Magento 2 Add To Cart Extension: Speed Up Purchases Now!

The Best Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Extension for Your Online Store

Magento 2 Add To Cart Extension: Speed Up Purchases Now!

Although Magento default offers basic functionalities for the add-to-cart process, it is not fully optimized for user experience. Customers still have to load product pages to select product options, especially for the configurable, bundle, or grouped products.

So what is the solution for this inconvenience of Magento adding to cart slow journey?

Read more to find out the solution.

Limitations of Default Magento 2 Add To Cart

When streaming in the catalog, customers may want to add a product to the cart and stay on that page to see more products. This can be quite simple for products that don’t require choosing custom options, and configurable products with just two options of size and color.


However, if customers want to add products whose custom options are too many to display on the category page, they have no choice except for going to the product page to finish adding that product to cart.

These complications will cause Magento to add to cart slow when customers have to reload the category page, which discourages them from further shopping.

Most customers like to double-check the products added to cart, but the notification message of Magento default “You added X to your shopping cart” is too small and located on the top left of the page.

Besides, they have to scroll up to find the mini cart to check cart subtotal, and only until then can they proceed to checkout.

The Urgent Need to Improve User Experience


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Due to these limitations of Magento default (Magento adding to cart slow), it is necessary to install an extension to make the process of adding to the cart of the customer faster and more convenient.

The Best Add to Cart Extension for Magento 2


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Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart is the ideal extension to improve user experience thanks to the advanced AJAX features to add any product in the pop-up.

The customer can finish all the process of adding to cart right in a pop-up, from selecting product options to proceeding to checkout, excluding the Magento adding to cart slow issue. 

When clicking “Add to Cart” button at any page (category page, search result page, home page, product page, wishlist…), a pop-up will be displayed to notify the product which has been added to cart successfully.

The suggested product block is included in this pop-up to promote related, cross-sell, and up-sell products that customers may like.


For products with many options such as bundle, grouped and configurable products, customers can easily specify custom options and finish adding these products to cart in the AJAX pop-up without being redirected product pages.

  • After adding a product to cart successfully, a pop-up is displayed:

The pop-up contains:

  1. Notification message: “You added X to your shopping cart.”
  2. Product information: product name, image, and price.
  3. Mini cart: number of items in the cart, cart subtotal.
  4. Suggested product block: promote related, cross-sell, and up-sell products.
  5. “Continue” button: stay on the current page to continue shopping.
  6. “View Cart” button: redirect to View Cart page.

These two buttons can set countdown time so that after a specified amount of time, the button will automatically execute its function.

  • For bundle, grouped and configurable product, a customer can complete Add to Cart process right in the pop-up like this:

Easy to configure Ajax Add to Cart for Magento 2 extension

magento 2 checkout custom field backend demo
  • Set up for the Ajax pop-up:
magento 2 set up for ajax pop-up
  1. Set up the suggested product block: choose product, number of the product, the title of the block
  2. Apply countdown time function: choose button, set time
  3. Include or exclude any component of the pop-up: show product image, show product price, show the “Continue” button, show cart quantity and cart subtotal, show “Go to Checkout” link.
  • Customize the pop-up as your wish:

Final Words

Although adding to cart is just a smart part of customers’ shopping process, it can affect the purchase decision of buyers. It is worth to optimize the Magento 2 add to cart slow process and make it easier and more convenient for customers to buy a product and check out.

magento add products to cart using ajax

Ajax Add to Cart for Magento 2 is the ideal solution to do that, so why are you still hesitant?

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