Magento 2 Reorder: Top 5 Suggested Extensions of All Time!

by Hoang Nguyen Bao

To not only Magento 2 but also any e-commerce platforms, Reorder is always one of the essential features to optimize profits for wholesalers and B2B customers.

Let’s find out why and take a look at our list of 5 recommended Magento 2 reorder extensions!

Optimized Reorder for Magento 2 – Why Is It Necessary?


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Unlike B2C, B2B customers often place orders in bulk and continuously repeat orders to deliver products to their customers in batches.

For an eCommerce website, the reordering process could take a dozen steps. You have to login to your account, go to your profile and check your previous order.

Then you have to search and choose your desired products as well as other related information like size, colour variant, etc.

A false step on an un-optimized reorder function could take you back to the beginning. It’s not rare to see customers quit midway through just because it takes too much time to organize their orders.

The greater the purchasing power and the variety of desired products, the more time & effort reorder will take and the more irritating B2B customers get.

And also, the lower the reordering frequency goes.


Unfortunately, the reorder function of Magento 2 default suffers the same fate. It’s too clumsy with lengthy steps, which make a seamless and smooth repeat ordering process for wholesale is something impossible to achieve.

Applying to dozens or hundreds of products, we will see just how inefficient the process is.

Each operation in My Order requires a lot of page transitions, causing customers to wait for a new page to load. It’s a pain if your ordered list is already lengthy.

Therefore, many reorder extensions were created as the ultimate solution in terms of the experience, making the re-ordering process smooth and convenient without having to go through hundreds of page redirection and wasting time.

Top 5 Recommended Reorder Extension for Magento 2

Through the thoughtful research, we bring you the list of the top recommended reorder extensions for Magento 2.

1. Magento 2 Advanced Reorder Extension – BSSCommerce


Magento 2 Reorder product list by BSSCommerce helps businesses that are looking for a definitive solution to shorten the default reordering process of B2B customers.


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To ensure the process goes smoothly, Reorder extension for Magento 2 offers you many distinctive features to help with the purpose such as:

  • Previous order product listing in My Account for convenience reorder.
  • Search bar for ordered products faster-finding.
  • Easy sorting via product name, product attributes, SKU.
  • Revamped interface to improve user experience.
  • Quick info checking with real-time product page previews.
  • Compatible with the Porto theme & the Fastest and Infinit of Codazon.

To conclude, Magento 2 Reorder Product List costs $119,00 with free installation, 1-year support and free life-time update.

2. Magento 2 Easy Repeat Order – Aheadworks


Aheadworks came up with a solution for the B2B reordering process, which is the Magento 2 Easy Reorder.


The extension offers several features that help reduce your workload in managing customers orders as well as making the reordering process smoother for wholesale customers.

  • Product listing tab on My Account.
  • Informative purchase history for better navigation.
  • Smart redirection via cart arranging on the grid.
  • Full support of Web API, Graph QL.

The Aheadwork Magento 2 Easy Reorder costs $149.00 with 90 days of free supports, installation and lifetime updates.

3. Magento 2 Re-order Specific Product Extension – Mageants


Mageants also comes up with a functional extension for the reordering process, named Magento 2 Reorder Specific Product.


The extension is said to aid the brand reputation and bring a user-friendly experience to B2B customers on sight via typical features:

  • Rich admin-panel for better management.
  • Reorder all previous products and options.
  • Search tool for faster reordering process.
  • Quick product page preview.

Compared to the above extensions, Reorder Specific Product is cheaper at only $79.00, but you only have 3-month free of support, much costly installation (+$30).

4. Magento 2 Re-ordering Products Extension – Land of Coder


To help b2b customers speed up the reorder process, Land of Coder also comes up with their own version of the product: Magento 2 Reorder Products.


This Land of Coder’s extension helps customers order purchased products quickly and conveniently.

All purchased and reordered products would be displayed in the Customer Dashboard for easier management.

  • Specific or multiple products reorder at ease.
  • Fast search to lessen time-consuming.
  • Quick view popup for convenient info checking.
  • Support REST API.

Land of Coder’s reorder solution costs roughly $119.00 with 6-month support from the team.

5. Ajax Repeat Order for Magento 2 – Red Champs


Ajax Reorder extension for Magento 2 is straightforward. 

Different from other above extensions, the Red Champs team created Ajax Reorder for Magento 2 without a dedicated tab but instead re-optimize the original operating system of reordering.


When the customer clicks the reorder option, the extension doesn’t redirect to the shopping cart directly but shows a confirmation with options to:

  • Go to the Shopping Cart.
  • Proceed to Checkout.
  • Go back to My orders.

Because of its simple function, Ajax Reorder for Magento 2 only costs $49.00. It’s said to provide free installation and lifetime supports.

Suggested Order Placement Extensions for B2B First-time Customers

Before reordering happens, every customer must go through the first time purchase. 

Excellent or lousy impressions also have a significant impact on customers’ reorder decisions, so optimization is necessary.

To optimize the experience of first-time B2B visitors, we suggest the following Magento 2 extensions.

1. Magento 2 Quick Order by BSSCommerce.


Typically, wholesale customers don’t waste time browsing all over your website, but they already have in their mind the desired purchases. 


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A quick order form would bring them the fastest way to search/add products to cart and proceed to checkout smoothly.

Magento 2 Quick Order gives you various note-worthy features:

  • Quick order via product name/SKU in custom form.
  • Bulk order submits via CSV file.
  • 1-click Add to cart with multiple product SKUs.
  • Smart popup of better product options.
  • Pre-fill bestsellers in the fast order form.

2. Magento 2 Configurable Grid Table View by BSSCommerce.


To smoothen the process of adding products to the shopping cart, we came up with Magento 2 Configurable Product Grid Table View as a perfect solution for configurable products.


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Magento 2 Grid Table View guarantees to provide multiple excellent features, such as:

  • Quick ordering by showing all associated products in table form.
  • Informative display: product availability, SKU, unit & tier price, quantity, subtotal.
  • Multiple add-to-cart simple products support.
  • Default Magento 2 colour swatch function integration.
  • Custom display restriction per customer group/product page.

3. Order Editor extension for Magento 2 – Mageworx


To serve B2B customers, Mageworx has also developed its own extension to improve the order and re-ordering process of ecommerce wholesale.

Order Edit Extension by Mageworx improves and extends the default Magento 2 Orders grid by adding extra setups and features that help website admin easily manage and edit orders data:

  • Order modification without cancellation.
  • Order/customer details independent editor.
  • Customer assignments to specific customer groups.
  • Fast previews of the order’s total cost.

Mageworx’s Order Editor is pricey at $149.00 but has free updates & supports, which is still decent for any business to afford.


Now, based on the above list of extensions, let’s choose for yourself the appropriate products to improve profitability from the reorder and ordering process of B2B customers on Magento 2.

If you have any concerns about building/optimizing your B2B eCommerce business, don’t hesitate to share with us!

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