Top 9+ Paid & FREE Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension – 2022

by Robin Tran

This is our ultimate list of Paid & Free Magento 2 Ajax Cart extensions available on the market. We’ve done our research and placed them against the definition of Ajax cart and carefully evaluated.

But first, let’s talk about these qualifications and why you need an Ajax cart Magento in the first place. 

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What does Ajax and Ajax Cart mean?

Ajax is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This term refers to web development techniques that aim for faster and more interactive web pages/web applications. 


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In addition, Ajax products take direct changes from the user and immediate update to the frontend without reloading the whole page. Because the action occurs behind the scenes, the user will be unaware of the data exchange procedure in the web pages.

When applying to a shopping cart i.e Ajax cart – it’s the ultimate form of an online basket that returns the customer’s interaction with a direct visual update. The deal here is that customers can move on with their current viewing page without any bonus loading time!

Why should you use a Magento 2 Ajax Cart?

Faster loading speed

Rather than putting tasks up to one another, Ajax (Asynchronous) does everything from the same starting point – which makes the total time lapse shorter.


Besides that, instead of delivering the complete page’s information, Ajax makes the most of the server’s bandwidth by downloading particle content. This implies you can pull data from the database and store it in the database in the background without having to reload the page.

And when applied to an online shopping cart, it works the same if not even faster. Using an Ajax Cart Magento will secure your internet bandwidth and provide customers with a smoother transaction on your website.

Hence, it affects website performance and loading speed a lot.

Fill in the gaps of Magento default add-to-cart configuration

There are a few holes within the default setting for add-to-cart in Magento at the category level.

One, customer purchase now has extra steps of going to the product page, choosing their product, then going back to the category looking for other products to observe. Moreover, just think of the loading and reloading time required for those steps.

The minor inconvenience of Magento default is the notification that appears after customers add something to their cart on the category page. It’s on top of the whole page and customers need to scroll up to see it.

Customers must also scroll up to find the mini cart in order to see the total number of items added to the cart. This thing also interrupts the purchasing process of the customer if they want to check before continuing shopping.


Now, what you’ll do with a Magento Ajax Cart will completely flip it off. Customers can add their wanted product + customize them in a single pop-up cart without reloading the whole category page. 


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In addition, customers can see the notifications right at the pop-up which makes the purchase feels earned and honor. 

Not to mention, there’ll be bonus estates that you can promote cross-sell to increase the order’s value. 

Shorten the purchasing journey -> Increase conversion rate

By allowing customers to add to the cart and review their product right at the product listing page, you will create a short cut to the checkout page right there. When you create multiple facets to checkout, your conversion rate will undoubtedly increase.

Decreasing the abandonment cart rate is a big plus point of Ajax cart. You can have an overview of the reasons why customers abandon their cart below. And the reason due to long or complex process accounts for 26%.


And systematically speaking, timing-wise, Magento Ajax cart is an excellent booster that will eliminate the 3rd biggest reason why people do not follow through with their purchases.

With all of the benefits above, let’s explore your options for ajax shopping cart Magento 2 all over the Magento’s providers scene! 

List of Paid & Free Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions – 2022

Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart by BSS Commerce – $79

Ajax Add to Cart for Magento 2 extension offers the main function of adding products to the cart via a popup. It significantly improves user experience by allowing customers to add any product type to cart right from the product list pages. 


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Moreover, it includes several upsell tactics to maximize the order value such as countdown clock, and promote the stream of related products. It wraps 3 punches in 1: more UX improvements, more SEO-friendly, and more sales.

This extension is a bang for your buck. 

Highlight features

  • Add Products To Cart Via A Popup.
  • Revise and customize product right at the pop-up.
  • Adding countdown for FOMO effect.
For the record, this tactic will work better if you using the A-B-C selling strategy, which goes like this.

+ A - the basic product: $10
+ B=2A - the version you want to sell: $15
+ C=3A - the “bait”: $30 

In short, you place a much higher price for a product you don’t care about to deceit people into thinking that they get a deal with the one you actually want to sell. Putting extra pressure with the ticking clock will better seal the deal. 
  • Promote Related, Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Products. 
  • Customize Design & Settings Of Popup.
  • Responsive on tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

Amasty AJAX Shopping Cart – $219

Ajax cart pro Magento 2 by Amasty is truly impeccable on every front – except for the price. This module is expensive but it can save you a lot of time and effort with cart configuration.


There is the possibility to display related product blocks in the pop up to stimulate clients to add more products to the cart. For example, if a camera is the main purchase, suggest a case for it; customers will likely buy both items.

Highlight Features:

  • Easy to understand AJAX truck spring up. 
  • AJAX affirmation window.
  • AJAX discourse window of 2 distinct sorts.
  • Custom alternatives and configurable items support. 
  • Advancement of related things.

Ajax Add To Cart By Mango Extensions – $49

This Ajax shopping cart Magento 2 displays the cart with a pop-up that included a slide of related products to help you boost your sale.


Using the default Magento UI components, there are no bonus libraries needed. In addition,  customers are no longer need to go to the checkout cart and fix their orders. Everything can be edit right at the Ajax cart popup.

Highlight features

  • Utilizations jQuery and jQuery UI capacities.
  • Works with the basic, configurable, pack, assembled, and downloadable items. 
  • Shows the last things included in the shopping cart the discourse box. 
  • Updates the sidebar truck box. 
  • Updates the truck top connection.

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions by J2T Design – $51.99

If you’re on a budget, this Magento cart Ajax extension is for you. 


It has checked every basic box of a simple Ajax cart with the addition of cart confirmation. At the pop-up, customers can choose either to go to the checkout page or continue on their purchasing. 

As for the downside, the last update this module got was in 2017 and as a result, the compatibility is questionable.

Highlight features

  • Add to cart right at the category page (configurable product included).
  • Announce the product’s information for easy to review.
  • Add-in related-product for upsells and cross-sells.
  • Bonus loading animation for better user experience.

Magento 2 Ajax Cart by Plumrocket Inc – $139

This particular Ajax cart Magento module helps you create a smooth transition between adding to cart and continuing shopping. There are no loading pages, no bounce back, and no back-n-forth!


Furthermore, the cross-sell feature is also up for interpretation. You can choose either to show or not the related product within the ajax cart. This way, you can be more strategic with your sales initiative.

Highlight features:

  • Utilizations jQuery and jQuery UI capacities.
  • Works with the basic, configurable, pack, assembled, and downloadable items. 
  • Shows the last things included carting in the discourse box.
  • Updates the sidebar truck box.
  • Updates the truck top connection.

Ajax Cart by Cubet Techno Labs Ltd – $90

This Ajax shopping cart Magento 2 will shorten your purchasing flow down to three-step.


It covers every basic function of a Magento Ajax cart plus the direct to checkout feature. This way, you create an urge for customers to end their purchasing session. 

Highlight features:

  • Support all Magento product types.
  • Don’t reload the whole page for an updating in cart.
  • Preview with the link to the product page.
  • Show transitioning smoothly.

Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart by Mageplaza – $129

If you are finding a simple yet powerful solution, this Magento 2 Ajax add to cart by Mageplaza is a small choice, plus an affordable price and a high-authority provider.


It fulfills the demand for one-page shopping with a lightning-fast mini pop-up window floating when customers click on the “Add to cart” button. No reload, no redirect, all product information, and even ratings and reviews are shown right on the product category page within a quick view window. Also, customers can add products quickly to Wishlist or Compare, and continue their shopping journey without friction.  


Highlight features 

  • Ajax Add to cart
  • Ajax Add to Wishlist/ Compare
  • Quick view pop-up supported
  • Lively animation effects
  • Customize pop-up display
  • Select attributes to display via pop-ups
  • Freely customize to suit the store theme
  • Display reviews and rating through a popup

AJAX Cart by Ulmod – $89

Shoppers on your site will enjoy this Magento cart Ajax version in all its features. 


Not just the listing page, anytime, anywhere, customers can add a product to their cart without any hustle. Follow this up, the module smartly differentiates Magento product types and leaves notes for one that needs special modifications. 

Moreover, after adding to the cart, shoppers get notifications and faced with two options: continue shopping or go to checkout. 

More options – more temptation – more sales!

Highlight features:

  • Ajax Cart Pop-Up On Any Page. 
  • Select Product Options On The Pop-Up. 
  • Flying Image Effect and Quantity Update. 
  • Related and Cross-Sell Product Supported.
  • All Product Type Supported.
  • No Page Reload. 

Aheadworks AJAX Add to Cart Pro – $219

Yes, one more pricey extension – but this Ajax shopping cart Magento 2 is worth its price.


This is by far the least troublesome top setup. Everything you need to do is choosing amongst three options on how you want the Ajax cart to be. 

Rather than that, your customers get a criminally smooth experience while shopping at your shop. No more hustle of going back and forth between category and product page. 

Highlight features

  • SEO-friendly.
  • Reload page free.
  • Quick product specification.
  • Confirmation provided.

Ajax Cart & Quick View by WeltPixel – 0$

Ajax Cart and Quick View is an extraordinary augmentation that upgrades the client experience while perusing your store. And it’s free.


Bonus point, the module comes with a quick view option where you can make a powerful presentation of your product with it.

However, This Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension free is only good enough if your products are not complicated and loaded with variables waiting for customization. If you’re in that business tier, they have a $149 version waiting for you.

Highlight features

  • On/off  Auto-look to top and open Quick truck. 
  • On/off the spring up with Continue shopping/Go to Checkout catches showed after Add to cart is clicked. 
  • Select the Quick view button style. 
  • On/off ‘Go to item’ button in the brisk view outline.

Ajax Cart by Chetu Inc – $0

The ajax add to cart Magento extension free provides online shoppers with a highly functional shopping basket experience. 


Additionally, the cart popup overview allows shoppers to see the product name, amount of items, and subtotal. In the pop-up customers will have the ability to either continue shopping or make any edits they wish to the items before submitting their order. Customers will also have a suggestion section that displays products similar to their choices which can lead to more sales. 

Without the need to reload or re-navigate pages customers will meet shopping demands and get an enhanced shopping experience with increased loyalty building. 

Highlight features:

  • Quick item add-to-cart function without navigating away from the product page.
  • Countdown pop-up timer on the cart.
  • Display product image with selected attributes.
  • Close confirmation popup automatically.

Wrap Up

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So, we’ve just reviewed 9 best paid & free Magento 2Ajax Cart extensions that fit you. Hopefully, the information we’ve provided will help you choose one module that fulfills your needs the most.

Furthermore, you can explore more knowledge about:

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