6 Product Types of Magento 2 Explained

6 Magento 2 Product Types Explained (2022 Updated)

by Stephanie Greene

Magento platform is well-known for its ability to handle huge product catalogs. Based on several hints, the 2.3 Open Source can hold up to 100,000 to 200,000 products categorized into Magento 2 product types. Sometimes double with the proper server resources and optimization.

Managing such a large catalog is a burden of the mind. 

Fortunately, there are 6 Magento product types available with all convenient functions to control a huge number of products at hand. Knowing clearly about these types of Magento 2 products helps solve product data management problems. So, let’s explore this knowledge!

Product Management Grid

Follow Admin Panel ⇒ Catalog ⇒ Product.

All products are saved in one grid where you can search, add, or edit any Magento product types as wished. This grid will help you save time and effort in managing all product information.

  • Product filter options: Fill all the information about the product that you want to find in your grid. Some fields can be product type, attribute, SKU, status, etc.
magento 2 product types- Product filter options

Product filter options

Expand the Columns to choose what to display in the grid.


Product Grid


  • Check the first box in the grid (next to the ID column) to choose all products on the page.
  • To open a product in edit mode, you can either choose the Edit button or click anywhere on the relevant row.
  • Options under the Columns tab are expanded (referred to Advanced Attribute Properties ⇒ Add to Column Options.)

Product Workspace

The product workspace is basically the same for all Magento product types, although the selection of fields changes depending on the chosen attribute set. The attributes are at the top of the form, followed by expandable sections of product information.


6 Magento 2 Product Types

Choosing one among Magento 2 product types is one of the first things to do when creating a new product. It takes several seconds for this action but it is necessary for all set-up steps then. In this chapter, you will get an overview of Magento’s 6 product types.


Magento 2 product types

1. Simple Product


First, a simple product is a physical item with a specific weight and a single SKU. If you want to sell variations of the product, the Simple product will be the best option. It offers plenty of pricing and input controls.

Moreover, simple products can be associated with grouped, bundle, and configurable ones.

How to create simple product in Magento 2 

According to the definition, a simple product is one of the most commonly used Magento 2 product types. And create this product type in no time without effort to understand all the configs.

Step 1: Choose “Simple Product” and Add Product. 

Step 2: Choose an Attribute Set created in advance. You should plan a correlative attribute set carefully because you can not change the chosen set. 

Step 3: Complete the required fields and optional fields, if necessary.


Product basic settings

ALSO, NEED TO CHECK NOW >>> Magento 2 attributes as wished.

  • You can open the Advanced pricing under the Price field to set special prices, tier price, the suggested retail price, etc.
Advanced-pricing-Magento 2

Advanced pricing in Magento 2

  • In the Advanced Inventory, you can also set up the quantity to fit your selling products.
Advanced-inventory-Magento 2

Advanced inventory in Magento 2

  • Set Weight to This item has weight and enter the weight – This might affect the tax or shipping fee in the checkout.
  • Assign the product to relative Categories
  • In Visibility, define how the customers can search for your product. Choose among:

+ Not visible individually: This option is suitable if your product is the child of other products.

+ Catalog: The product is shown in the catalog listing but not shown in the search result.

+ Search: The product is shown in the Search result but not shown in the catalog listing.

+ Catalog, Search: The product is shown in both Catalog listing and the search result.

Step 4: Complete your product information such as Content, Images, Related/Cross-sell/Upsell products, SEO, etc.

  • Open the Content tab, enter the product description in the WYSIWYG editor. The Description presents on the product page while the Short Description is shown on catalog listings or RSS feeds – according to your theme.

Tailor product description

  • In the case of the simple product, you can skip the Configurations tab.
  • Upload multiple Images and Videos to describe your product better.
  • Do not forget to complete the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tab to get your product ranked and accessible by customers. The URL key is auto-generated. You can edit it if needed.

Do not forget to increase your SEO juice

  • Under Related Products, Up-sells, and Cross-sells, add other products that might be of interest to the customer.
  • If you skip the Customizable Options, the product is a standalone simple product.

If you want customers to have more options besides quantity, you can add options in the type of text, file, select (drop-down, radio buttons, checkbox, multiple select), or date.

Create-simple-product-custom options

Create a simple product with custom options

READ RIGHT AWAY >>> A complete comparison between Magento 2 Simple w/t Custom Options and Magento 2 Configurable.

  • Assign Product in Website.
  • In Design and Schedule Design Update, you can decide what and when to apply a different theme to a product page.
  • If you enable the Gift Options, the customers can include a gift message during checkout.

Step 5: Save to publish the created product.

2. Downloadable Product


As its name implied, this Magento 2 product type is a digital product containing one or more files that are downloaded. The files can reside on your server or be provided as URLs to any other server.

This product can be one of these types: eBook, video, software apps, music, update, etc. You can provide samples, such as an extract from a book, a clip from an audio file, or a trailer from a video, that the buyer can experience before purchasing the product, because the actual download will not be available until after the purchase.

How to Set up Downloadable Product

In general, the creation of a downloadable product out of Magento 2 product types is similar to that of simple products.

Step 1: Choose “Downloadable Product” and Add Product.

Step 2: Choose an Attribute Set, say Downloadable.

Step 3: Complete the required fields and optional fields, if necessary.


  • The Stock Status is set to “Out of Stock” by default.
  • The Weight field is not used since there is no shipment for downloadable products.
  • Set Format to either Download or DVD, or edit the attribute for more values.

Step 4: Complete your product information.

Step 5: Enter Downloadable Information.


Enter the downloadable link/URL

Expand Download Information tab and check on “Is this downloadable product?”

  • You can add multiple downloadable links.
  • For both File and Sample files, choose a method of distribution for the downloads: Upload File or Enter URL.
  • In Shareable:

+ No: Customers have to login to access the download link.

+ Yes: The link is sent via email which is forwardable to others.

  • In Max. Downloads, enter a number to limit downloads per user.

Step 6: Save to publish the created product.

3. Magento Virtual Product


Virtual products are not tangible products and are typically used for products such as services, memberships, warranties, and subscriptions. Virtual products can be used in association with grouped and bundle products.

How to Create a Virtual Product

Simply, the creation of a Magento virtual product is almost the same as that of a simple product. The only difference is you must set Weight to “This item has no weight.”

Step 1: Choose “Virtual Product” and Add Product.

Step 2: Choose an Attribute Set, say, Magento Virtual Product.

Step 3: Complete the required fields and optional fields, if necessary.

Virtual product has no weight

Magento Virtual product has no weight

Step 4: Complete your product information.

Step 5: Save to publish the created product.

4. Magento 2 Configurable Product


For any business, Magento 2 Configurable product tends to be among the most-used features thanks to its convenience.

In some ways, it is similar to a single product with lists of options for each variation. However, each option represents a separate, simple product with a distinct SKU, which facilitates admin users to track inventory for each variation.

Some attributes often appear in configurable products such as color, size, material, weight,…

How to Create a Configurable Product

Basically, despite requiring additional actions, creating a configurable product isn’t too hard to perform. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose “Configurable Product” and Add Product.


Step 2: Pick the attribute set 

Attribute set is a group of product attributes that benefits your time when setting-up the similar configurable products. That includes all  You can follow the instruction on adding the attribute set in Magento 2 User Guide for the best details.

Step 3: Fill in the required fields


Step 4: Complete Configurations

The top progress bar directs where you are in the process and guides you through each step.


VISIT Magento 2 Configurable Product IMMEDIATELY to go in-depth into how to finish adding configurations.

5. Grouped Product


This product type gathers multiple, standalone products as a group. The grouped product often consist of simple products or virtual products. The grouped product works great in promotion campaigns. Interestingly, customers can purchase single products separately or as a group.

For its complication, we have compiled a masterpiece that instructs how to create the grouped product precisely.

DIGEST NOW the ultimate guide on Magento 2 Grouped Product to comprehend this brilliant Magento product type.

6. Bundle Product


Our last Magento 2 product type allows the buyer to customize his own package from an assortment of options. By choosing product attributes like size, weight, price, etc, customers can build their own products.

Generally, the bundle could be a gift basket, computer, or anything else. 

The difference with grouped product, bundle product can not exclude any items from it.

Bear in mind that each item in the bundle is a standalone product.

ABSORB the most useful information on Magento 2 Bundle Product SWIFTLY to know how to create a bundle product for your Magento 2 store. 

Sum Up

So, here we are, after a long adventure to discover 6 product types of Magento 2. Hopefully, you have gained an insight into them and know exactly what you have to do to make the most of their strengths. Only by that way can you promote and empower your Magento store in the competitive E-commerce world.


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