The 10+ Magento 2 CRM Extensions For Customer Satisfaction!

by Rin Nguyen

Customer Relationship Management as a business tool has been around for so long, with so many providers and features. To help you find an integration solution for your Magento 2 store, we introduce this detailed list of CRM software and equivalent Magento 2 CRM extensions. But first and foremost, let’s review some key points about CRM. 

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A – Introduction to CRM & CRM in Magento 2

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, referring to the management of interactions with customers. It caters to all customer types, from past customers to existing and potential ones. 

The ultimate goal of using CRM is to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby increasing profits through greater sales volumes. The critical success metrics of a good CRM system are customer acquisition and retention. 

CRM can be either a stand-alone system or as a module in an ERP system. As an independent software, CRM only manages customer data, so it is used mainly by sales, support, and marketing staff. 

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Why CRM?

As a means to record every customer-related activity, CRM serves to:

Customer Management


  • Keep customer details up to date
  • Link customer accounts with their orders
  • Provide an overview of customer relationships 
  • Track all customer interactions like quotes/ live chat/ complaints etc.
  • Conveniently manage, sort, and filter customers

Sales & Marketing

  • Facilitate sales forecasting
  • Monitor sales pipeline better
  • Evaluate order history for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Provide quicker and more active support services with all customer data available
  • Nurture leads by giving them personalized experience and useful information 
  • Customer segmentation for suitable marketing and sales plans

Data Management

  • Better data privacy and accuracy
  • Gather all customer data in a single hub for access sharing
  • Turn customer data into useful insights with reports and graphs
  • Integrate with other software like a call center or ERP



  • Marketing: Automate the repetitive tasks for lead generation
  • Salesforce: Build up a suitable sales cycle from following leads to building customer loyalty
  • Contact center: Pre-recorded audios or chatbots to reduce the time for problem-solving and update-announcing
  • The reduction of mundane works allows staff to increase productivity and focus more on worthy tasks

Increased Business Performance

  • Record customer suggestions for more ideas to improve products and services
  • More collaboration among team members on a single platform
  • HR staff evaluate sales staff performance
  • Better understand customer needs and trends
  • Monitor clients’ projects with objectives, strategies, process updates, costs, and risks management 

Magento 2 CRM Integration


So CRM as a customer management tool has pretty many practical uses, but how does it work when integrated with a Magento 2 website? Let’s take a look at this list:


  • Simple Integration through an API
  • Customer Data Centralization: gather all customer interaction info from multiple store views in a single dashboard.
  • Precise & Automatic Data Synchronization: transfer data with the least human efforts and errors.
  • Bi-directional Synchronization: consistently update data like contact info and orders between the two ends.
  • Real-time Access: CRM can fetch data from cloud platforms like social network sites or customer service centers and provide real-time updates.
  • Customer Follow-up: CRM can suggest customized deals based on customer info and notify about the actions needed to turn leads into customers.
  • Support Service: With all customer data in one place, now your sales representatives spend less time checking customer info, thereby answering customer questions more quickly and precisely. 
  • Access Restrictions: Assign multiple levels of access permission for users.
  • Analytics: Monitor sales representatives’ performance with their equivalent customers. 

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2 Ways to Integrate CRM Magento 2


Just like with ERP, you can get CRM for Magento 2 either through an agency’s service or with ready-built extensions. Meanwhile, as you know, many extension providers do offer customization services, so there is every chance that you can get Magento CRM integration customized to your business needs. 

  • Magento 2 CRM Integration Services: the service provider acts as an intermediate to connect your CRM to Magento 2 website. They will consult, then do the integration and customize it to your business needs. The fees will be charged hourly or as a fixed sum. 
  • Magento 2 CRM extensions: The extensions have been standardized according to the most popular needs. So you can add it to cart and your Magento 2 system. Pricing varies from $0 to several hundred dollars, not including installation and customization services. 

The choices are unlimited, so this article only introduces ready-made Magento 2 CRM extensions. For the integration services, you can consult the CRM software providers. Alternatively, you can seek advice from extension providers. 

B – Magento 2 CRM Extensions 

Now let’s explore the extensions available for the most common Magento 2 CRM Integration. Additionally, we introduce an embedded Magento 2 CRM extension that does not need the use of any CRM software. Above all, extensions charge a one-time payment. 

1. Salesforce

Salesforce Overview


Pricing: $25 – $300/month

Special Features: 

  • Offer Cloud Computing technology that reduces unnecessary upkeeps
  • Provide as a helpdesk for customer support services
  • Serve both small and large businesses with six industries supported: Financial Services, Health, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Emergency Program, and License & Permit
  • Cloud solution for both sales & services, each with four pricing plans

Magenest – Salesforce CRM Integration


Pricing: $351

Special Features:

  • Support mapping data fields and 100+ fields 
  • Offer queue & auto-sync interval options
  • Detailed sync reports to track successes and failures
  • Allow syncing promotional campaign data

Mageplaza – Salesforce CRM Integration for Magento 2


Pricing: $349

Special Features:

  • Map one field to multiple fields with a default value
  • Synchronize every update in the customer database to 3 Salesforce objects: Leads, Accounts & Contacts
  • Create a bunch of rules regulating sync automation, e.g., transfer only orders with a total value over $500
  • Manage sync queue

Webkul – Salesforce Connector


Pricing: $399

Special Features:

  • Different price books from Salesforce end for flexible pricing
  • Easy switch between manual and auto-sync for data mapping of categories, products, customers, leads, and orders

Dotsquares – Salesforce CRM Connector


Pricing: $99

Special Features:

  • Able to set limits on synchronization for product pages, product counts
  • Create many mapping sections to sort out which information to synchronize into Salesforce

2. Zoho

Zoho Overview


Pricing: $18 – $55/month

Special Features: 

  • Closely follow the sales funnel with every stage in the customer purchase journey 
  • Use CommandCenter to offer customers a seamless, personalized experience
  • Use Blueprints to manage processes in the sales pipeline
  • Include sales tools as quotes, partner portals, calendar, g-suite & office 365
  • Utilize AI to do forecasting, prioritize leads and track sales team performance

Mageplaza – Magento 2 Zoho CRM Integration


Pricing: $299

Special Features: 

  • Regulate sync intervals, number of objects per time & time to delete queue log
  • Synchronize all product types & stock info for both Purchasing & Sales team
  • Assess campaign performance with custom success metrics
  • Detailed queue reports to track synchronization
  • Present queue details via pop-up

Magenest –  Magento 2 Zoho CRM Integration


Pricing: $287.10

Special Features: 

  • Support 90+ default data fields & multiple languages
  • Track detailed sync history on order/product/customer/price rule pages
  • Offer three synchronization modes: automated sync, cron job sync & manual sync
  • Coming Soon: daily report and sync & export error logs

3. Vtiger

Vtiger Overview


Pricing: $14 – $58/month

Special Features:

  • Pay great attention to lead generation & nurturing
  • Offer deal nurturing triggers, auto reminds, visualized sales pipelines, and insightful reports
  • Assist in inventory management by automatically synchronizing product details, stock info & pricing
  • Combine Sales & Help Desk features
  • Improve internal communication with team collaboration & live webchat
  • Help Desk Ticket systems: social, round-robin, least loaded with user-level business hours configuration
  • Use attributes to score customer profile & engagement

CMSMart – Synchronize Database Magento 1 & 2 with Vtiger CRM Extension


Pricing: $799

Special Features: 

  • Support multiple languages
  • Three sets of demos for synchronizing customers, orders, and products data
  • Work with both Magento 1 & 2
  • Allow synchronizing product categories & product catalogs

Smackcoders – Magento 2 Vtiger Bidirectional Connector


Pricing: $299

Special Features: 

  • Detailed logs about data sync
  • Options to synchronize all or selective records to synchronize
  • Create data on the transfer and automatically update

4. HubSpot 

HubSpot Overview


Pricing: $0 – $1200/month

Special Features: 

  • Offer free plan that supports an unlimited number of users
  • Track email engagement and reactivate abandoned carts & non-paid users
  • Triggers to automate marketing & sales campaigns
  • Offer 5 tools with various pricing plans: CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service & CMS
  • Bundle options to select among Marketing, Sales & Services at different plans

CedCommerce – HubSpot Magento 2 Extension


Pricing: $149

Special Features: 

  • Create ready-built workflows to assess RFM segmentation: Customer Nurturing workflow, ROI Calculation & Order Recency workflow, and so on.
  • Automated emails to follow up customers with their abandoned shopping cart
  • ROI Tracking for conversion rate and campaign performance & revenue
  • Classify audiences based on customers’ order and activity history 

Firebear – Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension


Pricing: $509.15

Special Features: 

  • A complete solution for data migration that is not just for CRM but ERP, Marketplaces, etc. as well
  • Automate synchronization via schedules & event-based triggers
  • Reduces manual attributes matching time with mapping presets
  • Create/ modify attributes value in bulk while transferring

Unific – Unific Connector For HubSpot


Pricing: $0

Special Features: 

  • Sync checkouts & abandoned carts to HubSpot as Deals
  • Ensure sync accuracy regardless of how many websites/ storefronts/ storeviews you have
  • Allow mapping custom fields to properties HubSpot
  • Dynamic Coupon System that creates a personalized experience for customers, increases customer loyalty, prevent fraud or misuse and connect with campaigns
  • Support cloud-based sync that is always up to date, takes minimal server load, and provides proactive monitoring
  • Ensure database hygiene that controls costs through RFM data and is Privacy Shield certified and GDPR compliant 

5. Freshsales

Freshsales Overview


Pricing: $29 – $125/month

Special Features: 

  • Support AI-based lead scoring
  • Provide actionable insights and tools for finding new leads
  • Allow customizing sales activities and defining expected outcomes
  • Support multiple languages & 150+ currencies
  • Create roles with different properties & access levels for users
  • Manage records with tags
  • Integrate with Freshcaller, Email, Freshchat & SMS for cross-channel communication directly from Freshsales
  •  Detailed reports: velocity, trendline, etc. that can be conveniently scheduled

Mageplaza – Freshsales for Magento 2


Pricing: $249

Special Features: 

  • Create unlimited sync rules with schedules and priority
  • Manage sync results with queue reports
  • Schedule time to auto-delete sync/queue logs
  • Accurately sync data of different websites

6. Embedded CRM

This type is not an integration that connects with a third-party CRM service, but rather a module that manages customer data. 

ModulesGarden – CRM for Magento 2


Pricing: $199.95

Special Features: 

  • Assign administrator to contacts
  • Manage contacts’ follow-ups and notes
  • View activity logs and calendar of different reminder types
  • Import and export contacts in various file formats
  • Removed contact gets archived for necessary restoration
  • Offer three types of follow-up notifications: Now, On Follow-up Date & Before Follow-up Date 
  • Manage campaigns connected with leads
  • Allow setting custom fields & contact types
  • Grid view of leads & potential lists


As we have introduced pretty many Magento 2 extensions, you now have a better understanding of the features of the CRM software and integration extensions. The choices are ample, so they shall meet your business requirements to a certain degree. You can contact service agencies or CRM software and extension providers for customization needs.

If you have any concerns about Magento 2 CRM extensions with your website, especially wholesale business, don’t hesitate to share with us.

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