How Much Does It Cost to Build a Magento 2 Website

Get Prepared with Top 8 Required Magento Costs to Build a Website

by Van Nguyen

If you are bound to build your website on Magento 2 platform, then congratulation that you have already chosen right. Believe us, among a variety of eCommerce platforms, Magento will not make you disappointed with a diversity of functions, higher security systems, and especially entirely free customization. However, many merchants wonder: “How much does Magento cost?”

This article is a complete answer for Magento 2 pricing to build a Magento website from scratch.

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In the process of serving thousands of global Magento 2 customers, we received plenty of questions about site development or customization, but frequently about Magento 2 expenses from top to bottom, including Magento cost, hosting cost, domain cost, website design cost, customization cost, maintenance cost, etc.

Nonetheless, in our opinion, it is a high possibility that every Magento website cost may be changeable according to your customization demand and the prices of services you will acquire. Thus, the most important to be first carried out is you anticipate a list of fixed costs and variable costs to calculate a budget range for site development.

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Overview Of A Magento 2 Website Costs


When it comes to spending for Magento 2 website development, most of the store owners have trouble calculating expenses for each component of a site.

The reason is that there are too many things they have to take into consideration, and they even don’t perceive what more they had better spend to get a perfect site. They tend to depend on web development agencies to consult and give them the final proposal with detailed pricing.

Therefore, to help you – store owners become more active in planning their own Magento 2 cost, we desire to summarize a list of the most fundamental and essential costs you have to spend on a Magento 2 website development based on our working experience with thousands of Magento websites over the years as well as research on the Internet.  

  • Magento cost (Magento Community and Magento Enterprise cost)
  • Domain establishment cost.
  • Hosting service cost.
  • Magento 2 website design cost.
  • Magento 2 development cost.
  • Magento 2 extension free & paid (if any).
  • Website customization cost.
  • Maintenance cost.

Now let’s together explore each of these 8 Magento 2 website costs in detail to check out what you should do with them.

What is Magento Cost?

As in our previous blog of Magento overview, you already know that Magento 2 offers two editions: Community Edition (CE) at free charge and Enterprise Edition (EE) with annual Magento license cost. Each edition is the right match for a specific type of business, from small to giant organizations.

Therefore, which edition to choose requires you to acknowledge the business size type you have the intention to build and the amount of money you are willing to allocate.

If you choose Community Edition, it is not necessary to worry about Magento license cost any more because it is free.

However, in case you want the latter instead, the following information of standards and Magento Enterprise pricing (or Magento Commerce pricing) is quite helpful for you:

Average Gross Sales Revenues Magento Commerce Cost
$0 – $1M $22,000/year
$1M – $5M $32,000/year
$5M – $10M $45,000/year
$10M – $25M $75,000/year
$25M + $125,000/year

It can be said that the Magento Enterprise edition pricing is quite expensive but is a feature-rich edition with a wider scale of support for medium and large businesses. However, you don’t need to worry when using the free Community edition because its features are not less diverse than the remaining one.

Magento is an open-source platform, which allows you to flexibly customize CE to get as many functionalities of Enterprise edition as possible. Hence, if your store is not too large, money for Magento Enterprise cost is no need to pay, and you can absolutely use the Community edition. 

Additional information:

Magento Commerce Cloud (Enterprise Solutions Cloud Edition – ECE) is a new cloud hosting solution for Magento.

Magento Commerce Cloud has a single cost structure that includes both an Enterprise Solutions license and hosting. This Magento version provides a variety of extra features that set it apart from Magento CE and Magento EE.


Magento Commerce Cloud provides monthly payments to new merchants to spread out the system’s continuous yearly expenditures over the course of the year.

Below is the pricing of Magento Commerce Cloud Cost:

Average Gross Sales Revenues Magento Commerce Cloud Cost
$0 – $1M $40,000/year
$1M – $5M $55,000/year
$5M – $10M $80,000/year
$10M – $25M $120,000/year
$25M + $190,000/year

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Cost For A Website Domain In Magento 2

Besides Magento cost, store owners need to consider domain costs in their plans. Website domain is a domain name (or simply ‘domain’) is a website’s name. It’s the part that comes after “@” in an email address or “www.” in a web address. When someone asks how they can find you online, you normally tell them your domain name. The domain of a website is the only way for customers to access you and start exploring what you include on the web page.

Hence, purchasing a domain for your site is not a simple task at all when you have to seek a unique domain name to make enough impression on customers, but its price needs to be responsible under your business situation.


As recommended, there are two methods for you to acquire a domain:

  • Brand new domain: costs you from $10 to $15 per year, depending on which domain name extension you desire. Top-level domains (TLDs) are always more expensive than other types of registries, for example.
  • Aged domain: costs you hundreds, thousands of dollars and even more, depending on domain values and other associated data of the corresponding website.

However, if you purchase an aged domain, you can inherit a lot of good site data of that domain, such as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) which especially matters for SEO. This is also one of the biggest reasons why store owners often consider buying an aged domain instead of a quite new one.

However, the SEO efficiencies from an aged domain have still been a secret, and there is not any obvious proof about this issue. Hence, as a store owner, you had better carefully examined to choose the most suitable domain to build a Magento website.

Magento 2 Website Hosting Service

A web hosting service is a sort of Internet hosting service that allows people and businesses to make their websites available via the Internet. Only when you find out a company to host your site, do customers access it and read content and buy products.

Similar to selecting editions, Magento 2 hosting cost also mainly depends on the size of your business and even the traffic of your website.  Furthermore, you have options to choose one of three hosting servers to purchase: Shared server, Virtual private server, and Dedicated server.


How much is Magento 2 hosting service?

Magento 2 Website Design Cost

When given only 15 minutes to absorb content, 66% of individuals would rather see something well designed than something straightforward and simple. The design of your website is a vital aspect of your online marketing strategy. You must comprehend the significance of web design in order to create a better website for your company.

Generally, the most simple and time-saving way every new website store owner should implement is purchasing a Magento 2 theme to install instead of hiring web designers to do the whole thing.

Although using a theme may limit store owners from expressing their ideas of the product or content display, it is a quite secure solution to get the complete site with a beautiful interface in the most prompt time.


If you go through some of Magento 2 theme marketplaces or theme providers, normal themes are priced in the range between Free to approximately $200. Also, if you want to customize themes, costs become higher and higher and possibly unpredictable due to various customer demands.

However, in our opinion, the customization price range from $1000 to $2500 can be a decent level if you don’t require developers to do too many things.  

Additionally, you hire a web design agency or web designer to sketch and shape a new site for you. Prices to build a Magento website for these services are also flexible, possibly reaching more than $10,000 for a custom design.

Cost For Web Development


The effort involved in creating a Website for the Internet or an intranet is known as web development. Web development can range from creating a simple static website with plain text to creating complicated web apps, electronic companies, and social networking services.

Under Magento’s cost, the website development cost is among the most expensive. There are usually three ways for store owners to take into account: hiring a web agency, hiring a web developer (freelancer) and using an in-house developer.

Hire a web agency


Assigning a website for web agencies benefits you in terms of quality as well as professionals. You get experienced and Certified Magento Developers to build your site from the beginning to the end and sometimes receive more consultation to contribute to your work.

Nonetheless, along with the high-quality and end-to-end solution, costs for this type of development are much more expensive than the two remaining ones.

For a CE website, the starting price of total costs to build a Magento site is from $50,000, while a website with Magento Enterprise Edition pricing may be up to $250,000 (costs include both design and development).

It is undoubtedly that Magento’s ecommerce pricing for development varies from one company to another one, however, they can give us proof that we need valuable investment to reach a thorough webpage.

Hire a web developer (freelancer)   


This selection of developers are absolutely in your hand, and you freely consider their qualification and experience before hiring them. Furthermore, you have full control of your work when keeping daily communication about the project with them.

The standard costs for this option may be in the range between $15 and $80 per hour,  depending on developer experience and portfolio. However, there is a lot of exception which can cost very high prices, up to hundreds of dollars per hour.

Note that, when dealing with a freelance Magento developer, you should carefully assess their qualifications and prior work before entrusting your project to them. Also, be sure they can manage it from start to finish in a high-quality manner, encompassing design, development, modification, and so on, or that they have a whole staff to do so.  

Use in-house developer

It can be said that in-house development is a solution that is always taken advantage of by giant organizations with a separate Information technology department. This option allows you to constantly keep up with their work and directly evaluate as well as make feedback.

Necessary costs spent on the in-house development team are entirely on your contract with them, and there are likely some additional costs happening in the working process.

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Costs For Magento 2 Extensions


Although both Magento Community and Enterprise editions are feature-rich and easy to customize, Magento 2 extensions are still significant components for each website. Magento extensions allow store owners to equip as many functions as possible for their stores that are not contained in default Magento.

In the process of development or business operation, so many problems can happen, and you may ask Magento extensions to solve these issues. “How much does Magento 2 cost more if I want to deploy extensions?” – Sometimes, they cost nothing in the case of free Magento 2 extensions.

Regarding paid extensions, the cost varies a lot; depending on your demand as well as an expectation; you can have different intentions to install any modules.

Below are Magento 2 extensions by BSS Commerce you should include to your site:

  • Magento 2 One Step Checkout

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Besides, it is a reality that calculating costs for Magento extensions doesn’t have any accurate standards or ranges. However, if I assume that a website needs a minimum number of 10 extensions, you might cost $1000-$2000 to have them installed, while installation or support costs may not be included.

Magento 2 Customization Cost


Commonly, every Magento 2 website needs more customization in the business operation process. Customization means not only adding more features but also improving site performance and user experience. Some works can be mentioned here, such as site updates, security patches, SEO issues, speed optimization and so on.

However, these tasks can be effortlessly implemented thanks to third-parties agencies that are committed to providing an end-to-end service to perform everything for you. Prices for the mentioned services are fixed by agencies, and you are dealing with them to have the most proper cost plan.

Another way is that you can also hire outside developers to optimize the Magento 2 website at the price range between $15 and $80 per hour or even more.

Cost For Site Maintenance


Magento maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis. This activity involves tasks such as troubleshooting, bug repairs, security updates, speed optimization, and so on. Annually, store owners always have their plan to maintain their websites. This maintenance guarantees your site is in a stable situation and avoids potential problems which can cause loss of customers and revenue.

With lots of tasks like that, how much is Magento 2 maintenance? 

The cost of maintaining a Magento website varies depending on whether you opt to do it yourself or use Magento companies or expert developers.

As I can see some services for maintenance, annual costs can be estimated from $500 to $1,000, depending on each provider.


It can be said that the total Magento cost is very flexible and matters which type of site you want to develop. If you just want to get a basic website, the cost is much cheaper than a custom Magento site with more functions.

In case you decide to get a Magento 2 Enterprise website, the Magento license cost is expensive and requires more time as well as effort to complete.

We hope this article on “How much does Magento 2 cost?” will assist you in planning your budget allocation suitably and developing a website with the most practical cost.    

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