Top Magento Ecommerce Extensions You Should Not Miss

by Grace Bui

Magento eCommerce Extensions has great benefits. Now, we go to the top list of these Magento eCommerce extensions.

It has a big variety of Magento eCommerce extensions on the market that help store owners build their online businesses. But, for retailers who are building/starting a new eCommerce website, which modules are the most important to have?

1. One Step Checkout Extension

The most crucial item to keep an eye on if you manage an eCommerce website is “How to improve the Checkout customer experience?”

When it comes to ordering online, eCommerce companies must recognize that customers despise having to fill out lengthy forms with the same information over and over. That is why a smart Checkout page has emerged to lower the number of customers who abandon their purchases.

So… What is the One-Step Checkout extension?

One Step Checkout is a Magento extension that streamlines your store’s checkout procedure.


There are many different benefits, but in short, the One Step Checkout Extension basic advantages are:

  • Magento One Step Checkout helps you make a purchase in one step
  • Magento One Step Checkout helps you pay easily
  • High speed, good interactivity, and superior to Multi-step Checkout
  • Easier and smarter. Having all the necessary information in one step is the key to speeding up the sales process. Not only that, it can help sell better and create a “smoother” billing cycle.
  • All the unnecessary information and questions are eliminated so that the customer does not feel too much interrogated, thereby enhancing the customer experience.
  • All content is provided are very detailed instructions, specifically to avoid misunderstandings for customers to purchase

Remember that, only a small change in the final payment step will help our website have better conversion rates. Or at least, One Step Checkout also helps your online store become more competitive.

Installing the One Step Checkout system is a great boost to your sales. In addition, online customers will also have a better experience of the product and the entire Website system.

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2. SEO Extension for Magento

SEO is becoming increasingly crucial in eCommerce. Magento is one of the most popular open-source SEO solutions in the world. However, having thousands of SEO adjustments will make it even better (called Extensions or Plugins). This aids you in resolving the SEO issue with your Magento-powered eCommerce site.

SEO extension is a specially built program that optimizes a website and automatically marks the website’s criteria in order to provide you with recommendations for modifying the page’s content or developing your own SEO-friendly website.


  • SEO is a tool that you can use to enhance your website and find SEO keywords that will help you rank higher on Google.
  • Users can use SEO software to optimize every website and keyword.

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There will be different features and benefits with each SEO plugin given by different providers. However, there are various benefits that make it a must-have for anyone launching a Magento eCommerce site.

  • It can help your Magento site’s SEO.
  • To optimize your site for SEO Engines Search automatically
  • With ease, create relevant meta tags.
  • Assist you in creating powerful sitemaps.
  • Product tags may be readily imported and exported.
  • It will improve the SEO of your product reviews.
  • Create appealing URLs.

3. Email Follow Up

Building positive client relationships is usually a good strategy to increase sales. Interacting with them on a variety of occasions allows you to develop long-term relationships with them, which only benefits your company. It is rather simple for brick-and-mortar retailers to engage in this sales-boosting practice. When it comes to e-commerce vendors, however, things aren’t that simple. Though numerous methods are available to contact customers electronically, managing these channels and communicating with all customers can be daunting.

As a result, Email Follow up is an add-on to deal with these issues.


The Follow-Up Email addon is an excellent option for creating highly targeted bespoke emails that are tailored to your company’s needs. This Magento extension makes it simple to create custom email templates with both static and dynamic data and sets up rules for when they should be delivered. 

Retailers can benefit from email follow-up in the following ways:

  • To increase sales, use emails to communicate with potential customers.
  • Contact folks who have visited your website for targeted marketing.
  • Send emails in response to changes in order status, birthdays, abandoned carts, and other events.
  • Make changes to the email content to suit your needs.
  • Indicate the days when emails should be sent.

4. Marketplace Integration Extension

Putting your product on the market is always a great bonus for sellers or store owners, especially for new eCommerce businesses. Because it benefits them greatly to enhance sales by placing their products in a branded market. Using the technology companies’ extensions will assist retail businesses in fast gaining new customers and expanding their reach into the worldwide market.

The Magento Marketplace Integration module gives you a simple way to manage your marketplace’s product listings, inventory, and orders from the Magento store admin panel. 

The following are some of the most important features of the Magento Integration extension:

  • The interface that is easy to use
  • The products can be easily uploaded in bulk.
  • Map Magento shop attributes and categories are the same as the marketplace attributes and categories.
  • The store administrator can use this extension to build shipping templates.
  • Inventory control is important.
  • Management of orders

The Marketplace Integration Extension turns your Magento store into a marketplace, complete with a distinct seller product collection and a separate seller with feedback, ratings, and commissions.

Many shipping and payment add-ons are also supported by Marketplace Plugin, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and a variety of payment methods such as Paypal adaptable, Stripe Marketplace, Mangopay, and a variety of other marketplace payment APIs.

As a result, the Marketplace Integration module is an excellent option for retailers who are building a new eCommerce site and want to achieve major objectives.

5. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a free Google tool that allows customers to search for and compare products before making an online purchase. We have the ability to list all of our products on Google Shopping. This enables us to reach out to and attract new customers by making it easier for them to view your products.

eCommerce sites are the only ones that have shopping advertising. You may use Google Shopping to advertise your products, boost traffic to your website, and attract the most potential buyers if you’re an online merchant.

Adwords and Google Merchant Center are the two key systems that underpin Google Shopping. The Google Merchant Center is a location where you may get precise information about your products in a Google-friendly way.


Google Shopping is a module made to easily connect your Magento store with your Google Merchant account. With the Google Merchant service from Google, you can submit all your products to Google Shopping and create new visitors and sales from the Google network. The Google Merchant Center interface is specially designed to help merchants in submitting their products to Google Shopping.

Some advantages of utilizing the Google Shopping extension

  • Export your product data to Google Shopping with ease.
  • Export your product catalog to Google Shopping quickly and easily.
  • Create a data stream that meets Google’s standards.
  • Customize your data stream to your product catalog’s specifications.
  • Send your new data feed to Google automatically and on a regular basis.
  • Increase traffic and conversion rates by easily finding the Google categories that correspond to yours.
  • Campaign administration has never been easier.

6. Inventory Management (with low stock notification)

One of the most important components in a company’s success is good inventory management. Inventory management, on the other hand, is not an easy task that necessitates a significant amount of time and work.

Mistakes are inherent with typical warehouse inspections, which rely on manual checks and errors. Using an inventory management extension is the best option for retail organizations, as it saves time, effort, and minimizes losses for the new eCommerce site.

The Magento Inventory Management extension is the most comprehensive shop management system available. It is intended to reduce the amount of time and effort required for various stock-related operations. In the backend, retailers can easily keep track of any product. This module helps you avoid frequent blunders while dealing with stock availability, transfers, and purchases for your warehouses.

What are the advantages of utilizing an inventory management module? Take a look at the following list:

  • Inventory management allows for easy and consistent inventory control.
  • Inventory management extension aids in the proper capturing of products in stock. Inventory management also aids in precise planning.
  • Improve the effectiveness of capital allocation.

In Conclusion

The greatest Magento eCommerce extensions for new sites have been given to you by BSS Ecommerce. You may not be aware, but Omnichannel is a new eCommerce trend in the retail industry.

As a recommendation, in addition to the Magento Ecommerce Extensions listed above, business owners should look for and adopt an “all-in-one” Omnichannel solution to “rocket” their businesses. We wish for your company’s success and that it will gradually overcome the most difficult challenges.

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