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14 Suggestions of Magento 2 Wholesale Extensions in B2B

Though it supports B2B features in Enterprise Edition, both versions of Magento (CE and EE) themselves have limitations. This post comes with highly recommended Magento 2 Wholesale extension options to build a Magento B2B website.

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Benefits Of Selling Wholesale


First of all, we should know why most businesses like the wholesale model. Let’s see how this model brings benefits to business!

  • Increase the average order value and volume: Selling products in large quantities is one of the common ways to increase business revenue. You can easily calculate the amount that each customer spends on their own order. From that, you can create an effective marketing plan.
  • Increase in brand visibility: If you sell branded merchandise, your customers will sell the things as is. As a result, you can be confident that the brand will be given more exposure wherever the products will be distributed.
  • Reduce marketing expenses: Marketing to a smaller audience helps you save all the costs like advertising cost, shipping fee, customer management, etc…
  • Reduced impact from market changes: Economic and market shifts can hit hard and fast if you sell your products to individuals through the traditional retail model. Because your clients are buying in bulk, there can be a lag between shifts in customer behavior and your business when you’re selling high-volume amounts to third parties.

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A List of Magento 2 Wholesale Extensions 

Order process & product display enhancement

1. Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order Extension 


Magento 2 Quick Order extension free installation by BSS Commerce is an ideal choice to blow away the complicated purchasing process. This Magento wholesale module reduces the abandonment rate from online stores by reducing the time for searching and selecting items.

The key component that the module brings is a quick order form created by admins, in which buyers can: 

  • Search desired items by names or SKUs
  • Add multiple items to the quick order form from the search box
  • Import CS file to search for several products in different quantities quickly
  • Add multiple products to the cart in one click 

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2. Add Multiple Products to Cart


This is another excellent Magento wholesale extension for mass selection from product list pages like search result page and category page. On top of that, it is featured with the popup function of Ajax Add to Cart Magento 2, so you are having the features of two extensions customized in one.

Magento B2B feature list of Add Multiple Products to Cart: 

  • Fasten bulk order by using the checkbox, quantity box, and “Add all to Cart” button
  • Support ajax popup to select product options
  • Show success popup with details of products added to the cart
  • Applicable with all product types 

3. Configurable Product Grid Table View

configurable product grid table view - magento wholesale extension

For online stores focusing on wholesaling configurable products, this is a must-have Magento wholesale extension. It enhances both the display and order process for various children products of configurable product types. 

Rich functions of Configurable Product Grid Table View that any B2B wholesale suppliers crave for: 

  • Display all associated products in a grid for quicker ordering
  • Gather all related product information in the gird, including product availability, SKU, unit price, quantity, and subtotal
  • Display the price range of configurable products instead of the lowest price
  • Allow buyers to add multiple children products to cart simultaneously
  • Include default Magento color swatch function.

4. Multiple Wishlists 

multiple-wishlists-magento wholesale module

Sometimes B2B wholesale customers are unready to buy an item. Wishlists give them spaces to save favorite items for later purchases. Multiple Wishlists allow Magento 2 B2B buyers to simplify their B2B wholesale shopping process without searching for those again.

With Multiple Wishlists for Magento 2, corporate customers can: 

  • Create unlimited wishlists to save favorite products;
  • Add products to wishlists via a popup to save time;
  • Manage wishlists with full functions: Search, Create New Wishlist, Copy, Move, Delete.

5. Reorder Product List

reorder-product-lists-magento wholesale module

In addition to Multiple Wishlist, Reorder Product List is another Magento 2 wholesale extension solution to simplify the shopping process. All ordered items are saved in one place for easy control, tracking, and re-ordering. So, customers don’t need to search for frequently ordered items again. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Gather all ordered items in one list to re-buy
  • Search a product smartly and view detailed information via popup
  • Add multiple products in the list to the cart in one click
  • Applicable with all Magento 2 product types

Magento wholesale extension for pricing

6. Price Per Customer Magento 2 extension



If you are seeking a way to set up a special offer for each wholesaler based on your partnership with them, this Price per Customer Magento 2 wholesale extension allows you to do that easily. As a result, product prices can now be individualized for each wholesale customer to reward your most loyal customers with special prices. 

Highlighted features of Price per Customer Magento 2 extension:

  • Personalize product price per customer/customer group
  • Set up price rules to assign prices for customer/customer group conveniently
  • Replace the original price with a custom price

7. Request for Quote


For B2B wholesale business, negotiating prices and terms with your customers play an important part in closing the deals. Here comes another Magento wholesale pricing extension to help you communicate well with buyers in the process of making a quotation. 

Request for Quote for Magento 2 brings a professional price negotiating process with practical support. First, it allows store owners to: 

  • Enable “Add to Quote” button for products and per customer group
  • Manage, track, and preview quote requests with ease
  • Set an expiry date and reminder customers of the approved quotes
  • Set a minimum quote amount per custom group

On the other side, the module gives buyers the ability to: 

  • Add products to the quote list with a negotiating message
  • Move the approved quotes to the shopping cart in one click
  • Resubmit the request to get close to the most enjoyable prices

8. Hide Price 


In B2B e-commerce, there are many reasons for store owners to hide prices; for example, you want customers to take further actions on your site, the prices usually fluctuate, or you do not want your prices to leak to competitors. As prices are your competitive advantages, it’s really important to show them wisely.

Magento 2 Hide Price comes for those reasons. This Magento wholesale extension for pricing allows store owners to: 

  • Hide prices from specific items
  • Select specific categories to hide prices
  • Hide prices for Magento 2 multiple customer groups
  • Replace the ‘Add to Cart” button with a custom text and redirect it to a custom URL.

Magento wholesale extension for shipping & payment method

9. Store Credit


As a merchant, you probably want to keep revenue to stay in your store. However, requests for a refund from customers may bring away the money you have earned from them.  Store Credit for Magento 2  solves this problem wisely by allowing store owners to: 

  • Refund store credits to customers’ accounts
  • Track detailed credit transactions and manage store credit accounts from the backend
  • Allow customers to spend their store credits on purchases
  • Provide customers with a visible page to keep track of their credit wallet

Finally, Store Credit for Magento 2 B2B can work well with both default and integrated payment methods.

10. Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group


Assigning different shipping and payment methods to a specific customer group can create a better strategy to prioritize potential and superior Magento 2 multiple customer groups. It is sensible to state that the wholesale group should be given priority during the checkout process than the general or not-logged-in group. 

By installing Magento 2 Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group, store owners can: 

  • Restrict shipping methods for specific Magento 2 multiple customer groups 
  • Select specific customer groups to restrict payment methods
  • Work well with default shipping and payment functions with no conflict

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Magento wholesale extension for product display restriction

11. Force Login


Force Login helps store owners to protect valuable content (price, product lists, product details, etc) from unwanted visitors. It creates a security wall with the login function when visitors want to see a page that requests them to take further steps. 

Force Login for Magento 2 B2B comes with typical features: 

  • Hide specific page types from non-log-in visitors 
  • Redirect those guests to another page such as login page
  • Enable or disable the registration link from guests
  • Streamline the shopping experience after logging in.

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12. Require Login by Mage Plaza


Like Force Login by BSS Commerce, Required Login by Mageplaza is the supportive login extension for Magento 2 Wholesale. The module supports online stores to manage users and protect store information better.

Highlighted features: 

  • Restrict access to log in users only
  • Set login requirement to any pages
  • Redirect customers to targeted pages
  • Allow/Disallow visitors to create accounts

13.  Customer Group Catalog by Amasty


Customer Group Catalog by Amasty is useful for stores targeting both Magento wholesale and retail. It comes with configurations that allow you to meet the needs of particular customer groups. 

Full features of Customer Group Catalog: 

  • Support selective access to the store catalog
  • Remove ”Add to cart”, “Add to wish list” and other buttons
  • Replace product prices with CMS blocks or images
  • Redirect users to custom CMS or 404 pages
  • Optimized for mobile / GDPR compliant
  • Totally compatible with Porto theme.

14. B2B Package


As its name implies, B2B Package by BSS Commerce is an ideal choice for those who want a complete Magento 2 wholesale extension. It allows online stores to serve customers better with easier control in every stage of the buyer journey. 

Specifically, this Magento 2 wholesale extension supports online stores in: 

  • Access restriction
  • Price management
  • Optimizing the order process
  • Enhancing product display
  • Time-saving refund
  • Quick re-order 

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Final Words

With the above Magento 2 wholesale extension list, we hope Magento store owners can boost sales and also spread their business in the wholesale section. 

In the future, BSS Commerce will continue our blogging for more Magento tips and recommendations so don’t forget to visit us often or subscribe to our newsletter. If you help with any question regarding Magento or merely want to suggest a new topic, we are happy to have your thoughts in the comment section.

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