked extensively on communication technology, and the market for nicotine has only expanded over the last decade.

Rather than focusing on the social media platform, this enterprise had focused on the drive for product differentiation. With the tech-savvy permutation of new apps and cyber-security, the company is the very epitome of credibility. This emphasis on trust is initiated because corporate customers will always look for security even in B2B setups.

User-generated content can be one of the most triggering elements on the social media platform even without the interference of the enterprise. Visitors of this particular eCommerce setup have converted 166% of the other followers as well. Best sales reps are not done by the enterprise, in this case. Removing the third party, the customer itself takes this in his or her hands.

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Shopify eCommerce Development

In brief, Shopify is one of the best eCommerce development environments that help entrepreneurs and enterprises start their eCommerce pages. For instance, payment features and transactional details of the new business can be handled by the websites created with the help of Shopify. Indeed, the B2B model of this enterprise is quite different from any other platform and is aids in conducting large-scale business.

What Makes B2B eCommerce Website Examples Eminent?

Now that you’ve skimmed through the best Shopify B2B examples, it’s time to dig deeper into components that make a B2B website truly great. This insight will take you one step closer to creating your own B2B online business.

In general, when shifting to the wholesale eCommerce world, merchants should consider some visual factors such as attractive design, robust functionality with full B2B features, and navigation. All these aim to streamline the B2B shopping experience and drive more sales.

Crucial B2B Functionality

A well-performed B2B website must include helpful features that allow merchants to grab online users’ attention and enhance customer engagement. Some critical B2B abilities should be taken into consideration such as:

  • Restricted areas to segment customers and protect valuable content;
  • Bulk order methods;
  • Request for quote to streamline the negotiation process;
  • Personalized pricing setup;
  • Company shared account for multi users;
  • Requisition and reorder list for future/ interval purchase serving;
  • Deliver and payment optimization.

Frankly, default Shopify doesn’t include enough features that aim to serve B2B needs. Users would have to seek and install trusted Shopify B2B apps to boost their site performance. Or you can find an agency to build a full-functioned wholesale site from scratch.

Curious about which B2B abilities covered in Shopify pricing plans? READ Shopify B2B features for more details! 

Responsive & User-Friendly B2B Themes

Given that 90% of BtoB buyers research purchases on mobile devices, delivering a productive and friction-free mobile experience is a must to survive.

We notice that successful Shopify B2B examples leverage responsive and appealing themes to create a cohesive customer experience across all screen sizes. Therefore, don’t ignore the beauty of your own site! Make it as unique as possible to catch the sight of online users.


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Intuitive Search and Filtering

Due to a huge amount of products, merchants need to build a highly relevant search engine into your eCommerce wholesale website, which makes sure to ramp up your search and filtering process. In other words, oriented filtering will drive B2B buyers to accurate search results and increase the checkout success rate.

High Security

BtoB store owners often confront with financial threats because their customers place bulk orders. So, secure PCI DSS compliant checkout is vital to assist you in authorizing, shipping, and processing B2B payments safely.

Boundless Scalability & Customizability

Depending on your vision and short-term goals, each company tends to generate specific business demands. That’s why merchants thrive for a B2B eCommerce website they can easily customize and expand as wished.

Build Your Own Shopify B2B eCommerce Website Now

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Overall, above are Shopify B2B examples that have turned out to be the best in their respective fields. Most of these developments have focused on the enhancement of customer support. The organizations that have understood the client’s needs have been quite successful in maintaining the standards.

Especially in the period of Covid-19 pandemic like this, B2B eCommerce models will set up the trends for the future as well. It is better to be prepared for these changes to meet the demands of corporate customers.

eMarket choices change verifiably time and again. Every wholesale business has to keep track of these trends and remove third-party interference to increase revenue as fast as possible. A unified B2B and B2B website can help get this system in line and gain the highest amount of profit for the enterprise.

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