10+ Magento 2 Shopping Cart Extension That Worth Picking Up!

A shopping cart is where the “picked items” proceed to the checkout. While the cart is only the basket to ‘hold’ products that customers want to buy, it’s also where customers make purchasing decisions in Kotler’s purchasing process.


As online store owners, we want to expedite customers to purchase our products and consider buying more products in the shopping cart than they originally planned. Still, we don’t want the customer to leave with a wrong impression about the purchase.

A shopping cart is a piece of software that keeps records of the products that customers have chosen. It has functions that let customers select products, review what they’ve chosen, and add additional products if needed.


Then, checkout includes the section with buyers filling in the address to purchase, currency display, payment options, etc. before the order is sent. If you’re also interested in Magento checkout extensions, then:

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With that in mind, we will provide you with a list of 10 Magento 2 Shopping Cart extensions that help you optimize your cart and elevate your customer experiences!

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Free & Paid Magento 2 Shopping Cart Extensions For You To Pick

Below we’ve listed the Magento shopping cart extension that you’ll need to enhance your customer’s experience. You can integrate multiple extensions simultaneously for a better experience.

#1 Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rules Per Store View by BSSCommerce

Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View is one of the handy tools for shop owners because they can create discounts and promo for their products.

In fact, 89% of consumers name prices as the primary factors that they consider when making purchasing decisions. This has shown that Magento 2 price rules can have a significant impact on the sales boost of your store.


But what about when you want to give a promotion to a specific store view? It would be ridiculous to send Jewish discount price rules to China store view.

With the Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rules extension, you can offer different discounts for various markets by setting and customizing price rules from different store views.

Of course, you will not miss any benefits after installing this extension, both push sales performance and plan for an effective marketing campaign because of targeting the right customers.

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#2 Magento 2 Add Multiple Products To Cart by BSSCommerce

Let’s say you want to buy a PC, mouse, keyboard, monitor, and headphones together, but all are sold separately on different product pages. It is such a pain for customers to go to all product pages and add the stuff to the cart separately.

Magento 2 Add Multiple Products To Cart is a Magento extension that optimizes your cart so you can add many products at once without access to the product pages.

Not only does it enhance the B2B online shopping experience but also it saves store owners time thanks to easy and simple set-up steps. We suggest a detailed guide for new users here.

You can take a look at all the features the extension offers in the infographic below:


Aside from the Magento 2 extension caters to the individual customers’ little convenience in the shopping cart process, there’re extensions dedicated to Wholesalers and retailers.

#3 Minimum Order Quantity Extension by BSSCommerce

BSS Commerce Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is not a rare term for wholesalers, but in Magento 2, they only allow a minimum/maximum quantity for a product. However, when running a business website, store owners need more utilities than that.


Minimum order quantity extension by BSSCommerce without payment adds extra functions by allowing users to set minimum/maximum quantity per customer groups and include a custom message when customers don’t reach the minimum required.

This change will ensure that none of the orders is too bulky for you to handle, and they’re not too small in quantity that would cost your customers extra for shipping.


No need for a cost to get this useful extension. So, don’t miss it!

#4 Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSSCommerce

Wholesalers don’t browse around for products; they already have their selling products or SKUs in mind.


Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSSCommerce resolved one of the reasons for Magento’s abandoned cart: the process took too long for B2B purchases. Some features that were included in the extension are:

  • Wholesalers can choose to “Fast Order” their products by SKU or Name
  • Add multiple products to the cart from the search box
  • Bulk order in the shopping cart by CSV file
  • The seller can set up Fast Order by simple steps of configuration.
  • Save the shopping cart list that was ordered previously based on the customer’s account

Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order is compatible with Simple products, downloadable products, virtual products, Simple products with custom options, configurable products, and grouped products.


This means the options to fast order wholesales would be widened and bring a comfortable shopping experience to your customers.

With products that have custom options or configurable options, there will be a popup for customers to choose the options and quantity of the options.

Furthermore, your revenue will skyrocket and the inventory turnover is ensured with a good number when bulk orders are increased.

#5 Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Extension by BSSCommerce

The Add to Cart button is the one-click that is valuable to us, as it shows buyers’ intention to buy our products. However, Magento did a poor job of appealing to customers to proceed to the checkout page.

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Not only do they not allow customers to change the number of products on the product listing page before adding to the cart, but they also don’t have a pop-up for customers to choose the quantity they desire.


Small things like that can cause them to leave the site, and Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart is here to help.

With the Magento 2 Ajax Cart extension, customers will have the convenience to review the product, pick their desired quantity, and proceed to checkout after they click the add to cart button on the product listing page.

And there is an opportunity to sell more by including some relevant products when customers are in the “shopping” mood.


A big plus for Magento 2 Ajax Shopping Cart is its responsiveness on both mobile and tablet surfaces, which would play a big part for people who do online shopping on their mobile phones or tablets.

Don’t worry if you sell multiple types of products, this extension works well with all: simple, configurable, bundle, grouped and downloadable products.


#6 Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Alerts by Aitoc

The Abandoned Cart Magento 2 Alert by Aitoc is one useful tool to turn hesitant visitors into buyers. It allows sending personal emails to return your visitors to abandoned carts.


You can also choose the number of emails you wish to deliver, and the specific discount or promotion they will contain.

#7 Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 by Amasty

Amasty Magento Abandoned Cart extension is the Magento shopping cart extension that reels more to marketing emails than changing the function of the cart.

The extension allows you to automatically send your customers a message after they leave the cart without paying for the goods.


This enables the use of unlimited email templates and rules to reach different customer groups.

Most importantly, you can track your emails sent for abandoned cart Magento 2 by using Google Analytics or other tools available in Amasty Abandoned Cart Email.

#8 Magento 2 Share Cart Extension by Mageplaza

The Magento 2 Share Cart by Mageplaza is an extension that hits one of the effective channels of promoting products: friends and family members.


By allowing customers to share their shopping carts with others, the Mageplaza extension helps store owners improve the conversion rate and increase their sales.

#9 Product Wise Comment On Cart Magento 2 by Setubrige

One of the biggest strengths of offline stores is direct communication with store owners. You can have your order customized, gift-wrapped if you can communicate directly with the seller.


Product Wise Comment On Cart Magento 2 helps personalize the communication process and makes you feel more connected to the online seller. The function of this extension is easy to understand.

Customers can add a note or comment on the cart page, and the admin can add, edit, or remove the comment from the order view or customer view page.

Best practice to improve your Magento default shopping cart.

One fact stays true 7 out of 10 online stores struggle with shopping cart issues, and cart abandonment has become a deadly problem that has caused most shops to go out of business. So, there are not any store owners who want to see their customers stop placing orders in the final step.


However, even without purchasing Magento shopping cart extensions, there is still something you can do to fix the problem and optimize your customer’s shopping experience, hence maximizing your profit.

So, before we try to improve the Magento default shopping cart, we have to ask ourselves, why did an abandoned cart happen?

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3 Reasons & Solutions for Magento 2 Abandoned cart

Shipping costs are breaking deals

The number one reason to scare customers away from your shopping cart is the shipping cost.

If your customer has made up their mind about a 20 bucks product, then $10 shipping just made the last blow for them to close the deal.

This is also a problem that’s hard to tackle because a study at Deloitte showed that 69% of buyers would prefer retailers who offer free shipping, and 61% of the purchases would not have happened had there been no free shipping offered.


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There is less likely chance you can give free shipping if it bites into your delivery expenses, but you can still change the buyer’s mind if using certain strategies that make them feel freer:

  • Set a ‘minimum’ threshold for free shipping

This threshold should not be too high that they feel not worth the money, but not too low that will list most of your items into free shipping categories.

This tactic will encourage customers to buy some more small items to make the free shipping threshold.

  • Set a free shipping policy for accounts that have a membership

This will retain customers into your ecosystem, and turn them into loyal customers. When your audience increases, you will be able to send marketing emails and other campaigns that keep them coming back. Do not forget to grow customer service!

This way also encourages customers and prospects to sign up for membership to receive private promotions.  

  • Give customer delivery options with different shipping prices

Sometimes, customers rebuff your delivery option because they’ve had a bad experience with the delivery in the past.

Whatever the reason, it’s always a plus to have more than one delivery option as it divides the number of products you have to deliver to customers, lightens the workload for delivery service, and gives customers a reason to stay.

Convince browsing visitors to buy your products

Believe it or not, there are a shocking number of carts being aborted because customers want to browse the product or use them for price comparison. Although you might think these abandoned carts will be a lost cause, 75% of the carts abandoned for this reason have the intention of returning for purchase.


What you can do to persuade these browsing visitors to come back and buy is add an “Add to wishlist” or “Save shopping cart” function. Luckily for us, Magento default has got you covered.

Other Magento abandoned carts cause

Some other situations where a customer can abandon their cart include:

  • Payment Methods

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Sometimes, your customers abandon the cart because they can’t pay through the payment method that they want (bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, Google Checkout, etc.) Unless you can’t profit, try to allow all payment methods that you can offer.

  • Registering process

Some customers are not happy with the need to register themselves to purchase on your website.

Ensure that there are guest purchase functions and if you need to register your customer, put the registering at the very end of the purchasing process and make it as quickly as possible.

  • No coupon code

According to Statista, a complete 8% of shoppers abandon their cart because they can’t find a coupon code, preferring to wait until one appears and try to find a better bargain elsewhere.

Hence, for better competitiveness, you can create several coupon codes that can discount a little and not affect much with your revenue.

You can try practicing to improve your cart in Latest Version of Magento 2 Demo Free.

In conclusion

Your shopping cart page is a very important turn in the customer’s purchasing process. They will decide whether or not they continue to the checkout or return and abandon their cart.

With the Magento shopping cart extension that we have introduced to you through this post, you will be sure to optimize your customer’s shopping cart journey and recapture escaped profit to your business.

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