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Top 7+ Magento 2 Quick Order Extension Free and Paid Options

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Providing your customer with a smooth shopping experience in this fast-moving world of eCommerce is vitally important. This can be brought forth through a fast ordering process in your store. The Magento 2 Quick order extension enables your customers to easily add multiple products to their carts thereby improving their purchase experience.

This article explores various Magento 2 Quick Order extension free and paid options, their capabilities, and how they can ease the ordering process for you and your customers.

What is Magento 2 Quick Order Extension?

The Magento 2 Quick Order Extension truly fulfills its name. It makes B2B customers’ purchases from digital stores more efficient by streamlining the product search, adding items to the cart, and processing payments. Quick and easy means better customer experience, increased conversion rates, and higher sales.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the best Magento 2 Quick Order Extension free and paid options, to see if they are tailored to your store’s needs.

Best Magento 2 Quick Order Extension Free and Paid Option

  • CMSmart’s Magento 2 Advanced Quick Order Extension Free
  • Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by BSS Commerce
  • Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Magetop
  • Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Mirasvit
  • Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Landofcoder
  • Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Amasty
  • Quick Order for Magento 2 by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension Free By CMSmart

Magento 2 quick order extension free- cmsmart

CMSmart’s M2 Advanced Quick Order offers all of the standard features of a quick order extension – using SKUs to place orders, uploading CSV files, choosing products in bulk, etc. – for free. Additionally, users can choose custom URLs and positions for the Quick Order page, as well as custom product utilities like changing the quantity of the product, changing the number of values displayed, and viewing product details, among other features, with this magento 2 free extension.

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by BSS Commerce ( Paid)

Pre-filled best-sellers or frequently ordered products, switchable quick order form templates, and quick order functions are some of BSS Commerce’s Magento 2 Quick Order Extension primary features. The quick order functions include a sticky Mini Quick Order for quick purchases on any page, the ability for customers to select all product options in a smart popup, and quick order by product SKUs, which let B2B customers search for products by name or SKU before adding them to carts.

This extension surpasses the need for a Magento 2 Quick Order extension free option, since it also enables customers to upload CSV files – a feature that facilitates bulk ordering. $119 is what you need to purchase this one-size-fits-all extension.

Quick Order Extension by Amasty ( Paid)

As an alternative to the Magento 2 Quick Order Extension Free requirement, Amasty’s extension of the same name costs $199. Of course, price comes with quality. This extension enables AJAX product search and creating massive orders. In addition, it can also validate SKU mismatch, offer features such as product thumbnails and auto-complete search suggestions to improve user experience.

This extension is also compatible with both mobile devices and desktops and allows customers to place quick orders right from category pages.

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Landofcoder ( Paid)

One of the most expensive options here is likely Landofcoder’s Quick Order Extension, which costs $199. With this extension, it will be more appropriate for medium-sized and large businesses with somewhat roomier budgets and more demanding needs.

Among its sophisticated features are Elasticsearch, which can be used to improve real-time search results and set up store-wide search capabilities, and AJAX, which enables quick and dynamic web pages. Additionally, new features have been added, like live updates for quantity, price, and subtotal without loading, and support for basic products with custom options.

Landofcoder’s extension ensures that customers’ order-making time is reduced to 3 minutes and is suitable for both B2C and B2B businesses.


Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Mirasvit ( Paid)

Mirasvit’s Extension was developed with the desire to solve the time-consuming problem of online shopping, when customers want to bulk order but are unable to do so. Mirasvit’s extension also has functions similar to other extensions of the same name, such as quick search using names or SKU, CSV upload, fast checkout, and mobile compatibility. Furthermore, it is simple to integrate with digital stores and does not necessitate extensive technical knowledge.

This extension, which costs $99, is appropriate for startups as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Quick Order for Magento 2 by Mageplaza ( Paid)

Mageplaza’s extension is a feature-rich extension that is highly responsive on multiple devices and compatible with Magento themes. It has an easy-to-configure and implement-friendly user interface.

Priced at $199, the extension provided by Mageplaza claims that the purchase can be processed in just 3 clicks – definitely lives up to the name of Quick Order extension. In addition to the same features as other options – such as searching products by name or SKUs, allowing CSV file uploads, and customization of URLs & design –  one of the special features of this extension is that it integrates Magento 2 Quick Order GraphQL to provide an easier and more accurate experience for wholesale customers.

Wrap up

With the information provided above, you should have a good understanding of the Quick Order Extension Free and Paid options. You can see that despite being incredibly useful and adaptable, there is a lack of Magento 2 Quick Order Extension Free in the eCommerce industry – in general – and the extensions market – in particular.

There are numerous justifications for this. In summary, the features of the free extensions will be restricted, making it challenging for them to satisfy the demands of digital stores, especially when a business is scalable. In any case, to make the best decision, consider the various functions of each option as well as their costs.

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