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magento code audit

“Is my Magento website healthy and secure?” - If you are wondering this, it is really good since you have been aware of security importance to your online stores.

Yet you are not tech-savvy enough to review your core code. That time, let’s professional hands get involved and blow your headache.

BSS provides Code Audit services to analyze your source code comprehensively so that we can discover bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions. More importantly, we will consult you with robust solutions to fix all right.

What is Magento Code Audit?

Simply speaking, a code audit is an all-inclusive health check-up of your Magento website.

At first, BSS Senior Certified Developers will review your code and figure out possible vulnerabilities, risks, and bugs. This process is based on both hands-on experiences and BSS's Validation tool (installed on the server to audit code.) Overall the code audit  will cover three main areas:

  • Overall performance: customer experience; website responsiveness; analysis of main pages; browser compatibility.

  • Frontend analysis: HTML, CSS, JavaScript reviews; theme checkup; Performance review.

  • Backend analysis: Magento core and database integrity; security & patches; 3-party integration and compatibility.

Secondly, we will report you with potential major and minor code issues. Then, we will get into a discussion about what to fix, what to improve, and what to optimize. Our experienced developers and specialists who know Magento well will outline solutions for issues identified.

Who Need a Code Audit Right Now?

Every Magento merchant needs the review code frequently to ensure that your website is stable, scalable, and secure. Especially, if you are running into these problems, CONTACT US NOW:

  • Your site is suddenly slow or your sales drop down

  • Your site is crashed without apparent reason

  • Some functions (in the backend or frontend) do not work properly

  • You are planning for website launch or update yet not sure where to start

  • You wonder if your Magento is the latest version; whether extensions/themes need upgrading; or you might miss any of Magento security patches.

  • You suspect of hacking or non-compatibility of the third-party themes/extensions

Why You Should Choose BSS Service?

  • We know Magento: The team of BSS includes certified solution specialists and certified developers and frontend developers. They understand and work with Magento components almost every day. Thus, they know how to leverage Magento and Magento 2 functionality according to best practices to ultimate your business goals.

  • We have the 6-year experience with Magento: During our journey from a small website development agency to Magento Solution Partner and Magento Select Extension Builder, BSS has pitched in a number of projects from small to large scale. From such precious experiences, we grow far from Magento developers to ecommerce experts to predict demands of online merchants and customers now and beyond.

  • We provide fast and helpful support: BSS’s support agents are available to help you out any problems. We try our best to respond to your queries promptly and straight to the point. Even more, we free consult you best practices to boost your website performance better and better.

  • We quote all services at a competitive price: Price is always one of the very first concern when it comes to any product or service. At BSS, we offer cost-effective solutions without the hidden fee.



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