Shopify Hide Price for B2B: How To Hide Prices & Add Quote?

Hide price is a common practice in eCommerce, especially when your target customers are wholesalers. If you are looking for more information about Shopify hide price on specific product, hide price on collection page, and some hide price apps, this article is hoped to be helpful to secure your pricing strategies and increase sales. 

Why Do You Need to Hide Product Prices?


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When it comes to hiding products on your website, Shopify is no exception. In the circumstances, some might think hiding prices could create distrust, suspicion or leave customers with possibly a negative impression.

However, the advantages of hiding price practice easily outweigh its disadvantages because of specific characteristics between B2B and B2C, or wholesale customers and retail ones. 

Here is our summary for you to understand the need of Shopify hide price, especially B2B customers and wholesale businesses.

A look at Shopify wholesale channels – a way of boosting sales

1. Shopify hide price help to lessen unfair competition

Showing your pricing publicly on Shopify might greatly impact your pricing strategy, which involves both B2B & B2C business models. Making your wholesale price available to both your customers and your competitors could potentially end up harming strategic planning and implementation, particularly for B2B companies.

In a few clicks, competing businesses can freely tour around your store (website) and choose appropriate prices to compete directly with your store, which usually leads to unfair competition.

For example, there are two stores: A and B. Since store A has a much lower price than B and directly shows their wholesale price on the page, store B decides to compete with A via a much lower modified price. Then, consumers cease going to store A because store B offers better pricing, causing store A to lose many potential sales.

In short, store A should’ve hidden away their wholesale prices from the beginning and only told the prices to certain interested verified customers to avoid unfair competition. Consumers therefore also cease to compare the price with other stores.

2. To secure wholesale prices

Many Shopify B2B stores believe blindly that verified methods are enough to secure your wholesale prices. However, we find it very careless. With enough time and experience, your competitors can still find a way to infiltrate your B2B store and steal your pricing strategy, such as faking as a potential wholesale customer or setting up an auto-bot to crawl your prices.

In these circumstances, we recommend you tighten your access permissions by setting up the login requirement of the wholesale store, enabling captcha for first-time login customers. Or you can simply hide away your product prices and put an “add to quote” button on your product price.

3. To gain an edge in price negotiation

In B2B trading, wholesalers tend to place massive orders with a huge number of item quantities. They usually expect customized discounts to encourage continuous order placements.

By hiding the price, you can directly notify them of the new price on your store and give them the chance to discuss reasonable prices for both buyers and sellers.

4. To turn your store into a product catalog

There is another reason why hidden product prices are essential to Shopify. Different from most wholesale businesses, some store owners only want to turn their online store into a catalog of sorts, which should not include any purchase options.

For these kinds of Shopify stores, they might use direct contact or other payment methods to support the purchase process out of the platform.

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Top 5+ Shopify Hide Price Apps


Manual configuration on Shopify hide price on specific product or Shopify hide price on collection pages could be quite troublesome for newcomers, especially Shopify store owners without coding knowledge. Most of the found solutions involve HTML/CSS configuration with lines of code. 

To make it easier to access for store owners, we recommend a list of the top 5 Shopify hide price apps that are worth considering: 

1. Request Quote & Hide Prices – SetuBridge


The quotation is a related function that adds values to the hide price practice. Understanding wholesaler’s needs, the Request Quote & Hide Prices app by SetuBridge comes with various advanced features to enhance your B2B customer experiences.

  • Hide product prices of selected products.
  • Customize labels on the contact form.
  • Allow configuration of success action after finishing submission.
  • Let store admins manage and edit replies on the backend.
  • Set up reCaptcha to lessen spammers on your comment section.
  • Set up a request for a quote with an inquiry list.

2. Get a Quote & Hide Prices – Gravity Software


Not only to hide product prices, the Get a Quote & Hide Prices plugin developed by Gravity Software also adds a “Get a Quote” button, which comes with an appropriate custom contact form to make your wholesale process go smoothly. Compared to other plugins on the list, this Shopify hide price application is quite simple, allowing you to:

  • Hide your product price.
  • Hide the “Add to cart” button on multiple products.
  • Replace both the original price and button with a “Get a quote” button.
  • Let you put your phone number on the button for direct contact.
  • Customize the contact form for each product page.
  • Manage, organize your received quotes.
  • Send back your replies to customers.

3. Request a Quote & Hide Prices – Capacity Web Solutions Pvt Ltd


The Capacity Web Solutions team brings to Shopify B2B store owners a highly optimized app to hide your wholesale prices and replace them with the “add to cart” button. Request a Quote & Hide Prices brings you several new features, which including:

  • Manage received quotations at ease.
  • Let customers send quotes based on product variants.
  • Track and receive notifications of quote status.
  • Convert quotes into draft order with accepted discount pricing.
  • Manage and customize the quote form.
  • Enable request for quote for multiple/selective products.
  • Hide the “add to cart” button and replace it with a quotation button.
  • Hide price in one click.
  • Hide other admin elements like “quick view”, “wish-list icon”, “product quantity box”,  “product variants dropdowns”.

4. Shopify Hide Price & Add to Cart – Extendons


Compared to other plugins, the Hide Price & Add to Cart by Extendons is the best deal for store owners since it greatly improves the add to cart function. It’s known that the app allows you to:

  • Configure and manage the contact forms.
  • Add text, fields and labels to the “add to cart” button.
  • Set auto-response success and failure messages to those who contact. 
  • Create custom rules based on the product prices.
  • Apply rules to specific products/customers with one click.
  • Hide prices of multiple products or selected ones.
  • Compatible with the majority of themes available on the marketplace.

5. Globo Request a Quote – Globo


Globo Request a Quote by the Globo team lets your customer submit quotations at any time for any product while consistently turning them into orders! The plugin brings to you various features to explore the request a quote and hides price functionality:

  • Hide products or multiple product pricing.
  • Hide the “add to cart” button and replace it with a quotation request
  • Customize the quote forms on the product detail pages.
  • Support all uploaded file types: JPG, PNG, PNG, DOCX, etc.

Wrapping Up

Those are top 5 most popular Shopify hide price apps that are highly appreciated for online merchants who want to hide the prices of all or specific products. By hiding prices, you can create a more customized & professional shopping experience, increase your sales & revenue. 

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