5 Best Magento 2 Plugins To Set Up Web-To-Print For Your Business

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Are you just starting your web-to-print business? Then don’t miss this blog about the 5 best Magento 2 plugins to help you build an amazing web-to-print store!

Magento 2 is one of the best choices of platforms to build a web-to-print business. 

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that has been a market leader for 6 consecutive years. It has so many attractive themes, robust frontend and backend, and cutting-edge technology.

Moreover, Magento 2 has all the modules you need to support any kind of business.

But what module do you need exactly to start your print eCommerce store? And what is web-to-print anyway?

This guide will help you understand everything about web-to-print business and recommend you some best Magento 2 plugins for it.

Let’s begin!

What Is Web-to-print?


Web-to-print (or web2print) is a service that provides print products via an online store. It’s also known as a “print e-commerce solution” or “remote publishing.”

Web-to-print stores offer online tools to create high-quality print products consistent in look and feel.

Shoppers can customize or create unique designs for products of their choice (like t-shirts, mugs or tote bags, etc.) 

Web2print is a boon for the end-users. The growth in web-to-print businesses means that now customers can connect with print product service providers anywhere, not just relying on their local printer shop as before.

Usually, these print businesses come with print-ready and personalizable templates for a wide range of products to shorten the purchase cycle and save the customers’ time.

So how does it work?

Getting products printed from a web2print eCommerce store is as easy as buying any other product online.

Shoppers get access to a library of designs where they can keep all their customized templates for future reuse.

They can personalize elements and order as much as they need at any given time. This is ideal for business customers who frequently reorder the same items with minor changes.

The shopper has complete control over every stage, from design to the order quantity to the material of the printed product. They can also track the order status on the user dashboard.

Benefits Of Web-To-Print


Here are three major benefits of web-to-print for customers:

Reduce time

Web-to-print stores provide customizable templates and the preview options so customers can see how their final product will look and promptly make changes quickly without getting samples made first.

Many Magento web-to-print stores like Design’N’Buy also offer a calculator, which can help calculate how much a printing job will cost the customer, including customizations and shipping charges.

Anytime, anywhere

Because all orders are placed and fulfilled through the website, customers don’t need to pick print services in the neighborhood. 

They can shop around for the one that offers the best experience and best price, even if it is overseas. A web2print store is just like any other eCommerce business. Customers can order online from any device and from anywhere.

Easy reordering

When purchasing for the first time, customers can sign up for an account in the store.

It allows customers to save all designs as well as contact details and payment information, so they can reorder past products with a single click.

Must-Have Features Of Web-To-Print Magento 2 Plugins


To choose the best Magento 2 extension, you need to know what you would want from it.

In this part, we will talk about all the features that your web2print Magento 2 plugins must offer.

Print-ready templates

Buyers love customization, but they also love to be able to quickly pick an attractive template when they are short on time. 

Magento 2 plugins for product design should have a variety of templates to cover different products, such as menus, business cards, banners, etc. and options for different seasons (Christmas, Halloween, spring, etc.) and color palettes (pastel, earthy, neutral, etc.)

Product customization

Customization is one of the reasons why so many business customers are counting on web2print providers for their marketing needs.

The web-to-print Magento 2 plugins should allow customers to easily change some elements like size, color palette, logo placement, texture, fabric, etc.

An advanced 3D preview feature to let customers see what the final product will look like after each customization is a big plus.

Automated workflow

Automation and smooth UX will create a flexible and convenient shopping experience in your store.

Your customers should be able to upload custom designs, edit templates and place orders without any issues on any device or browser.

The smoother the buying process, the happier your customers.

3 Best Magento 2 Plugins To Set Up Web-To-Print Store

Lastly, we will recommend the 3 best Magento 2 plugins for your web2print business.

Magento 2 Web To Print plugin by Webkul ($199)


This module is a “print on demand” extension that allows customers to customize and design the products simply from the storefront.

Customers can upload images, add text, add shapes, adjust layouts, change color and font styles.

The module offers the advanced Canvas tool for customizing and personalizing products with a smooth interface. Thanks to it, customers can customize the product and see the changes in real-time.

Magento 2 plugin web to print is very useful for merchants who are selling personalized products such as printed t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, photo gifts, etc.

It has a ton of options available for customizing the product. And the admin can create multiple templates for each product to save customers’ time.

It also provides a complete print product cycle with a dynamic personalization option, which makes it one of the best product customizer plugins for the Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Web To Print by Webkul is an amazing tool to start your print-on-demand business and attract more customers to your website with unlimited personalized products.

Full list of features:

  • Fully canvas-based product designer tool
  • Allow the admin to upload fonts for the text editor 
  • Allow the admin to add images for adding images to the product template
  • Allow the admin to add colors to the text, shape editor
  • New product type is used for all the customized products, for better management
  • Allow the admin to set the canvas width and height in pixels
  • Allow the admin to edit the product template and add some initial design for the customizer
  • Allow the admin to create multiple templates for a single product like for front design, back design etc
  • Allow the admin to set minimum DPI and dimensions of the images
  • Customers can edit the template on the frontend
  • Customers can use different editors for customizing the design like image editor, text editor, shape editor
  • Customized template images will be generated and shown in the cart and other places as the product image.
  • Customers can add to the cart the customized product.
  • After successful purchase customer can download the images from the order
  • Allow the admin to see and download the customized image template for the order in the order information

Colorlab Web To Print Magento 2 plugin by Spectrum group (Free)


Colorlab is a very well-known web-to-print platform. Their service allows you to offer a user-friendly product designer tool for your customers and let customers receive print-ready files immediately.

And this Magento 2 plugin integrates the Colorlab product designer tool into your Magento 2 store. After installing it, you can link templates in Colorlab to products in your store and start selling your customizable products.

They also provide you with an extended API and webhooks to fully automate your workflow.

This is an amazing web2print extension that is absolutely free!

Full list of features:

  • Allow customers to change text, images, backgrounds, and artwork
  • Define printable areas on products
  • Download print-ready files
  • Works for any product
  • Design on any device with our mobile-first product editor
  • Completely automate your workflow by using system webhooks and API functions
  • Premium support both in English and Dutch


In this article, we have introduced you to web2print – a very promising business model for your store.

We have also recommended you to the 5 best Magento 2 plugins for web-to-print businesses.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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