Should You Choose Abandoned Cart Magento Free Or Paid Extensions?

Do you often check your website performance? Find time on page and bounce rate are good but abandonment cart rate is not. That’s the time you need to optimize your shopping cart. However, there are many options for you to choose from. Abandoned cart Magento free extension is better than or paid one.

If it is still your problem, let’s read our suggestions and comparison below and have a clear vision. 

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What Is Abandoned Cart?


Abandoned Cart is a status that when a potential consumer begins the checkout process for an online order but drops out of it before completing the transaction. Any item that a shopper adds to their shopping cart but never completes the transaction is labeled “abandoned”.

Shopping cart abandonment is a critical component of the online shopping experience that companies monitor closely.

Besides abandoned cart definition, there is another you should know – cart abandonment rate. It shows the percentage of interested potential customers who abandon their shopping carts, as a percentage of the total number of shopping carts formed.


Abandoned cart rate (%) = 1 – [(completed purchases) / (shopping carts created)]*100%

The higher cart abandonment rate is, the lower website performance is. It directly impacts your business revenue and development.

3+ Abandoned Cart Magento Free Extension You Can Try 

Abandoned Cart Email by CO-WELL Co,.LTD 


The big advantage of Abandoned Cart Email is reminding customers about their not purchased products in the shopping cart.

Based on shop owners’ set conditions such as the number of goods in the abandoned cart, order value, and quantity of selected products in stock, customers who have forgotten their selected products will receive auto-email. It notifies people about their abandoned carts, urging them to return to the online store and complete their purchases.

This plugin enables you to create email templates, schedules, and custom rules and properly monitor the history of sent emails. You will no longer be concerned about losing potential consumers if you use this solution.

Highlight features:

  • Sends email reminders automatically
  • Build email schedules, conditions, and rules easily
  • Send an infinite number of all-in-one emails
  • Track the status of sent emails and resend undelivered emails
  • Support 6 product types all

Recapture Abandoned Carts Email Marketing by Recapture 


Most ecommerce business owners have no idea how many customers add items to their cart and then leave without making a purchase. Don’t be disappointed! Recapture Abandoned Carts Email Marketing is the solution for this problem.

This extension is especially useful for analyzing your cart thanks to collecting full data. Then, it provides you with guidance on how to proceed. Set up your campaigns and provide a discount or special offer to clients who abandon their carts. Customers can reclaim their abandoned cart and complete checkout with only one click. 

Highlight features:

  • Free analytics and report
  • List top 10 most abandoned products
  • Set time to send customers who have abandoned their cart
  • Create segments for each campaign 

Shopping Cart Notifications by MageWorkShop 


Some web stores do not notify the customer whether or not the item has been added. Hence, it causes the misunderstanding that the web does not work properly.

The plugin Shopping Cart Notifications visualizes the client adding a product to their shopping cart. On the category page, the extension displays an animated confirmation. Customers can easily add any product to their cart and continue shopping without having to go to the product page.

Highlight features:

  • Allow customers to know whether products are added to cart or not
  • Show a small-sized loader while adding the product to the cart
  • Set up the loading time

3+ Paid Magento Cart Abandonment Extensions You Should Not Ignore

Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart by BSS Commerce – $89

Targeting enhancing customer shopping experience, Magento 2 Ajax Cart extension optimizes abandoned cart status.


You might need the details of how the Ajax Cart extension works for your website.

When users click the Add to Cart button on the product listing or category pages, this module allows you to show a preview product details popup. Hence, customers are not redirected to another page to complete add-to-cart action.

Extra opportunities to boost sales, the admin can display unlimited related, up-sell, cross-sell products in the shopping popup. Note that Up-sell and cross-sell recommendations account for 10% to 30% of eCommerce revenue (Forrester).

Additional features support decreasing abandonment cart rate you should not ignore:

  • Work well with 6 Magento types of product 
  • Allow revising cart before closing sales without reloading page
  • Responsive design for both mobile and tablet
  • Customize design and all elements in popup to match website theme
  • Show popups when adding to cart from any page, including the product page, catalog page, and search result page
  • Set up a timer for Auto-closing Popup.

Check out Magento 2 Add to Cart by BSS to get the best solution!

Abandoned Cart Email by Amasty – $149


Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email extension assists in converting lost purchases into completed sales by providing automated reminders. Customers will return with or without discount coupons, related products, or highly-targeted offers.

Highlight features:

  • Elegant email templates with content that may be changed
  • Fully automated emails are sent out on a regular basis
  • The discount coupon generator is built-in
  • UTM markups on a campaign level or at certain template levels
  • Dashboards for analyzing the efficacy

Abandoned Cart Email by Aheadworks – $129


With the same target with Abandoned Cart Email by Amasty, the Abandoned Cart Email extension for Magento 2 adds an easy-to-use feature that will bring shoppers back to your store.

Create effective emails, set up automatic mailings, and choose products and carts that fall under the abandoned cart guidelines. To guarantee that your return campaigns work successfully, save emails in the database and examine the mail log at any moment.

Highlight features:

  • Segment your mailing list based on cart, product, and shop view circumstances
  • Enable the use of promotional codes
  • Use the mail log to keep track of emails
  • Set the time limit for emails to be stored in the database
  • Email users who have abandoned their carts, both registered and unregistered
  • Create multiple templates and insert the ‘Restore Cart’ link in the email

Pros And Cons Of Abandoned Cart Magento Free Or Paid Extensions


The advantages and disadvantages of abandoned cart Magento free extension 


  • You can get extra benefit features without cost.
  • Installation is also easy, you might not spend money and time to do that.
  • Easy-to-use features.


  • Just include one or two basic features and it might be a restricted ability. You need to pay more to get more dedicated functionalities.
  • If you do not research carefully, you can end up with a bug-ridden extension.
  • The priority to solve extension problems may not be high.
  • There are a few suppliers that provide abandoned cart Magento free extension. Hence you have a little comparison to make a good purchase.

The pros and cons of abandoned cart Magento paid extension


  • Have more superior features than free extensions.
  • High priority for support.
  • Combine multiple features that work well together just in an extension.
  • Get more customer rights.
  • Often get the hot deals.


  • Not ensure that the extension has no bugs and conflicts with others.
  • The prices among abandoned cart Magento extensions have much more differences.


In this article, we have introduced abandoned cart and suggested 3+ abandoned cart Magento free extension and paid one. Besides that, we also give the pros and cons of 2 types of these extensions.

We hope you can make the final decision properly. Good luck to you!

Optimize your shopping cart with 10+ best Magento shopping cart extensions!

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