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How to Create Magento 2 Configurable Products in 7 Steps?

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On eCommerce these days, products have a crazily enormous range of variations, which brings challenges to stock management. Every super-busy online store owner deeply perceives that treating them separately like simple products isn’t right, not to mention the wise way to smooth your business cycle. So where lie the solutions? You must have heard of the phrase “Magento 2 configurable products”.

For example, a pair of shoes can be varied in different colors and sizes. They are configurable products that bring to customers a few options instead of only the default.

Thanks to using Magento 2 configurable product attributes, we can manage all those similar pairs of shoes together more efficiently among a whole ocean of other things in our stocks.

Fully be awared of that importance, Magento 2 allows the admin to create configurable product Magento 2 and get the simple products from configurable right away, saving a lot of time spent on creating every single simple product.

Just keep track of the following illustrations, you will find it quite convenient.

What are Magento 2 Configurable Products?

Magento 2 Configurable Products are a type of product that allows customers to select different options or attributes to customize their purchase. It’s a way to offer various variations of a product without having to create a separate listing for each combination. Each option in the menu corresponds to an individual simple product distinguished by a unique SKU. This helps monitor the inventory for each distinct product variant.

Configurable products are particularly useful when you have items with multiple attributes, such as size, color, material, etc. 

For example:

Let’s say you’re selling a T-shirt with different sizes and colors. You would create a configurable product named “T-shirt” with attributes “Size” and “Color.” Then, you’d create simple products for each possible combination, like “Small Red T-shirt,” “Medium Blue T-shirt,” and so on. These simple products would be linked to the main configurable product, and customers could choose their preferred size and color combination from the product page.

How to Create Configurable Products Magento 2 at Ease?

To create configurable product Magento 2, please follow these steps below:


Step 1: Go to product workspace

In the backend, go to the Products → Catalog section where you can see the orange-colored button immediately. Click it to find a drop-down list then select Magento Configurable Product which is our only concern from now.

create-configurable-product-magento 2-step 1

Step 2: Create Magento 2 configurable products

Fill in all information for product details as given, or at least the three required fields. When it’s done, you scroll down to the bottom of the page then select Create Configurations.

Create-configurable-products-magento 2-step 2


Step 3: Set up Magento 2 configurable product attributes

Now, you need to select attributes for product details. For instance, color and size are attributes for a pair of shoes. If you cannot find the needed attributes for your products in the given list, just make it show up by selecting the button Create New Attribute. Then you choose the “Next” button to proceed.

Create-configurable-products-magento 2-step 3

LEARN more about Magento 2 attributes to show them the RIGHT WAY.

Step 4: Define attributes values

Now is the time for you to choose values or create new ones for product attributes. If the color is an attribute then green or yellow are the two possible values of it. Each combination of values will create a unique product SKU. When finished, you click Next to continue.

Create-configurable-products-magento 2-step 4


This step will show you the options for displaying images, quantity, and price for each unique product.

Step 5: Configure the Images

If you select Apply the single set of images to all SKUs, it leads to no differences in images among all products in the same configuration. It’s applied similarly when you customize price and quantity.
> Browse each image that you want to include in the product gallery, or drag them to the box.

If you select Apply unique images by attribute to each SKU, that means different images are displayed for each SKU.
> Select the Attribute that the images illustrate (eg: color.)
> Browse the photos you wish to use for that configuration or drag them into the box for each attribute value.

Create-configurable-products-magento 2-step 5

Step 6: Configure the Prices

If you apply the same price for all of the variants, select Apply single price to all SKUs > Submit the Price

Apply single price to all SKUs

If otherwise, choose Apply unique prices by attribute to each SKU.

Select the Attribute that decides the price for each variation > Enter the Price for each attribute value.

Apply unique prices by attribute to each SKU

Step 7: Configure the Quantity

You can choose either to Apply single quantity to each SKU and specify the quantity, Or Apply unique quantity by attribute to each SKU

  • For Single source merchants – Enter the Quantity.
  • For Multi Source merchants using Inventory Management – Assign sources and add quantities for all generated product variants


When the configurations for images, price, and quantity are complete, click Next in the upper-right corner.


In summary, it will show you the results of all the customization that you have made until now. Once you click Generate Products, all associated simple products will be created automatically.

Create-configurable-products-magento 2-step 6

Click on Save to finish the process. Now you can manage all of them in the Admin Control Panel, Product → Catalog section, or go to the frontend to check how it looks.

Create-configurable-products-magento 2-step 7

Finally, you should fill up all of the product information (SEO, description, related products, etc.) (Consider using Magento 2 ChatGPT to automatically fill up all the content).

Best Solution To Create Configurable Product Magento 2 

Although Magento 2 configurable products are more advanced than other product types, there is still much room to improve.

For example, buyers find it time-consuming to check the unit price and stock availability of the associated products. To be specific, they have to choose custom options accordingly.

Thus, hereby we want to introduce the best solution: 

Magento Improved Configurable Products helps enhance configurable products functionality.

It shows the associated products in a grid with SKU, unit price, and inventory column. 

It also improves customer experience and increases conversion rate by saving searching time. 

As you can see, this way is not optimized. Instead of displaying like default Magento 2, Magento Improved Configurable Products help to show the associated products in a grid with SKU, unit price, and inventory column. It also improves customer experience and increases conversion rate by saving searching time. 


Moreover, this module enables new displays per customer group for stores with more than one customer group. This function is precious primarily when selling to B2B and B2C customers. 

By default, for all child items, Magento 2 utilizes the same description. Only the unit price and color swatch are updated. However, you can update dynamic content per associated products with Improved Magento Configurable Products. 

Even more, this module can optimize SEO performance. Specifically, you can use the URL specified for each child product to add social ads, google ads, and promotion campaigns rather than creating a simple product.


You see, compared to how you create configurable product in Magento 1.x, Magento 2 configurable products creation is about a new, different process for you to adapt even in the same function. So, we hope you find this helpful.

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Specifically, the extension allows displaying all single options for a configurable product in a neat table which helps customers order more quickly and add to cart multiple items at once.

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