Magento 2 soap extension requirements

How to Meet Magento 2 Soap Extension Requirements

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Because Magento 2 is a strong and complex platform, it apparently requires great support from other contributed libraries to keep that robust performance. This article intends to clarify how to install a soap – a mandatory extension to run Magento 2 and also proposes a simple way to fix soap extension error during Magento 2 installation.

Soap overview

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is how you access to Web services.


Soap is a long-invented protocol stack accessing to Web Services. Its debut was made at the same time with the initial stage of internet. Similarly, its development was built synchronously along the historic length of the internet. SOAP, on its first day, was developed by the tech giant – Microsoft to alternate out of date and inefficient earlier protocol stacks.


Magento 2 or other framework websites need Soap to operate.


More or less, you will seek for Composer as much as your tasks take place and revolve around Magento 2. Composer, speaking of its role, does not only help you easily manage libraries (included Soap), but also enables the user to control and update those libraries.  Find out how to install composer here.

Xampp and Soap installation

To install Soap libraries in the simplest way on Windows, follow these steps:


  • Xampp and PHP (it’s better to use php7.0.x to optimize compatibility with Magento 2)
  •  A version of Magento 2

Step 1: Install Xampp

Turn on Control Panel, run Apache and MySQL.

Enable Soap in Xampp

Turn on Xampp’s Control Panel, run Apache and MySQL

Step 2: Install Magento 2

Open Magento 2 and begin setup process. Choose Agree and Setup Magento 2

Agree and Set up Magento 2

Agree and Set up Magento 2

Magento 2 will check readiness for necessary libraries. Open Setup Wizard and click Start Readiness Check to start the process. You will see Error Message if Magento finds there is a lack of the Soap library.

Start Readiness Check

php soap extension must be loaded

Missing PHP extension error

Step 3: To fix the problem, find Soap in repository of Xampp and Windows and turn it on. Go to Xampp control panel, click to config Apache module.



delete the semi-colon (;) and restart Apache

Now back to Magento, click Start Readiness Check again to see check progress is completed.

Install php soap extension windows

You have config Soap successfully to install Magento 2 now!

Soap extension on Linux family of operating systems

To install Soap extension on systems built on Linux such as Ubuntu or CentOs, open Terminal and use command line:

$ sudo apt-get install php-soap

With PHP v5.0 and below


$ sudo apt-get install php7.0-soap

To install Soap version compatible for PHP 7.0


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