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8+ Best Magento 2 Blog Extensions to Drive More Organic Traffic in 2024

by nkhuyen

Blogging and search engine optimization (SEO) play crucial roles in enabling online businesses to achieve a top position on the search result page. Having a blog is a great way to start a content marketing strategy. Thanks to creating content and optimizing it for search engines, you can effectively engage potential customers. Furthermore, you can share articles, guides, and blog posts further enhancing the reach and impact of your content.

However, keep in mind that Magento, while excelling in eCommerce, does not offer a built-in blog feature. To add blogging functionalities to your Magento website, you need to install an extension specifically designed for this purpose.

In this post, BSS Commerce will introduce the list of the 8+ best blog extensions for Magento 2 businesses and some main factors to consider when choosing the best Magento 2 blog extension. Now, let’s delve into:

Why Should Integrate Blog Extensions for Your Magento Store?

Below are the 4 main reasons why you should integrate blog extensions for your Magento store:

Why Should Integrate Blog Extensions for Your Magento Store

#1. Increase organic traffic

Adding a blog extension to your Magento store is a great method to boost organic traffic. Thanks to consistently sharing valuable and pertinent content, you can draw in target customers seeking information about your offerings resulting in higher sales.

#2. Enhance SEO performance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential action when going to build an online store. When integrating a blog extension into your store, you can enhance its SEO performance significantly. Blog posts offer the opportunity to strategically include relevant keywords, which can boost your store’s ranking in search engine results. As your store climbs higher in the rankings, it gains greater visibility and attracts more organic traffic to your website.

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#3. Increase brand visibility and value

Through the sharing of useful content, you have the opportunity to set up your brand as an authority in your industry, fostering greater trust and loyalty from your customer base. Also, sharing blog posts on different social media channels can expand the reach and visibility of your brand even more.

#4. Build a reliable reputation

Integrating a blog into your online store can play a crucial role in establishing a trustworthy image for the Magento store. When you consistently deliver valuable content, you showcase your commitment to customer education and satisfaction.

Therefore, integrating blog extensions into your Magento store is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your online presence. If you’re looking to elevate your Magento store to the next level, find a reliable blog extension. In the next part, BSS Commerce will review a detailed list of the top 8+ best Magento 2 blog extensions from reputable developers.

Best Magento 2 Blog Extension: A Comprehend Review of Top 8+

These extensions include:

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Review Pricing Version


Blog extension for Magento 2 by Aheadworks 5.0/5 $280 2.21.0
  • Open Source 2.4.4 – 2.4.6
  • Commerce 2.4.4 – 2.4.6
Magento 2 Blog Extension by Magezon 5.0/5 $129 1.0.3
  • Community Edition: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
  • Enterprise Edition: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Blog MX for Magento 2 by Mirasvit 4.5/5 $219 2.1.0
  • Community: 2.3.* – 2.4.6
  • Enterprise: 2.3.* – 2.4.6
SEO Friendly Blog by FME Extensions 5.0/5 $89 1.3.4
  • Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Blog Extension For Magento 2 by Mageants 5.0/5 $89 2.0.1
  • Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
Blog Extension For Magento 2 by Magebees 5.0/5 $49 v1.0.6
  • Magento 2.4.6 version
  • Magento open source/enterprise/cloud: 2.2.x – 2.4.x
Magento 2 Blog Extension by Mage Array 5.0/5 $129 1.1.5
  • Magento 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Magento 2 Blog Extension by Cmsmart 5.0/5 $99.86 N/A
  • N/A

Blog Extension for Magento 2 – Aheadworks

Magento 2 blog extension by Aheadworks

The Magento 2 blog extension by Aheadworks developer is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the operations of the content, publishing, and SEO departments within your business. Whether you want to initiate a blog or import an existing one from WordPress to your Magento 2 store, the best Magento 2 blog extension by Aheadworks provides numerous configuration options to optimize your content and boost organic traffic.

Highlight Features

  • Improve mobile experience with PWA support
  • Enhance your blog content by adding Magento widgets
  • Easy to import or export posts, categories, and authors using CSV files
  • Highlight posts by pinning them to the top of your blog or category page
  • Add featured images as thumbnails for blog posts, recent posts, and related posts
  • Create blog page content using WYSIWYG, Page Builder, or Buildify tools accessible from the blog post settings
  • Seamlessly navigate through your blog using the category tree visible on both the backend and frontend
  • Keep your customers engaged by displaying related articles and new posts on your blog pages
  • Create visually appealing category pages by adding descriptions and graphics
  • Build a loyal reader community and allow users to stay up-to-date with the RSS feed
  • Save time and efficiently manage your posts in bulk by assigning them to authors, changing their status, or deleting them
  • Boost your SEO rankings with JSON-LD markup support

Magento 2 Blog Extension – Magezon

Magento 2 Blog Extension Magezon

The Magezon blog is a great extension that caters to a wide range of target demographics through its innovative content solutions. With this Magento commerce extension, you can establish a blog for your eCommerce store without relying on external platforms such as WordPress.

Highlight Features

1. Customizable blog page layout

  • Customization options for Post, Category, Tag, Comment, Author, Archive, and Search Page with support for 4 layouts
  • Adjust the date format according to your local preferences
  • Enhance the overall look of your customers by selecting your preferred main color from the color palette
  • Enable RSS feeds to help customers stay informed about new updates and easily follow your articles

2. Perfect blog navigation

  • Pin your blog to the top allows readers to easily navigate to the posts with one click
  • Set up and edit categories with a hierarchical algorithm
  • Improve the accessibility of your blog posts by utilizing category-top navigation and blog breadcrumbs
  • Optimize your blog’s sidebar settings by grouping posts into Categories, Archives, Tags, or Featured Posts to maintain a tidy layout

3. Full control over posts.

  • Maintain a comprehensive grid to track all the information of posts, including Title, URL key, Author, Publish Date, and more

4. Advanced SEO performance

  • Seamlessly integrate with Magento’s default XML Sitemap
  • With the canonical tag, search engines are informed that a specific post URL represents the primary version of another post, eliminating concerns about duplicate content issues
  • Easy to set up the Route & URL suffix for each blog page according to your preferences
  • Boost your blog’s ranking by optimizing your URL Key with SEO-friendly and simple texts
  • No restrictions when configuring the Magento 2 SEO checklist (Title, Description, Keywords…), allowing fully optimized blog content

Blog MX for Magento 2 – Mirasvit

Blog MX for Magento 2 Mirasvit

Blog MX by developer Mirasvit offers a comprehensive set of tools for blogging. It is the best Magento 2 blog extension for delivering valuable content to your customers, enhancing your store’s search engine rankings, and attracting organic traffic to your website.

Highlight Features

1. Enhance the efficiency of your blogging workflow

  • Assistance for page builder
  • Ensure the publication of refined content
  • Multiple stores and languages supported
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Plan your publishing

2. Create a visually distinctive and user-friendly blog on Magento

  • Browsing with a multi-level structure
  • Quickly search through blog content
  • Customize the blog layout effortlessly with drag-and-drop
  • Use ready-made widgets for fast blog design
  • Enhance your Magento 2 blog with extensive design options and personalized widgets
  • Showcase blog posts on your store pages
  • Build credibility with author profiles
  • Encourage to share blog posts
  • Increase engagement by allowing comments on your blog

3. Boost your visibility on Google thanks to built-in SEO capabilities

  • Ensure blog posts are optimized for Google
  • User-friendly interface optimized for meta tags
  • Automatically generate SEO-friendly URLs
  • Keep your sitemap updated to notify Google about new blog posts
  • Use rich snippets to showcase the engagement level of your blog articles to Google
  • Ensure blog posts are fully SEO-optimized
  • Acquire a professional blog for your Magento 2 store

SEO Friendly Blog – FME Extensions

SEO Friendly Blog FME

SEO Friendly Blog by developer FME is an excellent extension for sharing engaging content on your eCommerce site to draw in, inform, and convert visitors. This tool enables the use of categories to categorize articles into various topics and enrich your content with images and videos.

Highlight Features

  • Add categories for organizing content
  • Browse posts by specific authors
  • Add videos and link them to articles, insert or embed videos in the gallery, provide a video title and brief description; upload a thumbnail image
  • Manage the image gallery for blog posts
  • Set up SEO options for blog entries
  • Personalize the camera slider for a more attractive blog
  • Activate sections to highlight comments and articles
  • Encourage reader engagement with the commenting feature
  • Enable RSS feed for blog updates
  • Integrate articles section into product pages
  • Showcase social media links such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Design a layout for your articles

Blog Extension For Magento 2 – Mageants

Magento 2 blog extension Mageants

The Magento 2 blog extension developed by Mageants allows you to monitor your store using dynamic content solutions exclusively within Magento 2. Its user-friendly Magento admin interface allows for easy management of all blog-related elements, such as posts, categories, tags, comments, and authors. It can be claimed that this extension serves as a powerful marketing tool that utilizes advanced SEO strategies to create compelling content and draw in a larger customer base.

Highlight Features

  • Customize your blog page content by including featured posts, recent posts, and more
  • Design your blog with relevant products, dates, search functionality, and more
  • Use a widget to showcase blog posts on your website
  • Enable customers to leave comments on blog posts for enhanced interaction
  • Use a blog to offer comprehensive information about your store to customers

Blog Extension For Magento 2 – Magebees

Magento 2 Blog Extension by MageBees

Having a blog in your eCommerce store serves as a means of communication with customers and provides an opportunity to present your products. With the best Blog Extension for Magento 2 developed by MageBees, you can effortlessly create and efficiently manage new blog posts. This extension eliminates the need for any external third-party framework to establish a blog section within your Magento store. Therefore, with the MageBees extension, your business can benefit from a comprehensive blogging tool that is both SEO-friendly and social media-friendly.

Highlight Features

  • Choose between grid or list views for displaying posts
  • Easily navigate through month archives using the sidebar widget with customizable admin settings
  • Enhance your SEO website with advanced permalink options for creating search engine-friendly URLs
  • Seamlessly import or export posts with all data included directly from the admin panel
  • Display post details such as title, date, author, image, description, categories, and tags on the post detail page
  • Utilize the URL rewrite feature to map old URLs to new ones for improved website organization

Magento 2 Blog Extension – Mage Array

Magento 2 blog extension Mage Array

Nowadays, blogging has become one of the most effective marketing strategies. With the Magento 2 blog extension developed by Mage Array, you can enhance your online store with powerful blogging functionality. Therefore, when integrating a blog into your online store, you have the opportunity to create engaging articles about new product launches, upcoming releases, or any other information you want to share with your customers and visitors.

Highlight Features

  • Organize your blog posts into categories to facilitate navigation
  • Opt to assign Meta information to each category, which can greatly benefit your website’s SEO
  • Display your posts based on the year and month they were published, providing a chronological view of your blog’s content
  • Customize the layout of both the list page and the detail page directly from the admin panel
  • Arrange your posts in either a grid or list format
  • Position widgets such as Categories, Latest Post, Popular Post, and Search in either the left or right sidebar, or incorporate them into any CMS block or page as desired

Magento 2 Blog Extension – Cmsmart

blog extension for Magento 2 Cmsmart

Are you seeking a method to attract a larger customer base to your store? The blog extension for Magento 2 by Cmsmart offers the ideal solution for this issue. This is an essential tool for every online store using Magento, aiming to enhance growth and improve search engine optimization. Upon installation in the Magento backend, it enables the creation and management of blogs, categories, posts, and comments effortlessly. With these standout functions, M2 Blog by Cmsmart is listed in the collection of the best Magento 2 blog extensions for 2024.

Highlight Features

  • Support for the multistore blog in Magento
  • Responsive layout design
  • Allow sharing posts on social networks
  • Customer comment management
  • Create unlimited blog posts on your Magento website
  • Compatibility with any theme
  • Display of related products
  • Display of recent Magento blog posts
  • Related Magento blog posts
  • Content navigation using tags and categories
  • Customize the column on Magento blog page

5+ Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Blog Extension for Magento 2 Store

Below are over 5 main factors to consider when choosing the best blog extension for Magento 2 store. These factors are necessary for the smooth operation of a thriving blog:

1. SEO (Search engine optimizations)

Adding SEO features is crucial for the blog extension. Without them (the meta title and description), the SEO optimization of the blog post for search engines is not possible. For instance, adding elements like XML maps, URLs, permalinks, keywords, meta titles, meta tags, and others is very useful for SEO. Also, there is another Magento 2 extension that can handle all of those tasks of SEO, namely the Magento 2 SEO extension. You can consider the Magento 2 SEO extension by BSS Commerce, for example.

2. Support for multiple languages

If the extension does not offer a social media share button, you need to obtain a separate plugin to enable this function. You can use third-party apps that can be installed by inserting a code into your website. However, BSS Commerce highly recommends using extensions that have an in-built social media share button, so you should check if the extension provides this feature or not.

3. Customization options

Customization options such as layout designs, the capability to add or remove widgets, and the ability to incorporate shortcodes into the sidebar are some of the elements you should consider when seeking customization.

4. Import and export

The next factor to take into account is the significance of the import and export features. If the extension restricts the user from transferring their content, do not use it. There may arise unforeseen circumstances where you need to alter or eliminate the blog extension from your website, and in such cases, the extension should allow you to export your content.

5. Update frequency

Take into account the frequency of extension updates when selecting the best Magento 2 blog extension. Regular updates serve as an indication that the developers are actively maintaining the extension, addressing any bugs, and introducing new features. This is a crucial factor to ensure that your blog continues to function properly and stay in line with the latest Magento version.

6. Request a money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee is another crucial factor to ensure that, if a blog extension fails to meet your expectations or creates complications for your store, you have the option to receive a reimbursement. It serves as an indication of the developer’s belief in the quality of their product and their dedication to ensuring customer contentment.

Thanks to carefully considering these factors, you can choose the extension that is most suitable for your requirements and offers the greatest benefits for your Magento store.

Wrapping Up – Best Magento 2 Blog Extension

Nowadays, many eCommerce businesses are using content marketing and blogging to reach their target audience. Blog articles, in most cases, written with sought-after keywords, succeed in obtaining higher positions in search results. Also, almost all customers are more comfortable buying something online from a website that has a blog, which is a good indication for those who are seeking a reliable Magento 2 blog extension.

BSS Commerce hopes that the 8+ best blog extensions for Magento 2 provided in this post are useful for you. With these options for extensions, you can choose the best Magento 2 blog extension to cater to your requirements. Moreover, do you need more conversion-driven Magento 2 extensions, come with our collections of helpful extensions for Magento 2. Lastly, don’t miss out on the latest posts on our site to gain a better understanding of the Magento industry.

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