Top 5 Magento Addons To Be A Winner In The Dropshipping Business

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Here is a list of the 5 best Magento addons that can help your store succeed in the dropshipping business. 

Dropshipping has become a new trend. 

With dropshipping, you can run a business with only an online website. There is no need to keep goods in stock. Instead, products will be maintained and shipped by  a manufacturer or a wholesaler.

This way, as a merchant, you can reduce warehouse-related costs. And it is necessary to mention that dropshipping is very popular among small businesses.

If you think that this strategy suits your business needs best, you should install a Magento 2 drop shipping extension.

In the market, there are hundreds of Magento 2 dropship extensions. We understand that it is really a challenge to choose the module that is the best and most suitable for your business. 

That is why we wrote this article to introduce to you a detailed list of the top 5 best Magento 2 addons for dropshipping.

The list is collected based on rating, price and specific features.

Let’s checkout!

Introduce Of Dropshipping


Dropship (or dropshipping) is a popular order fulfillment model in which a store imports products from third-party vendors and sells them on their ecommerce stores.

In this model, ordered products are shipped directly from the supplier to customers. Thus, store owners can cut the costs and liabilities of stocking the products.

In short, dropshipping can be described in 4 simple steps:

  • Sell items on your online store
  • A customer orders and pays you for the product.
  • You forward the order information to the supplier
  • The products are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer by your name

Benefits of dropship

Dropship can enhance your business success in the following ideas:

  • Low capital: Obviously, when you apply the dropship model, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in warehouses, transportation or manufacturing.
  • Flexible places: With dropship, you don’t need to worry about choosing a suitable location to set up your stores. You just need a computer with wifi connection to set up an online store wherever you like.
  • A wide range of product offerings: With dropship, you can work with any supplier and sell any product. Thus your customers will have unlimited product options.
  • Simple scale enlargement: You just need to choose suppliers, and they will do the rest of the work for you.

Drawbacks of dropship

  • Low productivity: Because dropship is easy to get started, you will have to face many competitors, thus affecting your profit.
  • Inventory control: It is hard for you to keep track of inventories because you don’t own factual stocks.
  • Shipping issues: If your customers order items from multiple suppliers, you need to forward the same orders many times and face some extra shipping fees.
  • Supplier’s errors: In the selling process, if there are any unexpected errors from your suppliers, you will be the person to take responsibility for it.

Notes When Choosing Dropship Magento Addons


If you think you are ready to do dropshipping, you will need to install a Magento dropship extension to start.

Currently, there are so many Magento addons for dropshipping. But before choosing one, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Reliable source: You need to make sure that the extension is from a trusted and reputable source.
  • Price: Only choose an extension that is affordable for you. You also should compare pricing and features to find the best one.
  • Feedback/rating: Check the feedback and ratings. Those will give you a fair idea about the extension.

5 Best Magento Addons For Dropshipping

Dropshipping Magento addons by Amasty


Price: $399/first year then $245/year

Support: Free 1-year support

Amasty offers a powerful solution for setting up a dropshipping business model on a Magento 2 website.

The dropshipping Magento extension enables store owners to create a drop shipper base with an unlimited number of third-party suppliers located in different regions.

It also automatizes orders distribution among product vendors. Store owners also can allocate order delivery manually if they find it necessary.

Besides, you can separate products from different sellers in one order.

For inventory management, this module provides an advanced tool for synchronizing virtual and physical stocks in each warehouse. 

Moreover, it offers a smart algorithm to calculate the most accurate and advantageous shipping rates based on the distance. 

We also want to mention that this extension lets store owners limit access to orders for a specific drop shipper, which allows processing customer orders in the most secure way.

Also, you can enable automatically sent emails to vendors on the order placement or send emails to notify customers about the shipment of products.

Magento addons for dropshipping by Boost My Shop


Price: €290

Support: Free 3-month support

Boost My Shop offers another reliable extension for dropshipping with lots of useful features.

This module provides seamless supplier price and stock import. It can help you choose the cheapest supplier automatically.

Each email to third-party suppliers includes all customer information. 

Besides, this addon can be connected to a remote FTP server for remote supplier data import and management. You can import history, too.

Note that this extension is a part of the Embedded ERP Extension Suite, so it doesn’t work as a standalone module. This is probably the most significant drawback of the extension.

However, Embedded ERP Extension Suite is one of the top warehouse management systems. So if you also need a full solution for warehouse management, you should consider using this suite.

uDropship by Unirgy


Price: $950

Support: Free 3-month support

uDropship is considered one of the best dropshipping solutions for many eCommerce platforms, including Magento 1 and Magento 2.

If you are a dropshipping business, this extension is a must-have tool for your eCommerce store. 

Unirgy uDropship automatically follows the whole dropshipping process, and it will update orders and shipments when needed.

It also allows store owners to get full control over the drop shipping processes. Thus, you can easily track orders and shipments.

With this dropshipping extension, you can have multiple vendors for the same product and various shipping origins per order. 

uDropship offers pre-generated order shipments per vendor feature, which supports both external and standard checkout. It also provides a convenient vendor control panel interface.

The extension enables store owners to create individual shipping methods for dropship. Thus, you can combine different Magento 2 shipping methods (Part 1) and Magento 2 shipping methods (Part 2)

You also can create as many vendors as needed with this module.

Magento 2 dropship addon by Webkul


Price: $199

Support: Free 3-month support

You can optimize all dropshipping functions with this extension by Webkul.

With this extension, you can import products from Aliexpress into your online stores and start your dropshipping business easily.

This module is useful in increasing the efficiency of keeping products in stock. You can correctly identify what products are available and quickly ship them to your customers. 

The admin manages created warehouses and can add or remove a particular warehouse if necessary.

This extension provides a simple procedure for shipping products from various warehouses. It will calculate shipping based on each warehouse.

Dropship addon by Webkul will add nine new tabs to the default Magento 2 admin. Those are: Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Order Manager, Warehouse Product Relation, Dropship Product Profile, Manage Shipping Rule, Price Rules, Dropship Dataflow Profile, Category Mapping, AliExpress Orders and AliExpress Products.

In the Warehouse Manager tab, you can view, edit, and add warehouses. Under Dropship Product Profile, you can assign products to warehouses at once. 

Magento 2 dropship extension by Magestore


Price: $249

Support: Free 3-month support

This Magento 2 dropship module by Magestore is a powerful tool to create amazing customer experiences making seamless sales anytime, anywhere.

The overall dropship procedure will be divided into three steps to save lots of your time and effort working with your customers and drop shippers. 

It also provides a reliable notification system to send alerts to customers via email.

This dropshipping extension enables products to be shipped immediately from a provider to a customer without being transferred to a retailer. Thus, you don’t even need to create your inventory.

Note that this module is not a standalone product. You need to purchase the whole Omnichannel solution for it to work.


In this article, we have introduced you to the 5 best Magento 2 addons for dropshipping.

We hope it helps you find the best extension to success as a dropping business.

And if you need more extensions to optimize other aspects of your store, please check out the link below.

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