7 Important Things You Should Know About Configurable Products In Magento

Configurable products now are becoming more popular in almost E-commerce websites. This type of magento product allows your customers to select the variant they expect by choosing options.alt=“configurable-product-magento-frontend""

A configurable product looks similar as a single product with drop-down lists of options for each variation. Each option is a separate simple product and enabled to track inventory for each product variation.

Let find out 7 things you should know about Configurable products in Magento to grow your business!

1. Inventory

When creating the configurable product, in general information section, you must set “No” in Managing Stock on the Inventory Tab because configurable product contains a number of associated products and inventory is managed by associated products themselves. You can configure inventory status when setting information for associated products.

2. Associated products (or called children products)

Associated products combine simple products that associated with configurable product. For example, a simple product with selected options for the Size and Color attributes is an associated product.alt="associated-product-attribute"

Associated products will be based on the same attribute set which is used to create the configurable product, generated automatically from inside with configurable product record and cannot include custom variants or options.

3. Not Visible Individually

Associated product will not be displayed individually so customers can not access associated products page directly on frontend. People will be able to order each product from the configurable product by selecting the desired values for the configurable attributes

4. Price is taken from configurable product, not associated products

When you set price in Associated Products, price is taken from configurable product, not associated products. If you put the number in the field for price, this will not be the price of the product variation. Instead the number will be added to or subtracted from the price of the configurable product.


For example, you have set the price of the configurable product to $50. If you put the number 10 in the field for price for the associated product that you're about to create and you keep the drop-down menu that's next to the price field to Fixed, then the price of the associated product will be $60. If we put -10 in the field for price, the price will become $40. You can also set the drop-down menu next to the price field to Percentage. In that case the number that you put in the field for price will be calculated as percents added to or subtracted from the base price

5. Use the Super Products Attributes Configuration section to make price adjustments to a specific associated product.

After adding associated products, you'll see them listed in a table in the section labeled Super product attributes configuration. In this part, you can set different prices for each associated product. The price that you add in a field will be added to or subtracted from the base price of the configurable product. You also have to set Fixed or Percentage to make corresponding adjustments.


6. Thumbnail image

The thumbnail image in the shopping cart can be set to display the image from the configurable product record, or from the associated product. It will allow customers to check whether they buy right products that they desire or not.alt="shopping-cart-thumbnails"

You can set up this configuration by the following step: System (on admin menu) > Configuration > Checkout (In the panel on the left, under Sales) > Shopping Cart > Configurable Product

7. Drop-down list

A configurable product allows the shopper to select options from drop-down lists. Create an attribute for each drop-down list of options that is included in your configurable product. Each option is actually a separate, simple product. The drop-down list values are based on attributes that must be set up in advance with required settings. The attribute Scope must be set to “Global,” and Use to Create Configurable Product must be “True” in order to be able to use the attribute for creating configurable products.The drop-down attributes must be included in an attribute set, which is then used as a template for the configurable product. alt="required-attribute-properties"

With clearly understanding about 7 things above, you absolutely will grow your online store with configurable products at ease and convenience.

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