10+ Shopify Wholesale Plugins That You Can Not Miss

The default Shopify isn’t enough for your wholesale store, and you’re looking for additional features to improve your sales performance? We have listed the Top 10 Shopify wholesale plugins that might give you a competitive edge compared to your competitors.

1. B2B/Wholesale Solution


Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

B2B/Wholesale Solution is the notable plugin that provides a comprehensive set of solutions for the Shopify B2B stores provided by BSS Commerce. Our application is integrated with many remarkable functions such as:

  • Create sign-up forms for different customers: add new fields, adjust displays, add tags, manage, review and approve registration before creating a new account.
  • Automatically tag customers according to conditions: by order status (Created, Paid, Fulfilled, Cancelled) or based on custom fields. Update tags in bulk.
  • Set product prices based on customer tags: Create discounts by percentage or quantities based on tags or set custom prices by quantity.
  • Create tier discounts for the order: Attach Tax-ID, validate EU VAT IDs, and create different discount types.
  • Automatic tax exemption in real-time for valid EU VAT and VAT IDs.
  • Set the minimum order quantity for the products.

For more details about key features & benefits of this app, please check out here: BSS B2B/ Wholesale Solution

2. Wholesale Gorilla


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Price: $29.95/month. 30-day free trial.

Compared to many other B2B plugins for Shopify, Wholesale Gorilla is one of the top recommendations to improve your workflow by creating a seamless management system for wholesale.

The application brings to the table lots of features with a simplified interface. Wholesale Gorilla doesn’t require coding knowledge, which means it’s easy to access and friendly to most B2B store owners. Some noteworthy features are:

  • Create seamless integration without needing duplicated product variants.
  • Create B2B prices for all products, collections and even clarified variants.
  • Set wholesale rules such as minimum, maximum, multiple value & quantity per order.
  • Add new and customizable shipping options for custom orders.
  • Auto tag if customer accounts fit the described description.
  • Integrate customer sign-up form seamlessly with auto-confirmation.
  • Adjust pricing manually with fixed prices.
  • Add customized single-page checkout for wholesalers.
  • Allow translation for international stores.

3. Wholesale Pricing Discount


Price: From $19.99/month. 21-day free trial.

The ability to set pricing discounts is essential for online wholesale, especially on Shopify. Since default Shopify Plus doesn’t offer many options, third-party plugins are greatly welcome.  

Wholesale Pricing Discount by Wholesale Helper will give you many tools and features to customize discounts. With excellent supports, the plugin promises:

  • Create and edit discounts based on percentages or actual prices.
  • Apply wholesale discounts for all products, specific ones or collections.
  • Import/export discounts to excel based on product SKUs.
  • Set min/max item quantity or order value as requirements for discounts.
  • Reduce shipping rates for frequent customers.
  • Create volume or tier pricing discounts.
  • Auto-tag per customer registration.
  • Customize payment terms as your wish.
  • Simple integration.

Wholesale Pricing Discount should be on your must-buy list of third-party applications for Shopify with these many features.

4. B2B Login Access Management


Price: Free plan available. From $5/month for the Pro plan.

With our B2B Login Access Management plugin, store owners are given the ability to limit login access to certain pages, products or collections. In addition, the plugin has a free forever plan, which means you can use all the essential features we provide without having to pay a penny:

  • Restrict access to login pages or custom contents.
  • Allow the full restriction of all visitors if needed. 
  • Allow locking multiple pages of your website.
  • Redirect users after login.

We also have premium features for paid users, such as:

  • Specific restrictions applied to collections, products, and URLs.
  • Allow tag restriction for collections and products.
  • Show password-protected pages to customers.
  • Set access rules for custom messages, login pages and passcodes.
  • Define restricted priority and timer.

5. Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

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Price: From $12.99/month. 8-day free trial.

To make your order form much more exciting and detailed, Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder by Wholesale Helper gives you lots of customization options. The plugin optimizes and helps you modify both new orders and reorder forms to make them more suitable with wholesale.

Since B2B buyers usually go directly to your store, already know what they’re looking for, and place orders straightforwardly, a quick and unified order form would be beneficial.

Here we list some of its impressive features:

  • Allow store owners to modify quick order forms to their liking.
  • Fasten reorder process with a simple 2-click method.
  • Seamless integration to your workflow.
  • Hide bulk items by product or customer.
  • Compatible with most Shopify themes, both free and paid.
  • Significantly optimized for mobile responsiveness.
  • Fully customizable.

6. Product Labels & Badges by BSS


Price: Free plan available.

Are you looking for customization options to attract more B2B customers? Product Labels & Badges by BSS gives you a massive library of product labels and badges to choose from, not to mention freedom in creating and setting up your badges.

Our plugin offers lots of label functions for wholesale store:

  • Flexible and unlimited positions for your labels.
  • Set labels of stock conditions and price ranges.
  • Put a countdown timer with custom text.
  • Set custom labels for leftover item quantities.
  • Set smart conditions for labels and badges.
  • Compatible with themes and work great with mobile display supports.

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7. Wholesale Club 


Price: From $24/month. 14-day free trial.

Wholesale Club by Pixel Union is a pricing-focus solution for wholesale trading on Shopify with lots of optimization available. In addition, the application gives users tons of modification options, allows creating multiple discount rate creation of both flexible and fixed types. 

Here we listed some of its most inspiring features for B2B store owners:

  • Group customers into different segmentation groups.
  • Set tier pricing and special prices for VIP customers.
  • Encourage customers to spend more to receive discount offers.
  • Offer Net Payment to selected customers, allowing unpaid proceeding orders.
  • Set wholesale prices without variants or duplicated products.
  • Allow pricing import/export in an instant with SKUs.
  • Set minimum quantities per product.
  • Create volume discounts for multiple products.

Don’t forget that the plugin is made to be compatible with other inventory management apps and work flawlessly to ensure a smooth payment workflow.

8. Wholesale ‑ All in one


Price: From $24/month. 14-day free trial.

Same as Wholesale Club, Wholesale – All in one by DigitalCoo also focus greatly on enhancing the pricing settings and discounts creation of wholesale stores.

Unlike other apps, the plugin has multiple discount levels, ranging from customer level to catalog level discounts option. Not to mention, it also offers many unique selling points that reside within an enormous amount of features:

  • Set customer level discounts for all customers, guests or only specific ones.
  • Set catalog level discounts applied to the entire store, products, collections or variants.
  • Create tier pricing options and quantity breaks for offers.
  • Set fixed discounts, percentage-based discounts or price-based discounts.
  • Optimized for API integration.

The wholesale plugin also offers some extra features that come with an installation fee:

  • Set Net Payment Terms of 15/30/45/60 days.
  • Create a wholesale quick order form.
  • Set a minimum order quantity for both products and variants.
  • Hide or unhide products as wished.
  • Limit access to product pages via account login.
  • Import/Export price list fastly using CSV file.

9. Wholesale Pricing Manager


Price: From $19.95/month. 8-day free trial.

To make B2B trading available for Shopify basic plan users, the SpurIT team developed the Wholesale Pricing Manager, which is essential to transform the retail stores into wholesale stores without upgrading your subscription plan. 

So what does it offer?

  • Create wholesale orders with an unlimited amount of wholesale statuses.
  • Set percentage-based discounts or value-based discounts as liking.
  • Create tier pricing with multiple price levels for wholesale products.
  • Notify customers of new status assignments with custom messages.
  • Set minimum item quantities or total value for B2B orders. 
  • Set discounts for separate products, collections or the entire store.
  • Auto-tag customers of Membership levels or Membership groups.

The Wholesale Pricing Manager also provides praise-worthy support for those who need it. The plugin is great for entry-level store owners that are searching for wholesale on Shopify.

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10. MagicPass Wholesale


Price: From $5/month. 30-day free trial.

MagicPass Wholesale by Impress is an excellent addition to your wholesale store.

The plugin provides access limitations applied to any page or form. In addition, since it integrates password-protected pages into your B2B website, MagicPass Wholesale enhances security, primarily to protect wholesale pricing plans.

Not just to enhance your website security, the plugin also lets you:

Create or customize wholesale pricing applied to products, collections or the entire store.

  • Require access to sign-up form if needed.
  • Make content viewable only by members.
  • Allow discount code applying per login.
  • Linking customer tags automatically.
  • Apply any discount code on login.
  • Protect your pages with passwords: articles, collections and more.
  • Authenticate users with a password or by Customer tag.
  • Easily customize the login page. 

11. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


Price: From $39.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale offers a bunch of pricing options that would benefit store owners greatly. Most of them act as additional features for Shopify wholesalers looking for a way to improve their payment process.

  • Customize wholesale pricing based on percentages or total values.
  • Apply B2B price to customer groups or specified ones.
  • CSV support for faster pricing adjustments.
  • Offer multiple pricing options and quantity breaks discounts.
  • Create price leveling to separate customer levels.
  • Selective products that appear on the site.

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If you want to grow your business in the wholesale market, Shopify wholesale plugins are a great solution for you. They offer many features and capabilities that make the wholesale process easier and faster, such as custom pricing and discounts, bulk order management, and more.

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