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[Updated 2023] Ultimate List Of 101+ Magento 2 Free Extensions

Since Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms, there are a ton of Magento extensions in the market. However, it’s very hard to know which one is the best for your store. 

Currently, if you search in the Magneto extension marketplace, you will find more than 2,000 free and paid extensions. That’s a huge number and there is no way you can test out each of them to find the most suitable one.

Thus, a lot of people are wondering about the difference between the free vs paid Magento 2 extensions. And they don’t trust free extensions because they think free stuff is not good.

Well, we think the only difference is the price.

You don’t need to pay any fee for a Magento 2 free extension, but you have to pay for the paid version. But no one can say the free extension is always worse than the paid ones.

It depends.

Before We Start

There are three main benefits of Magento 2 plugins:

  • Free to use. 
  • Find it easily, even from Github
  • Enable some advanced features that are lacking in the default Magento 

Unfortunately, using free Magento 2 extensions can be risky because they might have a lot of bugs or conflicts with your store and take so much time and energy to fix it. No one wants to face this trouble again, and a paid extension seems to be the ideal and safer choice.

Yet, there are hundreds and thousands of free extensions that are truly amazing are waiting for you to discover. Some of them are good, others are bad. But it’s worth trying and testing.

Thus, I gathered many free extensions from many sources into this post for you.

These extensions include a variety of aspects of your eCommerce store: site optimization, sale and motivation, analytics, shipping, and so on. Choosing which one is relevant for your store that it’s really tough. You don’t want your store to be bugged and conflicted or getting more worse: destroy your system.

Now, you have a quick view to know what you want in your store in the below table:


Top 100 Free Extensions For Magento

Sales – Free Extensions

1. Minimum Order Quantity – by BSSCommerce

Instead of setting a minimum quantity for total order as the default Magento offers, the admin now can set a minimum/maximum quantity for the specific product.

free magento 2 extensions minimum order quantity

  • Set minimum/maximum total order units in the shopping cart per customer group
  • Tailor message to inform the Minimum Order Quantity requirement.

Magento 2 Minimum Order Quantity extension can be used for not only B2C but also B2B business. B2B businesses can install this free module to require customers to purchase an adequate quantity of products.

2. Gift Wrap –  by Imagination Media LLC

Gift Wrap

Gift-wrapping your products can make your business differentiate from other competitors. To boost holiday sales by allowing customers to purchase gift wrap for their order.

  • Purchase a gift-wrap during the checkout of their cart.
  • Easily select wrapping products in single or multiple packages.
  • Identify whom Magento 2 gift-wrap is being sent from or to.

3. Web Push Notifications – by PushAssist

This extension by PushAssist aims to create push notifications in customers’ devices to notify customers about personalized offers, special discounts, or other promotional programs. Moreover, to re-engage with the loyal customer with target push notification.

Making out of this extension free to encourage online users to visit your stores again and make them become your regular and loyal customers.

Web Push Notification

  • Create on-time push notifications to all or segments of a customer via desktops, laptops, tablets, and Android mobiles.
  • Make use of push notifications to launch a marketing campaign.
  • Divide customers into separate segmentation.
  • Allow admins to use APIs, FCM/GCM keys while using.

4. Promotion Banner–  by BelVG

This free extension is a perfect choice to attract more customers in this Holiday sales season with eye-catching banners on screen.

Admin can easily show their offers, special discounts or promo codes to raise customer’s spirits to make a transaction in their stores.

Promotion Banner

  • Create and modify how and where the promotional banner displays in the backend configuration.
  • Offer 15 different themes of popup banners for popular holidays.
  • Add up to three promoted products into a banner.

5. Price Countdown–  by Magebuzz

Normally, customers often consider carefully before deciding to purchase any products.

A countdown timer will appear right below the sale price by creating a sense of urgency to drive clicks on the “Buy Now” button.

Price Countdown

  • Display an attractive timer on the product page and home page
  • Admin can easily set up which date the promotional price is available from and to.
  • Assign a promotion campaign to specific products or categories.

6. Sale Category–  by Mageside

Admins can select each product at a special price and put them into a specific category with the Sale Category plugin.

Sale Category

  • Automatically search for and select promoted products to the Sale category.
  • Admin can choose to collect or not: out-of-stock products, products without images, products whose regular price is lower than a special price.

7. Reward Points –  by BrainActs

The exciting solution to a loyalty program with a customer that you want to create a long-term relationship by offering the reward points.

For each order, customers will receive a certain number of points, which can be transformed to a discount at the next checkout.

Reward Point

  • Admin can set up the number of points for each order in the backend configuration.
  • Points are automatically added to customers’ accounts and can be used for registration, submitting reviews, sharing wishlist, and discount while checkout.
  • Reward Points History and Points Balance will be automatically updated.

8. Wishlist Notification – by TechDivision GmbH

This is an easy way to look out all the wishlist product by the customer. You can contact and email them to remind their product in a wishlist that is able to boost your sale.

Wishlist Notification

  • Manage all customers’ wishlists in the backend grid.
  • Easily click to see customer information about name, address, current wishlist, and newly-added item.
  • Contact customers and give them offers for the product in their wishlist.
  • Simplify backend activity by easy control when products in the wishlist are reviewed.

9. Featured Products – by Solwininfotech

If you want to promote a specific product, you should never miss this free extension by Solwininfotech that allows the admin to set any product as featured products quickly just by some clicks in an attractive way.

Featured Products

  • As stand-alone Magento page.
  • As a block that can be placed anywhere.
  • As a slider in the sidebar.

10. Shop By Brand – by Emizen Tech Private Limited

To manage your products and brands that help customers can find their desired products easily by brand name without wasting their time sorting and search products on your store.

Shop by Brand

  • Display brands in alphabetical order (A to Z) to simplify the searching process.
  • Show brands in a specific category or the left/right sidebar.
  • Promote brands by setting up as featured brands on top of the brand’s list page.

11. Sold Out Label – by Solwininfotech

To enable admin to mark out-of-stock products with a visible sold-out label. Therefore, visitors now no longer have to click on the products to see if the item is available or not.

Sold out Label

  • Display a sold-out label automatically right when the quantity is zero.
  • Use a custom picture as sold out a label.
  • Configure the label size.
  • Modify the position of the label on the product page.
  • Set text and image for the label.

12. Product Widget Slider – by BSSCommerce  

This is one of the best free extension helps you to attract customers’ attention by showing off profitable and hot products in your store by a slider.


  • Support to display Most Viewed, Best Seller, OnSale Products
  • Display with default listing or slider
  • Insert Slider anywhere in your store

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13. Quick View – by BSSCommerce

Customers now can conveniently view products in Magento 2 Quick View pop-up without leaving the current page.


  • View product information in Quick View pop-up without page load
  • Add products to cart/compare/wishlist from Quick View pop-up
  • Customize text and design of Quick View button

Site Optimization – Free Extensions For Magento

14. Reindex from Backend – by BSSCommerce


There are two ways to reindex your data: (1) from the backend (2) using a command line. You can reindex data with one click simply.

  • Reindex data from Index Management at Backend with only one click.
  • Notification about the details of rebuilt indexers.
  • Limit the ability to do the action by admin role.

15. Keep Admin Authorized – by Mageside


The PHP expires after 24 minutes of inactivity by default, and then you are automatically kicked out of the admin panel. It makes you annoyed, and now you don’t have to worry about being logged out automatically.

  • Automatically send an Ajax request every minute to the server to keep your PHP session and browser cookies active.
  • Keep admin logged in when a page is not reloaded for a long time.
  • No limitation on the admin session. No more fear of losing data when saving.

16. Easy Cache Cleaner – by iFlair


It allows admin to clean the cache anywhere or anytime within a single click if you are non-technical guys to clean it out

  • Clean all caches just by a single click.
  • No need to select a cache.
  • Admin can clean cache anywhere without going to the cache management section.

17. Performance Dashboard – by MageHost BV


Giving you a clear overview of the store’s performance and advice to improve if needed.

  • Provide a dashboard page to notify the admin of store performance.
  • Notify what needs to be improved, give recommended actions, and show links to devdocs.
  • Improve the speed of frontend, backend, cron jobs, and reduce CPU usage.

18. Watchlog- by Wyomind


To helps admin detect any suspicious attempt to access the admin panel and easily notice if someone or a robot is trying to log in the back office with the basic information: IP, last attempts, attempts, the number of failed and successful.

  • Track login attempts in the form of daily or monthly charts. (both success login and failed login)
  • Check the summary table and detailed information of all login attempts.
  • Create a statistic report and send to admin email.

19. Developer Debug Tool – by Cedcommerce


To provides all necessary information of the current page load and tracking of template file path. The developer will love it!

  • Provide a comprehensive set of data for the current page load (page request, collections, models, event data, extended classes…)
  • Allows admin to view full file path, block data information, handle names and associated template files.

20. Magesetup – Firegento

Thís plugin helps you to set up the online store for a national market. Also, It is developed after the successful release of Magesetup extension for Magento 1 on Github.

  • Configure and prepare your store for the national market (important configuration settings, predefined tax classes for worldwide shipping, email templates based on local language packs…)
  • Current support: Austria (at), Switzerland (ch), Germany (de), Spain (es), France (fr), United Kingdom (GB), Italy (it), Netherlands (NL), Poland (pl), Romania (RO), Russia (RU).

21. Change Attribute Set – by MageAnts


You can change the attribute set in the catalog panel of Magento backend without bug and conflict to the default of Magento.

  • Easily customize the attribute set as you wish.
  • No conflict with the Magento default attribute set.

22. Pace – by Schumacher FM


The free module has an eye-catching progress bar for page load and ajax navigation, and you don’t need to hook in the code. Have a look right below:

  • Create a loading indicator for both the frontend and backend.
  • Automatically monitor the ajax requests, event loop, and the element of the page to begin the progress bar.

23. Maintenance – by Customer Paradigm


It is easy to put your website into maintenance mode while you update the site or new features. And no need to use FTP or SSH.

  • Set the website in maintenance mode.
  • Display a custom maintenance message for guests.
  • Automatically whitelist the IP address

24. Cookie Notice – by BSSCommerce

free magento 2 extensions cookie notice

According to Data Law, customers should be aware of your website’s cookies usage. This is how Magento 2 Cookie Notice works: Get cookies consent by customers!

  • Show a popup of cookie notification on the main store
  • Link the button to the information page
  • Freely customize the content and display of the message

25. Storeview Flag – by BSSCommerce

free magento 2 extensions storeview flag

Do you find the default dropdown menu of store views in your website so boring? The global current trend of eCommerce sites is using flags to symbolize for/enclose with store views.

  • Replace default store views’ name by attractive country flags
  • Allow uploading diverse image formats for flags, even including GIF type
  • Freely set up the width and height of flags

26. Minify HTML CSS JS – by Apptrian


Are you struggling to remove all redundant characters from the source code without changing its functionality? Try Minify HTML CSS JS!

This efficient free extension can minify HTML code including inline CSS and JavaScript code.

  • Easy to enable or disable HTML Minification.
  • Choose to set Maximum HTML Minification.
  • Cache Compatibility Mode option for HTML minification.
  • Opt to remove important comments or not.

Payment and Security – Free Extensions

27. Order Comments & Attachment – by Vsourz Digital

It is possible for customers to leave their comments on their order in the checkout process. There is some new way to increase customer satisfaction.

Order Comments and Attachment
  • Enable customers to submit their comments and attachments during checkout.
  • Admin can also decide what type of attachment can be submitted in the backend configuration.

28. Mastercard Payment Gateway Services – by On Tap Networks Limited

To optimize the checkout process in your stores by integrating Mastercard gateway to Magento 2. Absolutely, there is more choice for the customer to payout.

  • API will be directed to sellers to determine payment details.
  • Collect customers’ account details safely by using Mastercard Payment Gateway Services’s hosted checkout light or other payment sessions.
  • Process transactions quickly by one or two steps.
  • Use 3-D Secure and Verification and Security Code policies to authenticate cardholders.
  • Automatically save card details for the following transactions.
  • Avoid fraud by GateKeeper 2.0.

29. Cash on Delivery – by Phoenix Media GmbH

Cash On Delivery is always a common method in e-commerce. Thanks for Phoenix Media GmbH to enable adding a fee to their order that your customer will be charged off during the checkout process.

Cash on Delivery
  • Easily set up an additional Magento 2 cash on the delivery fee per order: fixed or percentage, minimum fee, domestic/global fee.
  • Support Magento 2 payment restrictions to selected applicable countries where Cash On Delivery method is enabled.
  • Associate Cash On Delivery with other shipping methods.

30. myPOS Checkout –  by myPOS Europe

This extension launched by myPOS Europe also supports credit card payment in-store, online or over the phone.

myPOS Checkout
  • Easily enable credit/debit card checkout.
  • Fully PCI Compliant Service and 3-D Secure Payments to enhance security and avoid any fraud during the transaction.

31. Paypal Plus – by i-ways sales solutions GmbH

This extension’s main idea is to provide over 80% German customers with PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit (ELV), and Pay Upon Invoice payment methods.

Paypal Plus
  • Allow customers to log in by their PayPal account to continue checkout.
  • Fully secured for both sellers and buyers to avoid fraud or losing card details.
  • Admin can integrate PayPal plus with standard Magento payment methods as well as other ones.

32. Mollie – by Mollie Payments

Mollie is among the best free extensions, which allows users to accept online payments and donations as well as expands your customer base internationally. It supports all primary payment methods through a single integration.

  • Activate within minutes.
  • Offer a single contract and integration to accept all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT Banking, iDEAL, Bancontact, and more.
  • Transparency – No minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees.
  • Ensure High-security & consistent checkout
  • Money-back guarantee.

Content and Customization – Free Extensions

33. Yotpo Reviews – by Yotpo

Helping your brand easily collect customer reviews and photos to increase trustworthiness and social proof to the customer. Building a stronger brand and customer experience should be your priority mission.

Magento 2 Yotpo extension
  • Allow customers to generate product reviews, photos, and ask questions on Magento 2 websites.
  • Enhance product credibility to boost business revenue.
  • Friendly display for mobile users.

34. Better Blog-  by Mageplaza

If you are familiar with doing SEO for E-commerce, you must have known that a high-quality blog has a significant effect on your ranking. However, in default, there is no Magento 2 blog functionality yet.

Better Blog
  • Responsive design for PC, tablet, and mobile.
  • Easily edit with blog widget and manage blog content with tags, topics, and categories.
  • Optimize your post with metadata, friendly URL.
  • In the blog interface, visitors are free to comment via Disqus and Facebook.
  • Social sharing is also enabled via several platforms.

35. Facebook Comments –  by Amasty

Instead of using any APIs or paying extra fees to third-party services. Amasty’s free extension seems to be a perfect choice to increase page reach and search engines.

Facebook Comments
  • Enable visitors to post comments via their Facebook account and duplicate comments to a Facebook timeline.
  • Admin can easily embed customers’ comments into any place in Magento 2 stores.
  • Modify how customer reviews are displayed in product pages.

36. Price Slider –  by PrashantBlog

To save customers’ time and effort by allowing them to slide the price bar to determine their appropriate price range

Price Slider
  • Customers can easily modify the price slider to find products in their price range.
  • Show price slider in the category page and search page.
  • Support multiple store views and currencies.
  • Optimize for mobile users.

37. Base Price – by TechDivision GmbH

In some countries, it is compulsory to show the price per unit next to the product price. Therefore, this extension is an ideal choice to calculate the base price for a product for its amount and unit

Price Slider
  • Flexibly manage base prices for their products.
  • Select suitable units for their products: kg, mg, g, l, ml, etc.
  • Easily add or delete a product unit and its conversion in the backend configuration.
  • Determine how base price is displayed on product pages.

38. Banner Slider –  by Magestore

To display any number of responsive banner sliders on your site without too much effort. Such a great deal for a Magento 2 free extension, right?

Banner Slider
  • Up to 36 banner positions to choose from the homepage to the product or category page.
  • Allow you to add more effects to the banners with the text message, URL.
  • The banner/slider report will show the statistic to analyze the effectiveness of your work.

39. Responsive Banner Slider & Owl Carousel – by WeltPixel

Don’t hesitate to make your site look impressive! Being one of the greatest content Magento 2 free extensions, Banner Slider & Owl Carousel helps you to add product carousels and sliders with images/video or other content, in your Magento store and automate their visibility.

  • Provide responsive design with slider breakpoint control.
  • Display banners on any CMS, product and category page
  • Schedule banners to be activated and deactivated at a specific time
  • Add custom CSS and HTML content for each banner

40. Sticky Sidebar Summary –  by Magearray Github

To display the cart summary with product image, price, qty box, add to cart button, etc. right at the fingertips of shoppers.

  • Show block of product details with sticky behaviors
  • Support simple product, simple product with custom options, and bundle product
  • Update price based on customers’ selection

41. Search Autocomplete –  by MageWorx

This module is one of the best Magento 2 search extensions to enhance the user experience by displaying instant search results while customers are entering characters like the Google Search Engine.

magento 2 search extension

Features of this Magento 2 search extension:

  • Determine the search delay period between when customers first enter the character and a search result appears.
  • Product details (name, image, price, short description, etc.) will be shown in a pop-up search result.
  • Sort search results based on relevance, price, or name.
  • Choose the number of products that appear at the same time.
  • An “Add to Cart” button can be set to display in a search result to shorten the checkout process.

42. Testimonials –  by Templates Master

To allows the customer to leave their opinion and rating star to your store. That’s a great way to increase your trustworthiness to the eye of customer and user experience in the process of buying products.

  • Customers can rate a website on a 5-point scale using their Twitter and Facebook accounts, enter the company name and website link.
  • Admin can easily manage the display of testimonial listing in Magento stores.
  • Redirect guests to the page where testimonials are shown.

43. Masonry Responsive Image Gallery – by Vsourz Digital

To take full of control over the rich image gallery. Not only can admin add and manage any number of images but customers can also get more product information.

Masonry Responsive Image Gallery
  • Create unlimited responsive image gallery
  • Add category banner and description to each image gallery
  • Support popup to display image gallery with flexible effects

44. Quick Cloud Zoom –  by IBNAB

Giving online shoppers look closer to the product will be likely to increase the conversion rate.

Quick Cloud Zoom
  • Bring up a zoomed view just by hovering over the product image
  • Improve the UX/UI experience
  • Support user-friendly admin panel

45. Contact Page With Google Map – by Clarion Technologies

To assist some customers to find out the exact location of Magento stores instead of clicking on the Contact page to look for more information.

Contact Page with Google Map
  • Create and modify a Google Map display of store location on the Contact page.
  • Determine the exact location by entering latitude and longitude.
  • Customize Contact page layout with columns and sidebars.
  • Optimize with different devices.

46. XML, HTML Sitemap – by Mageplaza Github

XML Sitemap is one of the SEO best practices to get your Magento 2 stores ranked higher and produced better sales. Now, you can deploy these wonderful features without any fee

XML Sitemap
  • Remove links of CMS page used for Homepage
  • Add additional custom links to the sitemap
  • Define the frequency of update as well as set priority to the group of links
  • Create HTML Sitemap to products, pages, and categories

47. Free Html Sitemap – by Vsourz Digital

Downloading Free Html Sitemap, you will be able to list to your categories in a cascading style. Its main purpose is to make sure that your categories are indexed correctly as well as making your website more user-friendly.

  • Fast install and easy to upgrade without CORE code modifications.
  • Add any number of custom links via the back-end.
  • Enable/Disable categories on sitemap page manage via back-end configuration.
  • Configure CMS pages links on the sitemap page manage via back-end configuration.
  • Enable/Disable contact page link on sitemap page manage via back-end configuration.

48. Category Product Link – by TechDivision GmbH

To simplify the editing process by using the column “Edit” next to each product in the Category Products section. Then, you will be redirected to the product edit page right after tapping this column.

Category Product Link

49. Product List – by Landofcoder

To separate your product lists such as Latest, New Arrival, Special for a searching product by customer’s attention.

Product List
  • Display 2 types of a widget and up to 9 types of product lists.
  • Improve page speed by using AJAX.
  • Easily choose where to display product lists.
  • Modify layout customization and tab effects.
  • Optimize with different devices: Desktop, tablets, phones.
  • Configure rule conditions to determine which products will be shown on screen.

50. Product Attachment – by MagePrince

Vast collections of the best 2 free extensions for Magento 2 are waiting for you to pick!

If you want to provide customers with details on your complex products, you should refer to the free Magento 2 product attachments GitHub extension of MagePrince.

In detail, the Magento 2 product attachments GitHub module supports all popular image, video, audio, document formats. Moreover, you can easily upload user guides, certificates, licenses, tutorials, price lists, and many more. With product attachments, you greatly enhance the customers’ shopping experience.

magento 2 product attachments github-mageprince
  • Enable/Disable extension from a backend
  • Restrict attachments by Customer Groups & Store View
  • Allow enabling/disabling new product attachment tab
  • Present file size for each file on the front-end
  • Add an unlimited number of attachments

51. Brand Extension –  by Landofcoder

This Magento 2 free module is specially released for stores that contain products from different brands like Walmart, Walgreens to show all your brands with logo and a short description to help customers search for the product by brands.

Brand Extension
  • Create multiple brands with names, logos, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Optimize with different devices by using owl carousel for tablet and mobile.
  • Different layout for Magento users to select and modify.
  • SEO-friendly to boost site rank.

52. Scroll To Top –  by Solwininfotech

To create a button that can scroll from bottom to top instantly with just a click. It’s specially designed for long-page sites where customers usually find it annoying to scroll manually

Scroll to Top
  • Set up a “Scroll To Top” button and modify its color, text, images.
  • Support scrolling effects.
  • Choose to place this button on the left or right side of the screen.

53. Mega Menu – by BSS Commerce

Easily to design the button menu in website navigation

  • Provide 3 sub-menu levels
  • Support 3 types of sub-menu: classic, category listing, and content
  • Freely customize Menu URL: category link or custom link
  • Allow adding, delete and edit menu items
  • Insert labels to highlight menu items. For example Hot, New, Sale
  • Freely insert static blocks into the menu
  • Co-developed by BSS Themes

54. Product Images by Customer – by BSSCommerce

Explore this extension to give your customers a chance to experience what actual products look like and decide to place an order without hesitance.

free magento 2 extensions product images by customer
  • Registered users and guests can upload their product images to Magento websites
  • Admin can manage uploaded images: Receive notification emails, perform mass actions (Approve/ Disapprove/ Delete) in a grid table
  • Control the display of approved images in a stunning slider

55. Image Optimizer – by Apptrian

Apptrian Image Optimizer will optimize your images (GIF, JPG, PNG), reducing their file size without losing image quality and speed up your site.

  • Batch Size is the number of images to be optimized per click or cron execution.
  • Paths option is a text area field where you can type paths you want to be scanned for images.
  • Convenient Progress Bar will give you info about the percentage and number of optimized images.

Marketing & SEO – Free Extensions

56. Mailchimp – by Mailchimp

With up to free 12,000 emails per month for under 2,000 subscribers, MailChimp is among one of the most popular email marketing platforms that can implement and manage marketing strategy properly.

  • Sync list and purchase data.
  • Set up marketing automation with abandoned cart email, customer re-engagement email, product follow-up email, and more…
  • Track and segment customers based on purchase history and purchase frequency.
  • View detailed reports on the performance of your email marketing campaign.
  • Grow your audience and sell more stuff with Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns in MailChimp.
  • Create personalized transactional messages—like shipping notifications, invoices, and more—directly through MailChimp.
  • Build your own subscription form.

57. Subscribe At Checkout –  by Mageside

Adding a “sign-up” checkbox to the checkout page for guest customers who can register to your store’s newsletters. That’s really helpful to encourage a customer to engage your store much more

Subscribe at Checkout
  • Add a subscription checkbox with a customized label on the checkout page.
  • Enable/Disable selected checkbox by default.
  • Allow admins to force-subscribe guest customers.

58. Advanced Order Success Page – by Vsourz Digital

With this free extension, your default Magento Thank You page can be transformed into an interactive and engaging page with comprehensive order details and the facility to display promotional offers and custom messages to your customers.

  • Facility to show comprehensive Order Information with Product Information, Tax rates, Shipping Rates, and Discounts
  • Supports Promotional CMS Static Blocks on Top and Bottom section of the page
  • Fully managed and maintained through the Back-end Administration Section

59. Google Tag Manager –  by Mukesh Chapagain

To integrate Google Tag Manager on your store in reducing errors and bugs. Saving time and effort to tracks the business process related to your store’s performance.

Google Tag Manager
  • Tracks views of the product
  • Tracks transaction of the product by SKU, name, category, price, and quantity
  • Tracks the transaction purchase revenue, tax and shipping cost

60. ROI Hunter Easy – by Mukesh Chapagain

Ever heard about Google Remarketing? It’s the latest display advertising format targeting users who already visited your site to set up your remarketing campaign for free

ROI Hunter Easy
  • Register your website to Google Merchant Center
  • Upload your product catalog to Google
  • Verify your website
  • Connect your AdWords account with Google Merchant Center
  • Deploy all dynamic remarketing scripts to your website

61. SMS Alerts Order Notification – by Mobikasa LLC

Among all hot Magento 2 free extensions, SMS Alerts stands out with its ability to update your customers about order confirmation, cancellation, delivery, refund, failed, new product launch, announce, or sale.

  • Have Dashboard to skim through your ongoing SMS alert service
  • Transactional SMS history to check overall SMS updates
  • Secure & authenticate login and password reset procedure
  • Pre-designed SMS templates with customization
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Search SMS by event or status
  • Two-way seller and buyer notification alert
  • Send promotional SMS for mobile marketing
  • Schedule message(s)

62. Amazon SES – by OpsWay

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is one of the most popular and cost-effective email services based on scalable infrastructure. To replace basic Magento 2 mailer with the ability to send all your emails through Amazon SES.

Amazon SES
  • Send transactional emails through Amazon SES service
  • Allow admins to choose Amazon SES endpoint during configuration
  • Send a text message from the extension’s settings tab to see if your configuration is valid

63. Social Share –  by Magebuzz

Social extensions are among the best free extensions for Magento 2 required by online merchants. In the default Magento 2, sharing a product page via a social network is not available. And the extension from Magebuzz is an ideal free Magento 2 solution to make up for this drawback. Once installing the module, you can have

Social Share
  • Social share via Facebook
  • Social share via Twitter
  • Social share via Pinterest
  • Social share via Google Plus

64. Social Login – by BSSCommerce

Update: Now selling at $35 with updated code and FREE installation, FREE lifetime update & FREE 1-year support.

Magento 2 Social Login allows to place social block such as a Facebook widget, Twitter widget, Pinterest widget no matter where your page is in. That way, complex registration will be shortened and streamlined within one or two clicks.

Social Login
  • Support various social media account for customers to log-in when clicks
  • Display social block on any page using a widget
  • Show ajax popup for quick registration or login
  • Set up the display of ReCaptcha to avoid spamming

65. Pinterest Tag – by Cadence Labs

To track the customer journey or target user through an advertisement on Pinterest

Pinterest Tag
  • Easily enable or disable Pinterest Tag
  • Supports Add To Cart and Checkout tracking events
  • Provides line-item level details for Add To Cart and Checkout for audience building.

66. Facebook Pixel – by Cadence Labs

Facebook Pixel is similar to Pinterest Tag in tracking different events on your website and build audiences for Facebook Ads.

Facebook Pixel
  • Enable or disable Facebook event tracking via Magento 2 backend
  • Multiple Facebook Pixel ID’s can be used for different stores
  • Support all Facebook Pixel standard events
  • Tracking is unobtrusive and compatible with most Magento themes

67. Facebook Pixel – by Apptrian

Using their Facebook pixel, you can take advantage of the actions people take on your website across devices to inform more effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

  • Works out of the box just type your Facebook Pixel ID in our extension config.
  • Adds Facebook Pixel to product pages (includes SKU, price, and currency).
  • Adds Facebook Pixel to the customer registration page.
  • Adds Facebook Pixel to the checkout success page (includes SKUs, order total, and currency).

68. Dynamic HTML Sitemap – by BSSCommerce

Just make your store more user-friendly by providing your visitors with a convenient overview of the website. 

free magento 2 extensions dynamic html sitemap
  • Auto-generate HTML sitemap and auto-update if there is any change in the store’s structure
  • Include/Exclude links, products, categories, CMS links in the sitemap
  • Work with Multi-store views

69. Lazy Load – by BSSCommerce

Lazy load extension allows loading product images when scrolling down the pages to reduce loading time for better performance.

free magento 2 extensions lazy load
  • Load product images as scrolling, right on time or before they appear on the screen
  • Offload for server and save internet bandwidth
  • SEO – friendly: Google, Bing, and Yahoo can index lazyload product images

Customer Support – Free Extensions

70. Callback –  by Slava Yurthev

To support the customer with the possibility to call back on your store in case you are not there. Don’t want to lose customers or decrease the store’s revenue? Check it out

  • Allow customers to send a request to call back by filling in a form.
  • Record and remind store admin a list of client requests in the admin panel.

71. FAQ – by MagePrince

To help store owners building trust with the target audience by showing all the customer’s questions and answer in one place that the admin wants.

  • Allow admin to add any numbers of the FAQ.
  • Easy to manage and edit categories anytime.
  • Add faq or faq group with store view or customer group visibility.
  • Enable/ disable status faq category
  • Add images, icons, widgets on the FAQ page.

72. Contact Form – by MageAnts

To build the network between store owners and customers to be more engaged. Customers will easily reach you for customer support.

Contact Form
  • Admin can receive any new contacts from customers via email
  • Create the desired format to receive the data.
  • Easy to take a look at all the requirements in the admin panel.
  • Set the store’s location by Google Maps.

73. Twitter & Facebook Login – by Plumrocket Inc

Twitter & Facebook Login extension for Magento 2 is designed to let your customers quickly login or register.

  • Personalize User Experience with Customer Profile Photo
  • Collect Rich Customer Profile Data
  • Display Social Login on Multiple Pages
  • Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento themes

74. Refund Request by Customer – by BSSCommerce

This extension allows customers to submit a refund request directly on the Customer Account Page.

free magento 2 extensions refund request by customer
  • Allow customers to send a request for a refund from the frontend
  • View and manage all customers’ refund requests on a convenient grid
  • Easily customize the refund request pop-up for customers to submit their inquiries

75. Delete Order – by BSSCommerce

Deleted Order extension allows admin to delete unwanted orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos from the Magento backend by some simple clicks.

free magento 2 extensions delete order
  • Delete multiple orders at once effortlessly
  • All linked data of orders (invoices, shipments, credit memos) are also automatically removed
  • Update order status once Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memos is deleted

76. Login as customer – by BSSCommerce

No request for username or password, no time-consuming ask and answer, now you can login to your Magento store as your customers to detect their shopping problem.

free magento 2 extensions login as customer
  • Allow admin to login to the Magento store under the account of a real customer
  • Allow admin to take actions like the customer usually do
  • Record all login actions for the convenient tracking

77. Delete Orders – by Vnecoms

We – Magento store owners – have to admit that order deleting is never a pleasant task. Default Magento doesn’t allow you to delete the orders with all of its invoices, shipments, memos, and many other related things just in the blink of an eye.

Don’t worry! Delete Orders by Vnecoms, a Magento 2 free extension, will help you clean up your website by offering better delete order tool.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Lightning-fast delete in just one click
  • User-friendly interface

78. The Feedback Company Connect – by Magmodules

The Survey of after-sales customers’feeling plays an important role in developing future sales strategies as well as increasing customer engagement. So, consider free extensions for receiving feedback from customers very carefully.
As a bright candidate, The Feedback Company is a customer rating system where merchants can get feedback and reviews about what the customer thinks of the products and company services.

  • Turnkey The Feedback Company Solution
  • Developed in collaboration with The Feedback Company
  • Come with complete Documentation
  • Display file size for each file on the front-end

Accounting and Finance – Free Extensions

79. B2B Forced Login –  by Ecomwise

Ease of management of customer action by registering a new account when entering your store.

B2B Forced Login
  • Store admin is free to enable/ disable this extension as demand.
  • Require customers to log in or create a new account.
  • Enable customers to view all pages and orders after logging in.

80. CopeX_VatFit – by Roman Hutterer

To assist value-added tax (VAT)  with country code from European customers.

  • Enable automatic assignment to a customer group.
  • Allow Magento 2 to accept VAT with prepended country codes for European countries.

81. AvaTax –  by Classy Llama

Ava Tax is considered the fastest and easiest way to calculate exactly sales tax for a store, even in multiple countries.

Ava Tax
  • Jurisdiction assignment.
  • Address validation.
  • Product taxability.
  • Reporting all transactions.
  • Filing and Remittance.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics 

82. Custom Product Attribute Export –  BY BSSCommerce

Magento 2 Custom Product Attribute Export help to export easily all the custom attribute of products in the CSV file.

  • List custom attributes in different columns in CSV export file
  • Choose specific custom attributes to apply module.
  • Auto-update new custom attributes in module config.
Custom Product Attribute Export

83. Analytics –  by EXTO

Saving your time to publish sale report automatically :

  • Three reports are sales overview, sales by product, and sales by attribute.
  • Comparison feature within products or time periods.
  • The filter can be applied by order status, order creation, or update date.
  • The aggregate data by month, quarter, or year, on the other hand, gives an overview look to watch over your business.

84. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce –  by WeltPixel

It looks like the upgrade version of Google Analytics for Magento e-commerce. The advanced reports plugin can help store admin to add, edit, or remove marketing and measurement tags without the intervention of webmasters.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Integrate and create a tag with Google Analytics, Google Adwords automatically.
  • Follow and manage product impressions and clicks in the Category Page or Search Result Page.
  • Enable to control transactions from configurable products.
  • Manage many times an item is added to the cart or deleted from it.
  • Track every step in the checkout process (Shipping, tax rate, bill address, and so on).
  • Control sales by product attributes, products in stock, or not.

85. Geo Lock – by MageWorx

Listed in this roundup article about the best free extensions, Geo Lock can help you identify shoppers’ geographical locations and allow/deny their access. Thanks to that, Magento store owners will know where your buyers come from and protect your store from any fraudulent customer actions.

  • The MaxMind Geo-Location technology helps unmistakably detect a visitor’s location.
  • Manage store access for various countries and specific IP addresses.

Shipping and Fulfillment 

86. Addressy –  by PCA Predict

Getting an accurate address in shipping information that helps to reduce the fail delivery rate and also fraud orders for customer checking out.

  • Interpret and correct typos without creating annoying popup error messages when an address looks wrong
  • Validate US and international addresses
  • Validate with official delivery point data – from suppliers like USPS and Canada Post.

87. UPS i-parcel International Cart – by UPS i-parcel

To take care of all of your issues including international checkout, currencies, payment methods, fraud handling, and shipping.

UPS i-parcel
  • Delivery to 92 countries through our low cost, asset-light based network
  • Fully Landed Costs at the cart level
  • Rich, event-based tracking and tracing
  • 24/7/365 in-sourced customer service

88. Same Invoice Order Number – by Fooman

For sure, this extension creates a new invoice, shipment, and credit memo automatically that assigned to the same number

Same Order Invoice Number
  • Delivery to 92 countries through our low cost, asset-light based network
  • Fully Landed Costs at the cart level
  • Rich, event-based tracking and tracing
  • 24/7/365 in-sourced customer service

89. Free Shipping Admin – by MageVision

To create a new free shipping method at the backend. If you don’t want to activate or display a free shipping method to the front user. This extension may help you a lot

Free Shipping Admin
  • Free shipping method available only for admin users (backend)
  • Not visible in frontend
  • Method name and title fully configurable

90. MatrixRate Table Rate Shipping – by WebShopApps

The MatrixRate shipping extension enables you to offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their location. Integrated with this free extension, your store can provide your customers with plenty of shipping options and rates.

  • Be the most popular multiple table rates extension for Magento.
  • Customize shipping rates based on geology.
  • Pattern-based zipcode filtering to determine shipping charges.
  • Used widely in the UK, Europe, the US, and Australia.

91. Shipping Flat Rate5 – by InfoBeans Technologies Limited

To solve the problem with the limitation of having only one flat rate shipping method available in Magento. Now admin can provide multiple flat-rate methods based on different prices and conditions.

Shipping Flat Rate 5
  • A set minimum/maximum order amount for the free shipping feature.  
  • Configure the shipping price for each of the flat rate shipping methods in a fixed manner. Admin can select Type and based on the same it can charge to customers.  
  • Add handling fee for the shipping method
  • Enable specific flat rate shipping methods for specific or all countries.  

92. Order Manager –  by IWD

A convenient tool to manage your orders at the backend by modifying the information in the order and then reduce the time to resolve the customer’s request

Order Manager
  • Delete an order from the order page and order grid
  • Edit an order’s status at order view and grid view
  • Edit an order’s customer info
  • Edit the shipping and payment address

93. Request for Quote – by FMEextensions

To help store owners easily to manage quotes from the client and send the exactly estimated cost without the hand-made proposals.

Request for Quote
  • The request form includes essential information for any quote requirement: name, email, brief, phone number, and file attachment.
  • Featured with automatic validation form fields and email alerts for admins.
  • Easily manage the quote request with a handy management interface.

94. Custom Shipping Price –  by FMEextensions

To give you freely the ability to apply any shipping price while creating an order in the admin panel.

Custom Shipping Rate
  • Apply any shipping price to order
  • Apply any shipping description to order

95. Print Order Pdf – by Fooman

To print order in PDF file with all needed information of a customer.

Print Order PDF
  • Generate an “Order Confirmation” PDF from Magento’s Order Overview Screen
  • Generate an “Order Confirmation” PDF from within an individual Order View page
  • Print a single “Order Confirmation” PDF document that contains multiple orders, from the Order Overview screen.

96. Free Invoice PDF Generator – by EaDesign

To put it simply, EaDesign Invoice PDF Generator helps the user download customized PDF printouts.

  • Personalize the invoice PDF printouts for each store.

97. Product View link – by Maghos

This time-saving admin feature helps you no longer need to look for the edits to your products in the frontend to check the changes as you work.

  • Checks the product frontend during its editing.
  • One simple link in the product administration forwards you right to the frontend to have the editing under full control.

98. Email Attachmentsby Fooman

Automatically attach the customer’s order, credit memo, and shipping to PDF file.

Email Attachment
  • Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo pdf documents (with or without comments) to Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo emails
  • Automatically attach your Terms and Conditions (as HTML/text file) to Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo emails

99. Admin Shipping Method – by BSS Commerce

Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method help to customize your shipping method in the back-end of Magento – such as generating free shipping cost for specific products

Admin Shipping Method
  • Create orders in the backend to assign Admin Shipping Method
  • Validate for backend users only
  • Set applicable countries (all or optional)
  • Enable Pre-select

100. Admin Payment Method – by BSS Commerce

Magento 2 Admin Payment Method customizes your payment method in the back-end of Magento – such as automatically creating invoice and order to your customers

Admin Payment Method
  • Create order in the backend using the Admin Payment Method
  • Automatically create Invoice and Shipment
  • Pre-select when admin creates orders
  • Set applicable countries for the admin payment method


In short, there are a lot of free extensions for Magento which are must-have extensions to your store ( in my opinion) that you should try and test it.  Here is some extension I recommend:

  1. Maintain and manage all of your performance stores: Performance Dashboard, Developer Debug Tool, Change Attribute Set and Maintenance
  2. Boost your sale:  Reward Points, Promotion Banner, Web Push Notification, Feature Products, and Price Countdown
  3. Apply Payment gateway and Service for a customer: Mastercard Payment, Cash on Delivery, and Paypal Plus.
  4. Optimize your content and built with customer relationship and experience: Facebook Comments, Magento 2 Yotpo extension -Yotpo Reviews, Price Slider, Magento 2 search extension-Search Autocomplete, Product Link, EU Cookie Law, and Testimonial
  5. Improve marketing strategy and SEO: MailChimp, Subscribe at Checkout, Social Login, and Amazon SES
  6. Support the customer’s request: Callback, Track Order, FAQ and Contact Form
  7. Make a report of your store’s event: Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce
  8. Control the shipping task: Order Manager, Print Order PDF, UPS i-parcel International Cart, and Adressy

Exceptionally, you face a lot of trouble from the default of Magento setting and you want to optimize the functionality and module of Magento 2 in the back-end. They will help you so much! Check these extensions right now!

People also search for Magento 2 quick order GitHub, Customer approval Magento 2 GitHub, Magento 2 call for price extension GitHub, Magento 2 customer attributes extension GitHub, Magento 2 pre order Github, etc. We will update the list soon.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento 2 plugin providers and Magento web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

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