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by Stephanie Greene

If you have a quick look at our recent post 10 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento, then you must be ready to begin your business with Magento. Our professional advice for you is to hire Magento 2 developers, even if you have an excellent command of technology, not to mention, you are a Magento 2 amateur. Ask them to do complicated work and improve your site performance.

Ways To Choose The Most Suitable Magento 2 Developers On Your Limited Budget

Working with the skilled Magento 2 developers is such an idea, yet, the large budget gets on your nerves. As noted in the article How much does Magento 2 cost “, the cost for web development ranges high from $15 per hour up to $250,000 based on what you require and which service you take (freelancer or web agency)

We know your concern. Here, we provide you with 4 questions to get the right Magento 2 developers without spending much. Let’s get started!Magento 2 developers

Four things you should consider when hiring Magento 2 developers

The very first step of any project is to define a framework about which tasks Magento 2 developers are employed for. The more transparent it is, the more comfortable you find the best one.

Let’s me walk you through the top 04 things you should keep in mind when deciding to hire developers for your Magento 2 store!

Parts of your sites you hope developers to help you

With a set of various skills in designing and coding, Magento 2 developers can be hired to do a wide range of jobs such as new design, redesign, frontend features, backend functionalities, website maintenance or upgrade, etc. To get the right developers, you need to create a brief job description clarifying what you expect them to complete

You should know which part of default Magento is good enough and which to add more value.

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A budget for hiring Magento 2 developers

Without a financial plan, the cost might go beyond and hurt your profit. However, hiring cheap while expecting a super talented developer seems unrealistic. Be considerate to compare the up-front cost and long-run value. If it is worth investing in, don’t be so tight.

Our advice is to search for Magento 2 developer hiring posts with similar requirements, go through their budget and set up yours. If the task is massive, you can set up and divide your budget into several parts. Also, you can estimate the budget at an hourly rate when working with freelancers.

A clear deadline for your projects

You must clarify your expected deadline met by Magento 2 developers. The deadline depends on various factors: the complexity of the task, your budget, the extent of professional Magento 2 developers, and so on.

The website development project is frequently prolonged due to unforeseen factors or additional needs. Hence, you should set an earlier due date.

If you are in a hurry, for example, to launch your new stores, hire professional Magento 2 developers to ensure your plan goes smoothly with little out-stretch.

Protect your data when outsourcing

One of the most critical things to consider is data security when outsourcing. Moreover, keep in mind to ensure that your Magento development team provides clear and specific data security policies, as data loss will significantly impact your business.

However, there is no absolute guarantee that someone will not steal your data. To avoid data leakage, all you need to do is request a detailed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when signing the contract.

The NDA is a legal document that both the customer and the Magento development company must sign in order to acknowledge that the project and its critical data will not be shared with anyone outside of the company without permission. This can keep the agency from leaking your information, especially to your competitor.

Where should you pick Magento 2 developers from, Domestic or International?

There is indeed no need to meet Magento 2 developers physically, and every task can be discussed online. As a result, many merchants undervalue the location when hiring developers.

 pick Magento 2 developers

Now, you need to pay more attention since this factor will affect interpersonal communication and the cost.

  • Firstly, communication is the lifeline of any Magento 2 development project. To meet all of your requirements, the developers need to understand what you ask them to do. It doesn’t mean you need to contact domestic developers who have the same first language. You can outsource for international developers as long as their foreign language; usually, English, is good enough.
  • What’s more, the location of Magento 2 developers is an important component of the total hiring cost. For example, in Vietnam, the labor cost is very competitive compared to countries in the EU or the U.S.A, the home to many good Magento development companies. Vietnamese Magento 2 developers’ hourly rate varies from $10 to $20 – very cheap, isn’t it?

In brief, you can consider hiring Magento 2 developers in Asia (Vietnam, India, Singapore, etc.) to reduce your cost, yet ensure excellently. You can contact BSSCommerce – Magento Development Company in Vietnam for more details.

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Does cheap cost mean low quality?

The low service price doesn’t always mean lousy quality. As can be seen above, with the same job, hiring Magento 2 developers in Vietnam is definitely cheaper than hiring an American because of the difference in labor cost. However, if it is unreasonably cheap, you must think twice. Or else, you might pay double to hire professionals to fix the half-hearted work by the earlier low-paid programmer.

If you find a Magento 2 developer who is good on a budget. Let’s check whether he is trustworthy, using the tips as below: 

  • Search for several possible solutions to your problems first: Knowing something about your headache before finding the cure is essential. There are many chances that other people have gotten into similar issues and know effective solutions.
  • Read Magento developers’ portfolio, customer review, and testimonial: Remember to check their experiences when you find potential candidates. It will partly help you figure out whether Magento 2 developers have done good jobs.
  • Ask several questions: Clearly present your problems and requirements. Check the answer. Whether it is comprehensive and reasonable (based on your previous search). A good Magento 2 developer will take the time to explain your issues and offer you several ways to fix them. Also, you can ask them more about their skills and work experience.
  • Test ideal developers with a small project: You may have to pay the extra cost. Nevertheless, a non-critical task is helpful to observe Magento 2 developers in action. Evaluate how effective the candidate is, including interpersonal communication, time spent, the result, and more.

Which to choose: freelance Magento 2 developers vs. agency?

Freelancers-vs-lead-gen-agency.png.limit_.1000x650 (1)

The answer is based on the scope of work Magento 2 developers are hired for, the money and time you plan to spend, quality guarantee, support capability, etc.

The scope of your projects

If your project is small and specialized in specific fields: SEO, checkout, theme, etc., consider hiring one or two freelance developers for cost-effectiveness. Freelance Magento 2 developers often have focused skills and sell what they do best. Hence, you can get the products quickly.

If you are involved in a long-term project, you will need to assemble a team of freelancers. Yet, it’s such a challenge for online merchants to collaborate with them in a team and manage them. Hence, we strongly recommend hiring a Magento 2 developer agency instead. The company can professionally shape up and accomplish the work with an experienced and high tech-savvy team working together on various projects.

The money spent and time expected

Obviously, hiring an entire team is far more expensive than hiring an individual one. However, one freelancer often handles many projects at one time, which is a workload. Under the rush of time, he may fail to complete your task on time or finish it with less satisfying results. That time, you even need to hire other Magento 2 developers to clean up the unexpected bugs. More time and money are required.

About Magento 2 development agency, they often include various certified developers with a set of skills and experiences. As a result, the agency can easily group into a team and solve the problem quickly.

Quality guarantee and ongoing maintenance & support

As noted, a freelancer can be experienced and skilled. He can perform an excellent job and make you totally satisfied. However, there is also the case when you require him for his work’s revision and suddenly realize the one you hire has vanished out of the blue. You may hard to believe, but it happens frequently!

The relationship between online merchants and freelancers is often short-term. Since the freelancer’s salary is hourly, he turns to another once he completes your tasks. Hardly does he repeat the work for revision or upgrade. That time, hiring another means going through the project once again! Hardly does he repeat the work for revision or upgrade.

In contrast, working with an agency often involves a written contract, in which the company must ensure service quality and future support within a specific period. What’s more, you can build a long-term relationship with that agency for future projects. Since they have an overall understanding of your business, they can quickly detect which pieces of your business need to improve and how to perform them without conflicts. Great help!

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Where To Find Magento 2 Developers?

From all the above, you have your own decision on choosing freelancers or development agencies, don’t you? The question coming across now is where to access one. Feel free to consider the following resources.

Where To Find Magento 2 Developers

Find freelancers

The right places to hunt for super talented Magento 2 developers worldwide are Magento 2 communities. Post the job descriptions, your requirements (location, price, part-time, or full time, etc.), browse the potential candidates using the pro tips mentioned above and hire them to work for your success.

  • Commerce Hero: Home to hundreds of Magento developers (heroes) who are available to work for your business.
  • UpWork: A potential place to search for the top talent freelancers from Magento 2 developers, editors, designers, etc.
  • Stack Overflow – Jobs: Not only post any concerns about Magento technical issues, but you can also find freelance developers there.
  • Github – Jobs: You can post a listing of job requirements and evaluate the ideal candidates in a breeze. However, it will cost you $450.00 per listing.
  • Freelancer: Millions of freelance Magento 2 developers are ready to turn your ideas into reality.  

Find agencies

Though hiring a Magento 2 development agency might cost you much at first, you can expect significant profits from high-quality functionalities and premium support. We are pleased to provide you with several channels to get you easily accessed by the best Magento 2 developer team.

  • Magento Partner: Browser Magento partners (solution & technology) and pick your most suitable agency.
  • Magento Insider: Get supported for small Magento 2 development projects from the certified team.
  • Community Hero: Easily sorted to Magento 2 developer agencies by ranking, location, partner type, etc.

Final Words

The content above is the hand-picked information and tips for selecting the best Magento 2 developers for your online store. Bear in mind and make a wise decision!

At BSSCommerce, our best team of passionate Magento Certified and Qualified Developers are willing to be your supportive hand with innovative extensions and website development projects.

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