Shopify Wholesale Channel: How to Set Up for Better Sales!

Shopify is an excellent tool for store owners that want a working & straightforward solution for B2C. But more than that, Shopify is also optimized for B2B selling. Let’s find out how to set up your Shopify Wholesale Channel and use it to maximize your sales potentials.

What is Shopify Wholesale Channel?


Shopify Wholesale Channel is an extensive feature of Shopify Plus, which lets you separate retail and wholesale by creating a second storefront named wholesale channel. It’s to be noted that all information and related data of your B2B customers and orders will be tracked thoroughly, accessed only by the Shopify admin page of your store.

Since the wholesale channel (or B2B storefront) is built based on your regular storefront, it has the same design, plus all items available in your store. It’s up to you to sell the same things to B2B customers or select to sell only those you’d like to wholesale. You may also put a different price for your products or collections that would only show to customers permitted to access the channel.

What Does Shopify Wholesale Channel Offer?

The Shopify Wholesale Channel is vastly different compared to how the regular storefront works. Since the B2B storefront is separated, to keep tight security, customers must log in with new credentials permitted by the store owner.

Regular B2C customers can not access your wholesale store without permission or an active wholesale account. On the other hand, your B2B customers are also unable to log into your regular online storefront with the wholesale account they have. 

Another highlight of the Shopify wholesale channel is the price list. Wholesale customers are only able to see and order items available within the list. You can customize what to sell and what not to sell as your wish.

Finally, the wholesale storefront is optimized to not show up in search engines like Google and Bing, which means that it’ll not appear on any search results. It’s also limited and will not index any B2B product pages with wholesale prices.

Noteworthy Features of Shopify B2B Storefront


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Shopify wholesale storefronts are optimized for wholesale purposes, which means they also have unique features to ensure the high performance of your store and the satisfaction of potential B2B buyers.

Custom product pricing options

Compared to a regular storefront, Shopify wholesale store is optimized to offer several personalized pricing options:

  • Create discounts of percentage which applied to the whole store or for each collection.
  • Set up fixed (flat) pricing for items and related variations.
  • Provide wholesale users different sets of price lists.
  • Create pricing discounts or item prices that are only applied at defined volumes.

Reliable wholesale order & checkout process

Wholesale customers can log into your B2B storefront via your invitation or your provided account. From there, they can take a look at the price lists, create corresponding wholesale orders then let you process them. 

Any B2B orders available will take the form of a draft order and appear on your Shopify admin page. From there, you can:

  • Send an invoice of customer payment and wait for them to checkout for it.
  • Alternatively, you can also send email invoices, which enables your buyers’ options of other payment methods.
  • Receive invoice payments online via credit cards, then notify customers when you get them.

How to Set up Your Shopify B2B Channel for Maximum Sales?


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1. Setup net payments for wholesale invoice order

Compared to retail and regular order, wholesale orders tend to differ a lot because of how they work. The transaction terms are usually expected from your B2B customers. In contrast to a conventional sale, if a merchant buys a significant amount of your goods, they may request net payment, which is due in full within a certain number of days. For example, net 30 means they must fully pay you within 30 days.

If a wholesale customer requests these terms, it indicates that they want to pay you within a specified number of days after they receive their ordering products. Usually, B2B buyers of small companies may request these conditions since they don’t have large funds to pay you right away.

The term brought a lot of flexibility into wholesale in general. However, you should be aware that shipping a large order of B2B to a new customer tends to be quite dangerous. Therefore, we advise that you should research carefully beforehand, obtain references of them before committing to the net payment request.

2. Create multiple differentiate price lists

Don’t you know that you can create multiple price lists then assign them to different customers? Since wholesale customers can only see the price list that tagged their account, it’s a great way to differentiate them into customer groups.

By setting up various price lists and tagging appropriate customers to each one of them, you may experience to see which pricing or discounts is much more effective in pushing your customers into purchasing items. 

3. Test discounts and pricing strategies

Since Shopify Plus’ wholesale channel provides you many custom pricing options as well as settings for product discounts, it’d be wise to find the one that suits your products and help push your sales performance.

By default as mentioned in the section above, you can set two types of discounts: percentage-based pricing discounts and volume-based pricing discounts.

  • Percentage-based discounts can be applied to a set of products or for all items within the price lists, collections and the whole store. The discounts are automatically applied accordingly even if there are sudden changes to the base price, which is quite convenient for store owners.
  • Meanwhile, volume-based discounts mean the more you purchase, the higher the discounts are. It’s extremely important for B2B customers that plan for huge quantities of items per order since it saves them a lot of money.

In case you want a more customized discount price for your items, you can just set fixed discount pricing, which means to self-calculate and adjust them to your likings.

It’s up to you which discounts and pricings fit your store, so we advise you to A-B testing for the best sales performance.


Shopify Plus’ wholesale channel is extremely useful for wholesalers and retailers. With custom pricing options, various supported payment methods and an easy-to-use interface, it’s a great tool for the beginning of wholesaling on the Shopify platform.

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