Top 11 B2B Marketplaces Companies For eCommerce 2024

by TuanVN

Looking for a genuine B2B marketplace yet constantly finding fraud wholesale marketplaces with dozens of negative reviews on Trustpilot? BSS Commerce have done our research carefully, just to provide you with the ultimate list of the top B2B marketplaces examples of all time! Enjoy.

Top B2B Marketplaces you should know

1. Amazon – Largest B2B Marketplaces for eCommerce


By the time being (2021), Amazon is one of the best B2B marketplaces globally, with a website containing billions of products. To help you make better purchase decisions, Amazon offers you necessary product information for comparison, such as descriptions, functions, specifications on each product page.

With the availability of Amazon Collection, wholesalers can easily select appropriate related products to consider adding to inventory. In addition, the free exchange policy also creates a sound basis for B2B businesses to sell and place bulk orders.

Overnight delivery with tracking feature ensures wholesalers that the order will arrive in time, safe and sound at the specified destination.

2. eBay – B2C & B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Company


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Check out this article. eBay is one of the largest B2B ecommerce marketplace companies on the globe. It comes with various flexible payment methods, which significantly shorten your customer’s checkout and shipping process.

However, people don’t usually use eBay for wholesale trading since it’s optimized for retailers. Yet, nothing can stop you from using it for B2B purposes if wished. eBay shortlists distributors, manufacturers, sellers and only allows those with enough reputation, which promises massive profit if you can make it to the exception!

eBay shares many similarities with Amazon, such as product specification requirements, high-definition images, and easy-to-operate reviews. If you are a mid-sized or large B2B business, eBay is a potential market for you to explore.

4. Alibaba – the “Amazon of Asia”


As the “Amazon of China” in the Asian market, Alibaba is also the top B2B marketplaces with more than 80% of online sales originating from mainland China.

With many supportive policies for Chinese manufacturers, Alibaba is a potential wholesale warehouse for B2B businesses wishing to import and distribute products worldwide.


Although Alibaba’s revenue is far from Amazon’s, it is still a potential wholesale market with solid growth, similar to Amazon of the past. With flexible shipping options and a user-friendly rating system, Alibaba is still one of the top B2B marketplaces companies.

5. AliExpress – Retail & Wholesale Opportunity


AliExpress is a marketplace with a focus on B2C customers more than B2B customers. However, that is not a big obstacle for you to find a potential market in this marketplace.

Both from China and owned by the same corporation as Alibaba, AliExpress also has many similar strengths: the diversity of payment gateways, comprehensive incentive policies on shipping, product exchange, discounts policy, etc.

6. EWorldTrade – Connecting Business Globally

eWorldTrade is a full-service B2B marketplace platform with more than a decade of experience in digital branding and web building. The B2B Marketplace now has over 500,000 registered members and is rapidly growing its database of manufacturers, suppliers, and businesses from across the world.

The digital trading platform was thoughtfully created and built to meet the demands of severe commercial competitiveness by offering a secure, fast, dependable, and authentic trading environment.

eWorldTrade has all of the latest advanced features and functionalities that no other B2B marketplace platform has ever delivered. eWorldTrade is the only B2B portal that helps millions of traders express their presence globally, allowing them to compete with aggressive marketing trends and brand development.

7. TradeFord – Most Genuine B2B Directory Marketplace


HAVING any thought about B2B multi-channel strategy?

We got you covered HERE! If you are already a mid-range B2B business with a pre-set sales & shipping system ready to earn more leads, TradeFord is a considerable choice.

TradeFord is the top B2B marketplaces for ecommerce operating as a forum to connect sellers and buyers for wholesale trading. As a wholesale business, you can register for an account, sell products and add to the Tradeford directory.

Since Tradeford is a marketplace that operates in forums, you can also participate in answering and promoting your brand on any related topics from buyers to earn leads. Similarly, if you need to buy products in bulk, you can also post questions and look for responses from B2B sellers worldwide.

8. SeeBiz –  Social Networking Platform for Wholesalers

SeeBiz is a networking platform and online sales portal that allows distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to trade products and interact with one another all in one location.

With a social networking platform that allows businesses to easily connect with their preferred businesses, SeeBiz puts an end to the hassles that come from traditional methods of doing wholesale business. This B2B platform will keep you in touch with your business partners and rivals in real-time.

Display your product online for retailers to search for and find distributors, manufacturers, retailers, or wholesalers within your industry. Connect with a lucrative wholesale business community with just a few clicks.

9. Global Sources – Hong Kong Dream of Wholesalers


Established in 1971, Global Sources has over 49 years of operation as one of the largest B2B marketplaces com panies in Hong Kong.

The platform has a customer-centric approach with a consistent 1.5 million buyers from around the globe. Same as Alibaba and other top B2B marketplaces, Global Sources provides you an optimized storefront with a friendly user-interface. Most of their B2B buyers are genuine, and some retailers are even in the top 100 retailers of the globe.

10. Tundra – Starting Marketplace for B2B Business


Being the B2B ecommerce marketplace serving retail and wholesale, Tundra has a modest quantity of goods with only 150,000 products.

However, the strength of Tundra lies within its free shipping policy for many suppliers and wholesale brands. For retail customers, Tundra offers user-friendly terms of delivery, payment, as well as an attractive trial policy. On the wholesale side, Tundra allows sellers to set a minimum number of products per order.

The interface customization is also straightforward and user-friendly. If you are a small B2B business looking to get acquainted with wholesale, you can use Tundra as your business’s starting marketplace.

11. Faire – The Etsy for Wholesale


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Established in 2017 with the name Indigo Fair first, Faire has grown a lot since then. Now, with a user base of more than 120.000 wholesalers, Faire holds a lot of opportunities for small B2B businesses here and there. It becomes one of the largest b2b marketplaces in the world.

Even though the fee is quite expensive (25% on new orders and 15% on reorder), Faire is constantly growing and offers many new wholesalers opportunities. (Featured Image made with Storyset).


B2B marketplaces offer many benefits for both buyers and sellers of B2B commerce. From those Top B2B marketplaces companies, we do hope you can learn some useful things.

Wherever your journey takes you, we’re here to provide innovative solutions rooted in deep B2B expertise. By utilizing our B2B web development service, you can have a remarkable online store and advance further along the eCommerce path.

Let’s delve into the various stages of our comprehensive multiplatform B2B web development.

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