15 Successful B2B eCommerce Examples That Improve Your Strategies


15 Successful B2B eCommerce Examples That Improve Your Strategies

The time has changed as the demand for B2B businesses’ development is rising too. This entails searching for reputable B2B eCommerce examples all over the world.

B2B and B2C become popular between companies or government entities over the Internet.

However, running businesses that sell to other businesses is inherently more complex than the traditional B2C model, especially when your store is on the way to becoming a top B2B company. 


When you talk about B2B eCommerce world, there is a forest of successful B2B e-business examples and top b2b e-commerce companies. Whether it’s software that belongs to technology or innovative, creative design, we still get thousands of B2B eCommerce examples and top B2B company examples of how to do things right in B2B businesses.

By seeing examples of B2B eCommerce websites, your store can gather inspiration and motivation to improve and navigate your own business better.

Every B2B business example has to have specific must-have features. I’ll help you find yours. 

Let’s discuss your project and find what is B2B eCommerce with examples, shall we?

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E-business vs E-commerce


There are two models of doing B2B e-business examples and B2B eCommerce, which differ a lot with various facts and figures. While E-business is related to undertaking industry, trade, business transactions, extranet web, and intranet to conduct businesses and commerce over the Internet, eCommerce only means the process of selling and buying which done via the web or the internet

E-Business is quite similar to ECommerce, but E-business is more than just a simple act of buying and selling products and services online.

Scroll below to have a look at 10 B2B e-business examples!


10 Business to Business e-business examples:

1. Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the top business-to-business companies. So What is Salesforce mean? Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform that includes marketing, sales, commerce, and service in every single shared view of customers.

It also means a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. More than 150,000 B2B e-business examples use these services and achieve your success goals.

It is another B2B eCommerce example that provides a centralized place to organize your sales process. Salesforce helps businesses stay organized and moving forward!


Besides, Salesforce also offers a Commerce Cloud as an e-commerce platform to build B2B and B2C websites. It is even more than a CRM platform for online websites. When compared to other platforms, Salesforce Commerce Cloud contains specific strengths and weaknesses for e-commerce business, bring users a lot of awesome features to complete their websites. Please read some differences between Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud for more information. 

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a marketing tool for B2B e-business examples which made a name for itself go beyond social media scheduling.

Hootsuite not only schedules content but also helps you do more with your social media such as monitoring or analyzing. Hootsuite makes finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content easier than keeping your social presence active 24/7.

You can optimize the data number, track your performance, and share meaningful insights about customers and campaign content using customizable, easy-to-create reports.

For example, B2B e-business has its marketing strategies, Hootsuite came up as the top Social Media Management System. Hootsuite offers a dependable solution that meets social media needs, large and small B2B e-business.


3. LinkedIn


Maybe you have heard the word “LinkedIn'” uttered by your colleagues at work. It appears as a familiar word in B2B eCommerce examples by a friend who’s on the hunt for a new job.

But what is B2B eCommerce with examples like LinkedIn, anyway?

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It is like a business card when you go out and meet other professionals in person then you talk a little bit about what you do.

LinkedIn is similar to Facebook in terms of its layout and broad feature offering. Your networking will be open by adding them as “connections,” similar to how you’d make a friend request on Facebook. It is like a big virtual networking event for your career.

Through leadership form, LinkedIn itself is a crucial part of the B2B eCommerce examples. The company can spread out your reputation by sharing content from how to’s, business articles and news to even job openings!

LinkedIn offers a great way to be informed on their market’s issues and topics and gets to know others in their fields digitally!


By the way, for those using Linkedin as a marketing channel, DON’T SKIP Best LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies!

4. Buffer


From LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, Buffer is an example of B2B eCommerce website partner with them. Buffer is a great tool to manage your account on social media networks so users can schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Buffer saves you time and helps your business staying active on social media by posting on social media at least once a day. For the example of B2B eCommerce, you understand time is money, so Buffer helps you to queue tweets every day even when a marketer is going on holiday.

Buffer can link Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram with it and prevents you from springing platform to platform on a copy and paste spree. By posting to multiple sites at the optimum time on your behalf, Buffer is one of B2B eCommerce examples to communicate consistently across a wide array of social media platforms.


5. MailChimp


Mailchimp is another example of successful B2B eCommerce, which is the world’s largest marketing automation platform.

It’s all about mailing services B2B eCommerce examples that help millions of B2B businesses from small B2B e-business to big online retailers to deliver about one billion emails nearly every day.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers marketing campaigns and sends better mail to their audience, engages with their customers, and builds their brand.

It is designed to help grow your business faster and increase revenue. Using these B2B eCommerce examples, you can easily create an email, design a landing page, build a website, and more with any budget.


6. Skype


Skype is a B2B business example from Microsoft that allows you to video conference anywhere in the world on your phone, watch, computer, or TV. 

Skype uses the Internet to allow you to expand your communication efforts to people far and wide. As a digital connector for people from all over, Skype shows the way to communicate how to go around the expensive and cellular plans and make international calls for free or cheap.

Skypes text, voice, and video broke the communication barrier by making it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are. It has been the most popular VoIP app and service for many years which is called one of the most “human tech companies.

Later on, Skype added video calling and conferencing on its app so that you could talk to people face to face online for free. Skype is an example of B2B e-business to have a person in touch with others. Skype reached a summit of more than half a billion registered users and became one of the most popular digital B2B businesses for people from all over the world.


7. SnapCap

SnapCap is a South Carolina-based alternative lender dealing in short and medium-term unsecured small business loans. SnapCap is ideal for B2B eCommerce examples owners with credit scores of 600 and up to $1,000,000 loans in the future

SnapCap online lender has a minimum of five deposits per month and has a gross annual revenue of $100,000 that small business loans for working capital, inventory purchases in the term of the loan can range from 3 to 24 months.


Unlike weeks-long wait times at banks, once your SnapCap application is completed, you will be able to see your financing options and get funded in as little as 24 hours. They were very sensitive to our needs and addressed every question expeditiously.

SnapCap paired with LendingTree’s expensive lender network to get the best possible business loan offers available.

They have provided over $1 billion in funding to small businesses and out many B2B eCommerce examples at ease about financial institutions, annual revenue, time in business, and the last three months of business bank statements.

8. BulkBookStore

We will show you another successful B2B eCommerce example is BulkBookStore company. As we already know nowadays, buying or reading online books is exploding.

When buying a lot of books or paper books in bulk takes serious and hard work to do. It would be best if you had a place to shop for a bulk quantity of books at least 25 copies, BulkBookStore stands among B2B eCommerce examples that you should consider for your B2B business.


Every online retail bookseller has one thing in common: they sell one copy of one book to one individual. Bulkbookstore is very helpful in this case; if you want to make 25 copies for a classroom or 1000 business books for a business meeting, their unique Bulkbookstore wholesale platform will be the answer you are looking for as a B2B e-business owner.

Their B2B eCommerce website has customer-centered shopping options, especially for bulk book orders in B2B business retailers by offering discounted pricing, efficient ordering, and timely delivery for 25 copies of any currently published book. More than 3 million currently published book titles are in their catalog.

You have arrived at the best place to buy books in bulk from a book retailer for sure.


9. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is the world’s first example of B2B eCommerce business success for creating, gathering, managing, and acting on your core business data.

Qualtrics is the best company in the world today, driven by data. They make it easy to collect feedback from customers, employees, suppliers, partners, or any other stakeholder using their preferred channels. To create the most flexible surveys, advanced statistical analysis, and intelligent features by using advanced text and voice analytics, their automatically surface actions hidden insights in customers’ feedback.

It’s the information behind your data that powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help your sales volume, leads, employee attrition rates, and customer experience scores. Besides that, Qualtrics is a powerful business-to-business eCommerce website that allows one to build surveys, send surveys, and analyze responses from anywhere, anytime. You can choose a convenient online location!


10. New Relic

New Relic is the second example of B2B eCommerce websites that helps B2B e-business better understand your customer base and how to use analytics and data. Diving deeply into data and gaining actionable insights in real-time.

New Relic combines data from multiple sources, creates meaningful connections and context within and between your data, so you can make sense of it and see through the complexity of reports.

The key to the process is making your teams more effective when collaborating with teams and colleagues throughout your organization easily.


Successful B2B eCommerce examples:

What is B2B eCommerce with examples? Whereas B2B e-business is defined as the conduct of the business processes with the help of information technology and communication, B2B eCommerce is nothing but buying and selling goods or services around the web.

1. Chocomize: On-Page SEO

Chocomize is the leading B2B eCommerce company in providing customized corporate gifts in the U.S. Chocomize shows how SEO is still among the most effective techniques to grow your B2B business.

What Chocomize did is typically directly visitors to their web. On the page, they have featured each product’s keywords in page titles, H tags, body copy, and alt image tags and provides links to their contact page and privacy in the footer of their site with a clear purpose. That will make it more attractive and get more visitors to act.

The B2B eCommerce world is growing stronger, and your B2B business needs the traffic SEO, which is certainly among the most important. Using appropriate meta tags, the number of clicks on Chocomize in the search results has increased, SEO is contributed to the great success of this platform.

Another advantage is the menu bar’s features, which helps consumers find suitable products with reasonable prices at their convenience.


2. General Electric: D2C plan

GE was founded in 1982, which provides electrical solutions for numerous segments. One of the smartest ways is that they have tons of unique and creative stories such as “ Ideas are Scary” and “ Imagination at Work” marketing campaigns. 

The two successes in D2C (Direct to the customer) open a new road for consumers to experience the future of light. 

GE has shown to the world that creativity in advertising can go a long way in building your brand and in improving your company’s success.


3. Polycom- Based on customer’s need

Polycom iconic for 25 years, is the leader in video, voice, and content solutions. The teams at Polycom have been the leader innovating audio, video, and collaborative technology that can help your organization unleash the power of team collaboration.

Despite low-cost alternatives in the communication market, Polycom has maintained its commitment to providing the best solutions.

The first phrase a visitor sees on their B2B website is ‘I need to’ because they always focus on meeting their audience’s needs through educational content.

Polycom’s success story is that customers’ needs must always come first.


4. EDYOO: Segment Your Buyers

Edyoo sells school supplies, has segmented its website into 3 important B2B target groups – schools, sellers, and bulk orders. The nature of success in B2B eCommerce is the partnership, especially working with wholesale and resellers.

To get started, Edyoo has its poster and point-of-sale display in store but your success depends on their success, that is not enough. To do this, Edyoo partners directly with local schools to create a single online portal that can be used by families to not only purchase school supplies but also to pay school fees.


5. ACME – Design is the key factor

ACME is among the major providers of tare and packaging for logistics operators and shippers.

ACME is successful in designing its package with colors, images, and amazing animations. They have the cursor hovers over any yellow animation added to the dark background and a text headline to impress all types of visitors.

Moreover, they focused on target groups as there are different menus for different types of services. Using the best animations, pictures and layouts look like showcasing their website and getting customers’ attention is the key factor leading ACME to success.

This also increases traffic by affecting a person’s vision due to its effect and saves time to select what they want and would be redirected to that section of the website.


Final Thought of B2B eCommerce Examples

Since eCommerce has emerged to the market commercial business, we can learn from B2B eCommerce examples’ true stories from top B2B companies and inspire you to improve your business and enjoy significant success.

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