Top 5 Magento 2 Mini Cart Extensions To Boost Your Store Performance!

You will also agree with me that a good add to cart/checkout system would be valuable, and benefits both the store visitors as well as the owner. The website visitors will have an excellent experience at the store, while owners retain strong conversion rates.

Mini carts are important to ecommerce websites because they provide small conveniences to customers add to cart phrases, which, in turn, aid the cart/checkout system and helps businesses sell more products.


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Why is a mini cart a must-have for Magento ecommerce websites?

In case website has no Magento 2 mini cart

Without the Magento 2 mini cart, the shopping site does two things when a buyer adds some product to the cart.

  1. It redirects customers to a full-page cart where there are details about products and calculation of the price, but if customers want to return to their shopping experience, they will have to go back to the product listing page and reload the page. This poses a problem if a buyer wants to add multiple products into the cart, they would have to keep coming back and forth between the product page and cart page, which is inconvenient and creates an unpleasant experience when they buy at the store site.
  2. It doesn’t redirect the buyer to cart, but there is no sign that the product has been added to cart successfully, and the customer will then have to open the cart to confirm, then reload back to the product page. This is not an efficient method, and just like the one above, it could be the cause for customers to leave the store for good.


If your website has mini cart

Magento 2 mini cart has certain benefits and adds some convenience for customers:

  • Immediately acknowledge added items: when the product was added, the cart will immediately have a small bubble to indicate there is an added item. Customers don’t have to wonder if the item was successfully added.
  • Provide easy and fast access to the full cart: The Magento mini cart has a button containing links to go directly to the full cart page or checkout that the customer can easily access. Not only that but the mini cart also is a small version of the full cart page in a pop-out window, which provides customers the information they need without having to check back and forth between pages.


  • Allow order changes: Customers can change the quantity and remove the item directly from the mini cart, which benefits when they have to adjust multiple products in the cart.
  • Calculate the subtotal of the order without reloading the page: The cart will include the total price of the products in the cart, and some websites do have shipping and tax fee calculated.

How to configure mini carts with Magento 2 Default

To configure Magento mini cart, open the admin panel in the backend, then click on Store > Configuration.

In the Sales section within the Configuration, choose Checkout.

Then, expanding the Shopping Cart Sidebar section.


Set Display Shopping Cart Sidebar to Yes or No to decide whether or not the Magento 2 mini cart will be shown on the website.

You can also set the Number of Items to Display Scrollbar and Maximum Number of Items to Display to determine how many products will appear in the scrollbar and mini cart.

After finishing the configuration, click Save Config.

Top 5 mini carts extensions that’ll boost your business performance!

There are many Magento 2 minicart extensions in the Magento marketplace, which were made to add either special functions or visual flares to the default Magento 2 mini cart. Below we’ve listed the top 5 extensions that will benefit you and your business performance.

Weltpixel Magento 2 Quick Cart

Magento 2 Enhanced Quick Cart by Weltpixel is a Magento 2 minicart extension that creates a slide animation for mini carts, which introduces a fresh, smooth, and fast mini carts experience for users. Aside from the new design, Magento 2 Quick Cart by Weltpixel also allows business owners to advertise promo and other discounts to Magento 2 mini cart, as well as display the free shipping in any currency.


The extension will boost up your sales by encouraging customers to buy more through discounts and promotions, and help them be satisfied during their session at your store because of the newly professional looks.

Enhanced MiniCart by MageArray


Enhanced MiniCart by MageArray improves both the mini cart and the checkout page that contribute to the add to cart/checkout process that makes customers journeys better. It provides some feature highlights listed below:

  • Improved shopping experience by enhancing mini cart details.
  • The mini cart with the total summary.
  • A plus and minus buttons for updating quantity from the mini cart.
  • A customer can update and delete cart items also from the checkout page.

These features help enhance the Magento 2 mini cart and make the customer journey faster, and allows them to change the number of products at the checkout, which is suitable if they have a last-minute decision to buy more, and will benefit the owner in selling more products than before.

Mini Cart M2 by FME Extension


Mini Cart M2 by FME Extension has similar features as other Magento 2 mini cart extensions, but it also has special points that set it aside and make the extension valuable to business owners. Mini cart M2 extension can display all the pricing in Magento 2 mini cart, and business owners can put related products on their mini cart to attract customers to buy more.

Other prominent features include the capability to change the number of products or hover the cart icon anywhere on the page, which is convenient as customers don’t have to scroll back up to check their mini carts.

The extension is compatible with Magen Open Source version 2.3 and almost all popular browsers.

Minicart by CompactCode


In order to increase the conversion rate, your mini cart should both be convenient and has an appealing interface. Minicart by CompactCode ensured both of that. The extension uses the slide-out mini cart interface similar to Magento 2 Quick Cart, which creates professional and responsive looks to the site.


On the convenient side, Minicart by CompactCode adds a function that allows the mini cart to follow your customer view when they scroll down, enabling them to access the mini cart anytime they want.


Mini Cart Coupon by MageVision


Applying coupons in the cart is only doable in a full-page cart, but Mini Cart Coupon extension by MageVision can do more. By enabling the code applied section in Magento mini cart, the extension improves customer experience and encourages them to come back for more.


Other Magento 2 cart extensions you would want to have in your store

As the add-to-cart/ checkout system contains more than just mini carts, it’s useful for you to take a look at other extensions that might benefit your site by improving the add to cart process.

Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart by BSSCommerce

Ajax Add to Cart did a breakthrough for the Add to Cart button in Magento 2 Default. They create a pop-up to announce that adding to the cart process has been successful. Hence, customers can sit back and enjoy the experience after clicking on any Add to Cart button regardless of position on the page.


Furthermore, store owners will be able to sell more products thanks to the related products, up-sell, and cross-sell that appear on the ajax pop-up add to cart. This way helps encourage customers to purchase more and more, so you easily boost sales.

Not only does this extension works well with configurable product, but also all other product types: Simple product, Grouped product, Bundle product, Downloadable product, and Virtual Product.

You also get more features and benefits with Magento 2 Ajax cart such as:

  • Set up a timer for Auto-closing Popup
  • Style the popup following the admin desirability by changing the colors of all elements like buttons and text
  • Responsive design for all devices like mobiles and tablets
  • 5+ Popup animations is provided for increasing customer experience


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Add multiple products to cart Magento 2 by BSSCommerce

The Add multiple products to cart by BSSCommerce improve your website add to cart performance by enhancing the speed in adding multiple products into the cart at the same time. Customers can add both in List view and Grid view with the same steps.

Instead of adding the products to the cart one by one, the extension allows customers to put multiple products at once using checkboxes/quantity boxes/selected icons.


Not only that, but the extension also has an ajax pop-up which also speeds up the add-to-cart process for better customer experience.


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Popup displays the added products with the details such as images, prices, links together with a mini cart with a subtotal, and link to the checkout page. This extension is useful for both B2B and B2C businesses. With B2B customers, they can take the mass action of buying a large number of multiple products. Just a simple click on it, everything will go directly to cart.


Like the Ajax cart extension, Magento 2 Add Multiple Products To Cart also works well with 6 types of Magento product.

Sum Up

Despite Magento 2 Mini cart big role in ecommerce websites, it by itself is still limited in function and design. We’ve presented the top 5 extensions that would broaden the features of mini carts, and optimize the add to cart/checkout system for maximum customer satisfaction and boost up your site conversion rate.

If you have any questions for us or wish to have a customized extension made for your website, then talk to us.

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