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Magento 2 POS Extension (7-Day Trial)

Community: 2.4.x

Experience our Magento 2 POS extension with a 7-day free trial. This easy-to-use and lightning-fast POS enables Magento merchants to create orders in under 1 minute and streamline your operations. 

  • Modern design for easier checkout for your staff and customers
  • Real-time data synchronization with Magento
  • Unlimited users and POS registers for 1 license

Now, you can experience our POS at no cost to see how we help streamline your checkout process and enhance customer satisfaction. After the trial, continue optimizing your sales operations for just $69/month. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business with our cutting-edge solution!

This point of sale extension is developed by Magestore, a proud member of the BSS Group.


Easy to set up and use

Magento 2 Web POS loads in seconds and responds quickly to user interaction. You can get them up and selling in no time.

  • Access to the POS system at any time from your home screen with one tap.
  • Enjoy app-level stunning interface
  • Run on desktop and tablet devices with a browser
  • Work offline and perform well on low quality networks

Speed up checkout

Magento 2 Web POS enables you to create high-speed transactions. A quicker checkout means shorter queues and more sales at the same time.

  • Search products by SKUs, name, description
  • Create custom sale items for new arrivals
  • Hold orders for later processing
  • Manage multiple checkout carts simultaneously

Centrally manage your customer database

Gain a complete view of your customers across all your channels, including online and in-store.

  • Add a new customer directly at POS checkout
  • Search an existing customer by name, email, phone
  • Use guest checkout
  • Edit customer info right on POS screen

Flexible discounts and payment methods

Close more sales from price-sensitive customers and make it easier for them to pay.

  • Add custom discounts by amount or percentage
  • Accept cash and offline credit card
  • Enable split and partial payment

Make refund process simple and trouble-free

Give your customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple refund processing and returns.

  • Refund orders from POS screen and allow returning the items to your inventory
  • Issue refund an entire order or issue a partial refund for specific items
  • Refund by cash or credit card
  • Send a notification email to the customer

Sell without Internet connection

No more checkout interruptions, even if you have no Internet connection or low quality connection.

  • Keep creating orders even when the Internet is down
  • Data is automatically synced when connection is restored
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Why Choose BSS

Competitive Price
Every merchant needs to survive – we do understand. That’s why we keep the price as low as possible.
Dedicated Support
We are all ears to your problems, either with our extensions or customizations. FREE 1-year support is included.
Open Source
The source code is completely open to inspect, modify and enhance according to your business purposes.
Qualified Code
We have developed a validation tool to ensure that every piece of code follows Magento coding standards.
High Compability
Our modules work well with each other. Even you want ours to be compatible with those of others. We are here to help
Simple installation
We simplify and clarify the installation process, so you can get the extension played for your website in clicks.
Quick Update
Your business and customers’ demands are ever-changing. Our extensions are also up-to-date with new features.
Business expert
Our certified experts get involved from the extension development to support to bring you efficient and budget solutions.
Easy to Use
No need to install bunches of redundant features. We select the most relevant functions to ensure the user-friendliness.


  • What is Magento 2 POS by Magestore?

    Magento POS is a purpose-built point of sale solution for Magento merchants. It gives the store owner the ability to speed up day-by-day transactions at any POS location.

  • How does Magento POS work?

    You can install our Web POS solution directly on your Magento site. Then, you can open the POS checkout screen from a separate URL. All POS sales and customer data will be synced to your Magento backend.

  • Can Magento 2 POS work in offline mode?

    Yes, once catalog data is synced from Magento to your POS, you can check out normally even without the Internet.

  • How do I know if Magento POS fits my business?

    Magento 2 POS extension is perfect for startups looking to create orders quickly and sync all data to your Magento backend.

    If you want more advanced features such as payment integration, loyalty program, and back office operations, consider upgrading to Magestore POS Commerce edition. You can find more information on our product page.

Release Note

    v2.0.0 (Feb 08, 2024): Fixed minor issues and unlocked 7-day trial for users

    v1.0.0 (Sep 27, 2023): First release.