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Top Magento 2 Mobile App Extensions in 2022

by Stephanie Greene

When you search Magento 2 Mobile App Extension or Magento 2 mobile app builder, you already know how important mobile optimization is. You might even read our previous blog about this topic, didn’t you?

In this article, BSS Commerce features the top Paid and Free Magento 2 Mobile App Extensions for your choices in 2022.

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Free Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 Mobile App Extension has the flexibility to scale the store in the future, which means that stores with a few products can easily increase to tens of thousands of products and multifarious unique behavior without having to change their platforms. The Magento2 mobile app also has a number of plug-ins and themes that improve the user experience.

Magento 2 is the most popular ecommerce platform since it allows you to create a full-featured app and website with minimum effort. This is why Magento 2 is presently used by more than 20,569 websites. As Magento2, the old Magento has been torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

A standard Magento 2 mobile app extension will create a mobile application automatically so that the customers can shop quickly via their smartphones without searching or entering the website address via the search engines.

Such the app will sync with your Magento 2 website, so all customer databases, categories, products, orders, and CMS content will be instantly updated.

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Here we bring 3 FREE Magento 2 Mobile App extensions under your fingertips.

SimiCart Mobile Magento App Builder



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SimiCart has developed a complete solution to build a Magento 2 Mobile App from A to Z. In this free version, they provide you with some basic-but-interesting to fascinate your customers’ experiences on their mobile:

  • Integrate the app with your Magento 2 website to transfer all product types, management of inventory, gallery, product sorting & filtering
  • Configure your targeted localization with multiple store views, multiple languages, multiple currencies, right-to-left language switch
  • Customize your app layout (3 built-in themes and two layouts of the product page)
  • Work with common payment methods
  • Be responsive
  • Other features: app coupon, reward points, product label, push notifications, etc.

Although this Mobile App extension is free to download, you have to subscribe to an account to get the access key.

Knowband Android Mobile App Builder


Another FREE Magento 2 Mobile App extension to burden your technical work.

  • For the Android operation system
  • Customizable layout/font/color of the home screen
  • Interesting promotion features, such as countdown timer, featured product display, push notification, social share, subscription popup, etc.
  • User-friendly experiences: Social Login, Login by OTP & Fingerprint, navigatable add to cart button, right-to-left multi-lingual settings
  • Real-time inventory management thanks to automatic synchronization
  • Smooth checkout flow with one-step checkout & multiple shipping/payment options

Magento 2 JMango360

When listing free of charge Magento 2 app builder extensions, Mobile App Builder by JMango360 is on the winning list. 


It allows developers at all skill levels to build a rich, mobile commerce business application. The JMango360 provides:

  • User-friendly shopping cart experiences
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop features that accelerate the app creation process
  • Able to construct applications among multiple devices from a single-code base
  • Synchronize all products, prices, descriptions, pictures, stock levels, user management, shipping, and payment method setups between apps.
  • Unlimited push messages.
  • Continuous upgrade & updates would help the integrations with new releases and features on Magento updates.

One thing to note is that while JMango360 allows you to create your application with no fee charged, it requires you to pay monthly fees of $299 for Magento Open Source (CE) / $599 for Magento Commerce (EE) once you publish your app.

MageNative Mobile App Builder



MageNative App Builder brings the solution to your devices. It transfers your store website onto mobile devices apps without compromising core functionality. Its features and functionalities do provide:

  • Attractive and User-friendly design.
  • Multi-lingual and RTL Supports.
  • Similar to JMango360, MageNative also has the synchronization function with your website.
  • Filter and Search for a product based on its name, description and category
  • Have Bar Code/ QR Code Reader and Scanner function
  • Have push notifications available to draw customers’ attention towards your app

Overall, MageNative App Builder can be your app choice if you are looking for a well-designed mobile app builder which has plenty of features and functions that benefit your business.

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Best Paid Magento 2 Mobile App Extensions

Free Magento 2 Mobile App Builders are good to start. However, you will need more advanced tools when your business and customer database grows significantly.

Don’t go cheap to win customer experiences.

AppJetty MageMob App Builder for Magento 2

AppJetty-MageMob-App-Builder-Magento 2

First off, AppJetty MageMob Builder has all features like that of SimiCart and Knowband.

  • Live synchronization to ensure a comfortable omnichannel experience
  • Multi-language support with RTL functionality
  • Dynamic layouts and selection of themes
  • Eye-catchy push notifications and alerts

More excitingly, there are add-ons features that are worth paying more:

  • Secure & quick user-profile management
  • Effective product listings and showcases (work with all Magento 2 product types)
  •  One page checkout with user-friendly navigation and flexible shipping/payment methods       
  • Friction-free order management right on smartphones
  • For both Android and iOS devices

Mobikul Magento 2 Mobile App Builder from Webkul


The Mobikul Magento 2 App Builder builds native applications on Android and iOS devices. Your apps can then be published and downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and your data between the webshop and apps are synchronized. Mobikul Magento 2 App Builder has some distinctive features that you might want to consider:

  • Supportive of 6 product types of Magento 2: Simple, Grouped, Bundled, Configurable, Virtual product, and Downloadable product.
  • Designing initiative with interactive banners, category carousels, featured product carousels, and new product carousels.
  • Includes filtering and product search optimization.
  • Supports Magento 2 default shipping and payment methods – phone, cash on delivery, money order, and personal cheque.
  • Multi-language and RTL Supports

If you want to know why you should think about building your Magento Mobile Apps now:

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Mobicommerce Magento App for Mobile

As its name might already suggest, Mobicommerce focuses all its time and effort on leveraging customer experiences in mobile.

With Magento 2 Mobile App, Mobicommerce provides all necessary tools at your fingertips so that you can build and publish your Magento 2 app in hours.

  • Localization features: multi-lingual settings, multi-store setups, and multi-currency support
  • Make-shopping-quick functionalities: Social/guest login, advanced product filter, shipping charge estimation, reorder button, etc.
  • Effective promotion tactics: push notifications, deep links, banners, sliders, coupons, and social sharing
  • Quick and secure connection with common payment gateways
  • Advanced reports: Google Analytics & Mobile App Order report

What we like the best about this Magento 2 Mobile App is the DIY Layout Editor. It allows designing your unique Magento app with advanced editing features, built-in themes, masonry grid view, and easy-to-use CMS pages.

SimiCart Progressive Web App for Magento 2

Besides the standard Free Mobile App Builder, SimiCart has also developed a Progressive Web App to upgrade your Magento 2 website with top-notch PWA technology.


What to expect?

  • Invest in Magento app experiences
  • Browse instantly on any device, especially on mobiles
  • Provide reliable experiences across all network conditions

What to do?

  • Customize the PWA to fit your brand. 3 built-in themes are available
  • Localize the Magento app using multi-location features
  • Integrate Magento 2 PWA app with common payment gateways, social media, and analytics solutions
  • Target your potential customers with advanced promotion tools, for example, Google deep links and smart banners
  • Enrich the shopping experience from product browsing to checkout: voice search, wishlists, address autofill, QR scanner, and quick checkout
  • Leverage customer loyalty and retention using store locator, coupon code, reward points, and push notifications.

Make A Decision

The cost to build a basic Magento PWA can range from $3,000 to $35,000. Not to mention, you should have some knowledge of mobile UI/UX to craft the right plan. If you want to fasten the development, you have to invest more.

Thankfully, you do not need to break a bank with five paid and free Magento 2 Mobile App extensions we have introduced you above. Take a look at every Magento app, request a demo, and give it a try. If you need any help, we are willing to give you a helping hand.

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