B2E eCommerce: The Important of B2E Portal to B2B

Is B2E eCommerce related to other ecommerce sales models such as B2B or B2C? Take a look to find out what it is and its usage for better cooperation with the sales models!

What is B2E eCommerce?


What is B2E eCommerce? B2E stands for business-to-employee, an operational strategy when the business focuses on developing the employee system instead of heading towards the benefit of the consumer.

Although B2E ecommerce shares the same abbreviations as B2B, B2C, B2M or B2B2C, this strategy is not an ecommerce model.

Also, B2E is not referred to as a sales model. Still, it is often used to define a strategy that focuses on providing internal support systems, resources and tools to employers. 

Simply put, this strategy is entirely not related to sales and profitability issues but directly related to employee satisfaction.


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A B2E strategy covers all the issues that employees need to meet. These issues include recruiting, training, and referring employees to responding to their needs, such as essential tools, essential software for the job.

In general, businesses want to attract talent and retain capable employees, so the above requirements are necessary to create a friendly and professional working environment.

With B2E ecommerce, requests from employees are mainly based on digital data. The tools and software needed for the job are handled online through a B2E portal.

What is the B2E portal?


A B2E strategy promotes activities to improve the engagement and productivity of everyone in the company. Hiring tactics and incentives such as flexible working hours, bonuses and unique employee benefits are typical activities.

That said, all of these activities need to be centralized within an interface for everyone to access quickly, which is the B2E portal.

B2E portal is often defined as an intranet system within the company, but its meaning is not just that. While the intranet’s focus is on the organization, the B2E portal’s focus is on the individual.


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The B2B portal usually acted as a custom homepage or desktop for the business. A B2E portal system is designed as a centralized hub to satisfy all employees’ desires:

  • Employees can store and lookup data necessary for the job (order details, contact list, customer support questionnaire).
  • Employees are provided with information they are interested in (news, video tutorials, libraries, dictionaries, etc.)
  • Employees receive desired entertainment services (games, music, etc.)

The ultimate goal of a B2E portal system is to increase employee satisfaction and create a sense of community for company employees, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.

A B2E portal will have three distinct, distinct features:

  • Each B2E portal will only have a unique URL to access and serve all employees in the company.
  • Each B2E portal needs to contain full functions to serve all company employers, from leaders to employees.
  • Each B2E portal needs to be highly customizable to provide the right environment for each employee.

Businesses implementing the B2E strategy can build their own portal or rent a B2E portal programmed by a third party.

Why Is B2E Portal Important to B2B eCommerce?


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B2E portal is a system that helps to solve employee problems and improve work efficiency. Thus, the B2E portal has an indirect effect on the business revenue and profit.

For B2B businesses, the pressure from finding quality leads and achieving targeted sales volumes is immense. A B2E Portal will act as a stopover, creating a comfortable environment to reduce stress and energize employee activity.

In addition, B2E Portal can also be developed in terms of content, becoming a repository of data necessary for work, documents related to skills development for employees.

Whether B2B or B2C eCommerce, B2E Portal is vital for the growth of a business.

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