10+ Best Wholesale eCommerce Platforms for B2B Business 2023

Are you looking for the best wholesale ecommerce platforms to build the perfect B2B website ever? Make sure to check out the top 10 below to choose the most suitable one for your store.

1. Magento

Magento  is one of Wholesale eCommerce Platforms for B2B Business 2023

Following the success of Magento 1, Magento 2 is an open-source ecommerce platform with various options for small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations.

As an open-source platform, Magento 2 is completely free with lots of useful features for businesses. The platform has an intuitive interface, allows you to design and layout content on your wholesale ecommerce websites without any coding knowledge.

However, to experience the best B2B-experience features ever, Magento 2 Commerce is the recommended edition for many businesses and large corporations. Lots of sales and marketing features are handy, providing extra convenience in customizing your online store. You can look for the best top Magento development companies to build your website better.

2. Shopify


At the moment, Shopify has become the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. The reason for this is because Shopify is so simple yet incredibly effective. Whether you’re a small store owner or a mid-sized business manager, Shopify is the right ecommerce solution that can go live instantly.

Shopify also owns a massive number of plugins that bring many valuable capabilities to enhance sales functionality. Besides, this platform also allows you to market your products  more efficiently via email systems, google smart shopping and even Facebook ads.

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3. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is a fantastic B2B platform for ecommerce. As the leading e-commerce platform built with cloud storage, BigCommerce has PCI set up to ensure your important information is kept safe.

With a massive arsenal of plugins and tools, BigCommerce offers a wide selection of features and designs. The API integration of third-party applications provides you with a more convenient website management capability. The user interface is also customized to provide the most user-friendly experience.

4. WooCommerce


Another popular open-source ecommerce platform on this list is WooCommerce.

WordPress WooCommerce is a user-friendly open-source platform of choice. This customizable and user-friendly platform is built to make it possible for non-technical users to create an e-commerce site with all the necessary functionality.

5. 3DCart


3DCart is one of the best wholesale eCommerce platforms optimized for the user experience. With a simple but equally powerful interface in optimization, 3DCart is a viable choice for small and medium-sized B2B businesses.

3DCart provides several available templates for optimization to ensure mobile-friendly and stable performance. In terms of design, 3DCart’s theme store is diverse, suitable for many different ecommerce businesses.

If you want to edit and optimize more in terms of display, 3DCart also allows you to directly access and modify HTML files and CSS of the website.

6. PrestaShop


Though not popular as Magento or WordPress, PrestaShop still has a considerable amount of users. As an open-source platform with multiple flexible customization options, PrestaShop is an efficient e-commerce solution.

PrestaShop offers lots of easy-to-use store customization features, presented on a neat, compact and user-friendly interface. Also, the PrestaShop platform’s payment function is quite flexible, supporting many options for payment methods.

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that PrestaShop is budget-friendly. This platform is entirely free and easy to use, targeting small B2B businesses. The addon marketplace system is also diversified enough to meet the customer needs.

7. SuitCommerce.


As a centralized platform for order management systems, SuiteCommerce is geared towards B2B customers looking for a complete order processing solution.

Netsuite SuitCommerce encourages wholesalers to implement an omnichannel sales model more often with its cloud storage system.

Businesses with offline stores also benefit from data synchronization via POS systems and cloud storage. As a result, marketing, sales, order tracking, fulfillment and inventory management are more efficient and transparent.

8. XCart


X-Cart is one of the most potent B2B platforms for professional wholesalers. Built by a team of professionally knowledgeable e-commerce, the platform offers up to 1000+ applications with many useful features, more than 120 options of payment methods and 150+ functions to support order management.

X-Cart’s strength lies within the 24/7 support system, fast website loading and stable performance. Wholesale ecommerce websites created with X-Cart is optimized for the expected SEO performance.

Although there are some limitations, such as the high price and the unoptimized mobile experience, X-Cart is still a reasonable choice if you are looking for a professional ecommerce solution.

9. OROCommerce

Are you looking for an eCommerce B2B solution with excellent manageability? OROCommerce is one of the platforms that can satisfy this need flawlessly.

With a multi-purpose built-in CRM system, OROCommerce allows managers to track and analyze business performance and efficiency metrics, thereby proposing appropriate plans to attract customers to the sales funnel.

Besides, OROCommerce also provides essential features that every wholesaler needs when building an ecommerce store, such as the company account creation and user roles management, custom pricing management. Inventory organization and shipping tracking are also included with many other valuable features.

10. TradeGecko


As an wholesale ecommerce platforms on the cloud, TradeGecko is a suitable choice for small-scale wholesale businesses looking for an omnichannel management and optimization solution in a budget-friendly way.

TradeGecko offers a compact, optimized and slick interface that is also user-friendly. The store’s performance report feature is also a highlight of this platform when it allows admin to track and analyze parameters needed to improve sales status. In addition, TradeGecko also enables integration into larger platforms, allowing you to use it in parallel if required.

This is a helpful article focus on the best ecommerce platform for wholesale. We hope you can choose the suitable platform to you.

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