Top 10 Best-seller Extensions of BSSCommerce in 2017

TOP 10 Best-sellers Magento Extensions Of BSSCommerce In 2022

After many years of growth and development in the E-commerce market, BSS Commerce creates hundreds of extensions to serve Magento websites. With a large number of BSS extensions, you might meet difficulty choosing a suitable one for your website. 

Hence, we suggest an easy way to pick an extension that you can refer to which extensions are the most commonly used by store owners. In today’s articles, we would like to show you our 10 best-sellers Magento extensions which were picked up based on transactions and customer reviews. We hope you enjoy it!

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1. Magento 2 One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout extension is one of our best-sellers Magento extensions in 2022. By gathering three-step into one, this module will shave off at least half of the checkout time for your customers and help your ecommerce business achieve a new peak of the conversion rate.

Moreover, the optimizable checkout page also gives the purchasers the best shopping experience that helps them to finish the order as fast as possible. 


Let’s take a look at the detailed information of this Magento 2 One Step Checkout:

  • Lightning setup with unlimited customization capacity.
  • Elastic checkout with multiple addresses and automatic GeoIP detection.
  • Fully geared for RESTful API and GraphQL API.
  • Plug-n’-Play compatibility.
  • Work well with GEOIP, Order Delivery, Checkout Custom Fields, Guest to Customer extensions.
  • Compatible with popular payment methods and free support on highlight themes.
  • Support all MageSolutions themes, Fastest and Infinite theme of Codazon, and all Alothemes themes. Cover all Magento payment options with popular & raising payment systems.

2. Multiple Store View Pricing Extension For Magento 2

This Magento extension by BSS Commerce is perfectly designed for any store owners who are running multiple store views. This helps manage price policies easily by showing different prices and currencies for each store view or even customer group. Consequently, businesses can improve customer experience on their sites as well as increase revenue.


Let’s see how this extension works in your Magento stores once installing:

  • Enable to set/ edit the product prices for the same items per store view in each store
  • Enable to set/ edit special prices, group prices and tier prices for same items per store view in each store
  • Allow setting up base currency for each store view and customers can checkout with the base currency of their store view
  • Display product prices both on the category page and product page in each store view
  • Work well with all product types

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3. Checkout Custom Field Extension For Magento 2

Knowing customers’ insights has always been a big concern of any store seller. Therefore, this extension for Magento 2 stores is a useful tool to collect customer feedback, information that helps build up a better marketing campaign and improve their current services.


This extension comes with:

  • Add any number of Magento 2 custom fields to checkout
  • Use those fields as Magento 2 order attributes to improve management
  • Show custom fields  in Order grid & on Order Detail page
  • Add Magento 2 order custom attributes to transaction emails and documents
  • Get values of the created attributes via API

4. Wholesale Fast Order Extension for Magento 2

Simplify your buying process by reducing your time and effort on adding each product to the cart manually with our Magento Wholesale Fast Order extension. This enables your wholesale customers to save time on this action, which increases conversion rate and minimizes abandonment carts.


Some of the main functions of these extensions are:

  • Quick order form with ajax search by product names and SKUs
  • Add multiple products to the cart at once
  • Automatically calculate the total amount before adding products to the cart
  • Quickly order with CSV import function for simple products without custom options
  • Customize using quick order form for specific customer groups
  • Support simple products with custom options, configurable products, and virtual products

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5. Defer JavaScript for Magento 2

Like the default Magento 1, Magento 2 users are usually annoyed about its slow speed. Therefore, we had come up with the idea of Defer JavaScript for Magento 2 extension. As its name, this extension improves site loading speed by prioritizing HTML and CSS over JavaScript files. In this way, the user experience in your stores will be enhanced dramatically.


The primary features include:

  • Defer parsing of Javascript to improve the rendering speed of sites
  • Effectively defer Iframes embedded on websites
  • Exclude homepage from deferring Javascript impact
  • Allow listing controllers and paths to be unaffected by deferring Javascript
  • Raise your ranking on SERPs

6. Multiple Store View Pricing For Magento 2

If you are running multiple store views based on Magento 2, you should never miss this extension of BSS Commerce. Once installed, you will no longer have to configure prices and currencies for each store view manually. Instead, you will only make some simple configurations to set up price policies.


With this extension, Magento 2 admins can:

  • Set up different prices, special prices and tier prices for a product per store view of Magento 2 store
  • Set up base currency for each Magento 2 store view
  • Customers checkout with the base currency of their store view conveniently
  • Set up various special prices for a product per store view of Magento 2 store

7. Magento 2 Configurable Product Grid Table View

BSS developed this extension to enhance the configurable product shopping experience in Magento 2 stores by displaying children products of configurable products on a neat table to allow customers to easily add multiple simple products to their cart at once.


This module provides many amazing features:

  • Show all associated products in a table for quicker ordering
  • Show all related info: availability, SKU, unit price, tier prices, quantity, and subtotal
  • Allow adding multiple simple products to cart simultaneously
  • Integrate default Magento color swatch function
  • Configure table view display per customer group and per product page
  • Highly responsive on different devices: mobile, desktop, tablet, etc

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8. Ajax Add To Cart Magento 2

In the Magento 2 default, the add-to-cart function is quite simple and basic because users cannot add products from the category page to the cart if they need to choose custom options. This is also time-consuming when they are redirected to the product page and need to go back catalog again. All these problems can be addressed easily with this extension of BSS Commerce.


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Ajax Add To Cart for Magento 2 extension will optimize your Magento 2 stores by:

  • Provide compatible and stylish Ajax cart popup
  • Fully geared for configurable products
  • Unlimited possibilities to include more options to customers
  • Freely customize the popup cart content and display
  • Offer the smoothest, out-of-the-box customer experience

9. Configurable Product Grid Table View For Magento 2

Instead of showing a drop-down list of product attributes like default Magento 2, this extension provides a neat table where customers can easily see product details. This extension is extremely suitable for wholesales and B2B businesses that need mass orders at the same time.


This is the must-try plugin with the following functions:

  • Show all associated products in a table for quicker ordering;
  • Show all related info: availability, SKU, unit price, tier prices, quantity, and subtotal;
  • Allow adding multiple simple products to cart simultaneously;
  • Integrate default Magento color swatch function;
  • Configure table view display per customer group and per product page;
  • Highly responsive on different devices: mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Fast Order, Magento 2 B2B Quote
  • Compatible with Porto theme & the Fastest and Infinit of Codazon
  • Support GraphQL APIs

10. Magento 2 Extension Force Login

You might often see the words “Sorry, you must log in to access this page!” when sticking around e-commerce sites. It’s exactly force login.

“Force Login” sounds like one thing that is bothered to everyone who visits your website. However, it is very helpful for your business site. You can control almost visitors on your site because only when they login will they see the content on-page. 

You can generate your visitor data and analyze their action on your website. Besides that, this feature will cost your rivals time when researching the market. It’s a plus point.


BSS Commerce provides Magento 2 Force Login extension with multiple functions:

  • Support “force login” function for specific pages and all the site;
  • Enable/Disable the default Magento 2 customer registration link;
  • Redirect users after logging in;
  • Compatible with Porto theme & the Fastest and Infinit of Codazon;
  • Support GraphQL and REST APIs


The above list gives you a quick view of our best-seller Magento extension in 2022. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to follow our upcoming useful extensions! If you are confused about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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