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How to import a large number of products in Magento 2

It has been some time since the new version-Magento 2 was released. However, there’re still quite many issues that haven’t been optimized until this moment. Typically, importing products is one of these problems.

To make an example, we will proceed importing a CSV file with the following format (m2-import.csv):

 – Fill in all required fields on CSV file

 – Make sure all SKU is unique

 – Format the image file path correctly

To import a large number of products at the same time, URL KEY field needs to be filled.

To have the URL KEY format compatible with Magento, we need to write script in order to reformat the product name, following is a reference script

Upload file m2-import.csv to root file in magento
Create urlkey.php file, then paste the following script:
$urlArray = array();
if (($handle = fopen("m2-import.csv", "r")) !== FALSE) {
while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 10000, ",")) !== FALSE) {
$clean = preg_replace("/[^a-zA-Z0-9\/_|+ -]/", '', $data[8]); // 8 is position of  column "name"
$clean = strtolower(trim($clean, '-')); 
$clean = preg_replace("/[\/_|+ -]+/", '-', $clean);
$i = 0;
if(in_array($clean, $urlArray)){
$clean = $clean . '-1';
$urlArray[] = $clean;
$urlArray[] = $clean;
foreach ($urlEnd2 as $value) {
echo $value . '';
} print_r(array_count_values($urlEnd2));
Run this URL https://domain.com/urlkey.php to show the database result on screen. Then copy the whole shown database to URL KEY column.

Once all needed information is completely filled in CSV file –> proceed importing

Go to Admin –> System –> Import

After completing import, remember to reindex data and upgrade website database.

Reindex: php bin/magento indexer:reindex
Upgrade: php bin/magento setup:upgrade

When things are done, reload the site and check the result.

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