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Traditionally, the B2B ecommerce business is aimed at desktop or laptop, but from now on, B2B ecommerce mobile app will change the status quo. Taking up 40% of total sales of top organizations and growing 200% faster than ecommerce as a whole, mobile commerce is an opportunity simply too great to ignore.

Overview of B2B Ecommerce Mobile App


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The name is relatively self-explanatory, which includes purchases using mobile applications on devices such as phones or tablets.


Many B2B buyers often do not have convenient access to computers and laptops, because they are on job sites, commuting, etc. And of course, the best way for businesses to connect and provide B2B experiences is through B2B mobile apps.


According to Meticulous Research, the CARG of the global ecommerce market from 2018 to 2025 is an impressive 11.1%, which equals $24,265.12 billion by the end of the period.


The key factors contributing to this rapid expansion are mainly due to increases on the Internet, especially mobile penetration, and shifts in buyers’ demographic to Millenials, who are already preferred to buy online, as Merit suggested.

Why Do You Need A B2B Mobile App?

It is always daunting to adopt a new process when your current one is still doing fine. However, the ability to create a fantastic customer journey is undoubtedly going to make your business more appealing to the customers. And a B2B mobile app is going to do just that for several reasons.

Scalability and Omnichannel


When it comes to B2B, the company should find as many ways to connect to the customer as possible. And creating an omnichannel strategy, where offline and online channels work together to create the best user experience, is the best approach the company can make.


By utilizing B2B mobile apps, the business can create many touchpoints for corporate customers to purchase their products. Information, ordering, and payment can be made with a suitable B2B mobile app and without customers’ need to travel to the store physically.


Therefore, the business’s reach is no longer bound by the location of the stores itself, but now, it can supply anyone, anywhere, anytime. And this enables the ability to scale the business much quicker and much more efficiently.

Purchase Experience to Customers


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Unlike B2C, B2B buyers are busy, as they are often in meetings or commuting and don’t have much time to go shopping. Therefore, these buyers always appreciate a fast and convenient way to place an order, and they would happily pay extra for such an experience.


And B2B eCommerce mobile apps with intuitive features such as barcode scanners, previous purchase info, push notifications, etc., will help B2B buyers greatly with their orders.

Increase in Revenue


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Frequent and repeated purchases are the heart and soul of B2B businesses. And with appropriate in-app features such as repurchase options or push notifications can all encourage customer retention – the key to B2B success.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty


The app’s logo on the customer’s home screen is a great way to remind them of the company. A B2B app also enables the business to carry out digital marketing campaigns, establish brand awareness, and attract more customers.

Win Over Other Competitors


A mobile application is the future of ecommerce, especially for Millennials. Any business that can keep up with the market trend will be successful, gain competitive advantages, and win over other competitors.

Top Features of B2B Ecommerce Mobile App 

As mentioned above, when a B2B buyer decides to use a specific app, they look for the quality of life features that help them save time. These must-have features of an excellent B2B mobile app include:


  • Shopping carts: A shopping cart is a detrimental feature, not just for mobile apps but for any ecommerce platform as a whole. Carts allow the customer to add or save any product for later purchases freely.
  • Easy registration process: is especially important for B2B users compared to B2C, for the same reason above: saving time. A good registration process is one asking for just enough information for the process to remain quick and straightforward. One great way to approach this is to allow sign-ups and logins through external accounts such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Product display: should focus on the transparency of information between vendors and buyers. The products’ descriptions need to be detailed and give the most real-like look to help users get a better understanding of the product. Providing accurate and adequate information is a great way to increase the purchase rate, decrease returns, and capture customer satisfaction.
  • User-friendly experiences: with 90% of users willing to repurchase from a vendor with superior mobile experience, having these features can make or break the app. A vendor selling the best products could potentially never reach the customer if the app is a pain to use. A great experience also helps the company increase its customer retention as well. 

Highly Recommended B2B Ecommerce Mobile Apps

This section will give you some recommendations for B2B eCommerce mobile apps in terms of 3 categories:

  • For sales activities
  • For business management
  • For mobile app establishment

For Sales Activities

#1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is super necessary for any B2B business in terms of sales. It enables businesses to create their potential list and narrow down searches for new leads in various categories, for example, company, title, industry, region, etc.


In other words, the B2B mobile app will help businesses to reach and get the right person. It is totally worth it for outbound sales. The app is highly recommended, one of the top-rated in 2020.

#2. App4Sales


App4Sales makes it easier to see your entire catalog and sell items via mobile phones or tablets. With App4Sales, manually entering the sales list is a thing of the past. All the works related to logistical handling will be done automatically, which is much more straightforward and time-saving.


The mobile app includes various functionalities that can simplify the sales process. Specifically, the use of Google Maps will create an overview of the currently available supply that helps you avoid sold-out items. Additionally, you can fasten the sales process as the app is integrated into your ERP system.


More importantly, App4Sales comes with a beautiful design that can attract customers at first sight. Then, why don’t you give it a try? It’s worth it.

#3. ICONPARC B2B Sales App


All things will be put in just a small phone or tablet is the main purpose of B2B Sales App. Understanding the difficulties of B2B business that they cannot handle works while being on the go, ICONPARC has developed this helpful mobile app.


The app supports you even if there’s no Internet connection. Hence, you can be available at any time to timely deal with problems. It supports your sales process from A to Z, helps you focus on your customers, and enables the transfer of customer and product data as well as other data to your ERP system.


However, the mobile app runs on Android devices and only available on Google Play. Therefore, it is limited to iOS users.

For Business Management

#1. LinkedIn Pulse App


LinkedIn Pulse App allows business owners an effective way to establish their reputation. LinkedIn is utilized by 92% of all B2B marketers in their digital marketing strategy, as DemandWave suggested. This is a great way to reach and earn credibility to a broad audience and attract positive attention through blog posts, news stories, and insights from LinkedIn’s relevant networks.


Furthermore, Pulse posts are specifically designed to reach relevant people in the industry across the globe, without any fees.

#2. HootSuite Mobile App for Monitoring Social Media Activities


Any business needs to have an appropriate reaction to the customers’ feedback to their products or services. Sometimes, the best way to acquire feedback is through social media. And Hootsuite Mobile App makes it easier to keep track of all of them, allowing users to keep track of all aspects, from curating contents and scheduled posts to reporting on specific metrics.


Hootsuite can help manage on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others, all free of charge.

#3. Asana Mobile App for Project Management


Asana Mobile App is a great app to organize work within the team to ensure that every member’s roles and obligations are clear and keep the project on track. Asana provides intuitive goals and plans design and allows managers to keep an eye on the project’s progress to find potential issues and keep the team working as smoothly as possible.

#4. Webex Mobile App for Video Conferencing


If the team is busy or members are far away, making meetings hard to organize, Webex is a great solution. It is a simple but powerful tool that enables the team to host and conduct meetings anywhere, using just a mobile app.


Webex Mobile App also allows team members to send messages and share files for convenient access. The app can also significantly reduce travel and office expenses while remaining the same quality as regular meetings.

#5. Google Analytics for Mobile Apps for Monitoring Performance


A lot of work is required to manage a website or app, specifically when it comes to finding out about the traffic generated through the website and by whom.


To help businesses resolve this issue, Google Analytics for mobile apps is a potent and convenient tool to track the businesses’ performance wherever and whenever you are. It allows business owners to look up any analytics properties just as on computers and laptops.


With the app, one can check and save critical metrics in built-in reports by Google, track real-time data, compare data of different dates or segments, construct a report with any metrics and dimensions provided, etc.

#6. Dropbox Mobile App for Cloud Storage


Previously, files are often kept at a secured computer in the office, making it hard to access if one wants to access this information on the go.


And thus, Dropbox Mobile App is the perfect solution to connect the files in the office and the mobile phone’s convenience. All files stored on the computer, including customers’ profiles, excel sheets, and other important documents can also be accessed on a mobile phone at any time. 

#7. Salesforce Mobile App for CRM


Good customer relationships are essential in retaining customers, and even more so for B2B businesses. And managing this can be achieved through the Salesforce Mobile App’s reliable and robust CRM solution using sales and profit management.

For Establishing A Mobile App

B2BeCONNECT Mobile App


The B2BeCONNECT Mobile App is a powerful ecommerce solution that can help transform any ecommerce website store into a user-friendly and full of feature B2B app. B2B marketers and business owners can easily maintain data and seamlessness within the website and the app through B2BeCONNECT.

The app works with multiple ecommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., and helps the sellers keep up with the transition to Mobile Commerce.

Focusing on a quick and simple purchasing process for the buyers, the application eases complicated processes of Product Category Management, Order Placement, Cart Management, and Shipment to free up their valuable time.

Magento 2 Mobile App Solution

Not only B2B features but with any of your requirements, Simicart Mobile App can quickly satisfy. With 10 years of building native mobile apps for Magento 1 & 2, Simicart has a standard base with essential functions. From there, they will customize and add more functions based on your requirements.

The app provides flexible home layouts with 3 options suitable for various industries. Moreover, the app helps you to decrease cart abandonment by offering seamless checkout and a wide range of payments.

Ideally, for SEO purposes, it makes your mobile app available in Google search and quickly spreads the word in multiple channels.

Let convert your existing website into a Magento 2 B2B mobile app from scratch.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we want to say that B2B eCommerce mobile app is a trend that you cannot overlook. It is much easier and more convenient for you to manage your business. Therefore, please take this information into careful consideration and make a decision.

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