Magento 2 RMA extension free and paid

Comparisons of 9+ Best Magento 2 RMA Extension Free and Paid [Updated 2024]

by Lily Tran

With the advancement of technology, online shopping has become an essential aspect of many people’s daily lives. However, there are still certain issues that can arise during online purchases. These include low product quality, damage during delivery, or customers simply changing their minds and wanting to return the goods. Therefore, this process can be complex and time-consuming for stores, especially when dealing with numerous new orders.

So, how can this problem be resolved? The solution lies in the Magento 2 RMA Extension. This RMA extension facilitates the return merchandise authorization process, benefiting both eCommerce stores and customers. It simplifies and expedites return requests while also assisting administrators in efficiently managing return-related data.

This blog aims to provide you with a list of the 9+ best Magento 2 RMA extension free and paid options, that are commonly used in eCommerce stores. Now, let’s get started!

Overview of Magento RMA for Magento Store

What is Magento RMA?

Magento RMA, also known as Return Merchandise Authorization, serves as a tool for merchants to streamline the handling of product returns. This process allows customers to initiate the return process while enabling merchants to efficiently monitor the returned items. Moreover, RMA facilitates effective communication between the customer and merchant, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both parties.

How does Magento RMA work?

The Magento RMA feature enables both guests and registered customers to initiate the return process, simplifying return management. Here is an overview of how it typically operates:

1. Initiate Return Request: Customers can submit an RMA request through their account, which is also accessible to guests.

2. RMA Authorization: Merchants review the RMA requests and have the option to partially or fully authorize them, or even deny them altogether. If approved, merchants can arrange return shipments directly from the admin panel.

3. Customer Sends Back Merchandise: Customers ship back the authorized returns following the provided instructions.

4. Inspect Returned Merchandise: Upon receiving the returns, merchants thoroughly inspect them. They then process the returns accordingly, which may involve issuing a full refund, providing store credit, or refusing the return.

9+ Best Magento 2 RMA Extensions for 2024 Both Free and Paid

Below is the comparison table of the Magento 2 RMA extension free and 9+ best paid options, based on the criteria: Review/rating, compatibility, pricing, latest version, money-back guarantee, and support:

Best Magento 2 RMA Extensions Latest Version Pricing Compatibility Money-back guarantee and support
Magento 2 RMA Extension & Return Order by Welt Pixel 1.11.21 Free Magento Open Source/ Commerce/ Commerce Cloud B2B 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.x, 2.4.x 30 days money back

100% open source code

RMA for Magento 2 developed by Aheadworks 1.8.2 $195 for first payment & $11.99 per month for regular payments Open Source 2.4.4 – 2.4.6; Commerce 2.4.4 – 2.4.6 30 days money back

30 days free support

Free installation

Magento 2 RMA Extension created by Magetop v2.0.6 $69 Magento CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x 30 days money back

FREE lifetime updates

90 days free support

RMA for Magento 2 developed by Mageplaza v4.0.9 $229 for Standard

$429 for Enterprise

Magento CE/EE/B2B/Cloud/ Adobe Commerce 2.3.x, 2.4.x 60 days money back guarantee

FREE installation for all

365 days support

Magento 2 RMA Extension by Mirasvit 2.2.32 $179 Community:

2.3.* – 2.4.6


2.3.* – 2.4.6

Free support and updates for 1 year

30 days money back guarantee

Vendor RMA Addon [M2] by CedCommerce 1.0.9 Hidden cost Magento 2.3.x, 2.4.x N/A
Magento 2 RMA by Meetanshi 2.4.7 Hidden cost N/A Free 1 year update

Free 1 year support

30 days money-back guarantee

RMA for Magento 2 developed by Amasty v2.8.1 $219 Magento 2.4.6-p4; 2.4.5-p6; 2.4.4-p7; 2.3.7-p4 Updates and support for 12 months
RMA for Magento 2 created by MageDelight 1.0.10 $129 Magento Open Source: 2.3.x – 2.4.x

Adobe Commerce (EE): 2.3.x – 2.4.x

Adobe Commerce Cloud (ECE): 2.3.x – 2.4.x

1 year access to free technical support

1 year access to free compatibility and feature updates

30 days money-back

#1. Magento 2 RMA Extension Free & Return Order by Welt Pixel

RMA & Return Order is a Magento RMA extension free created by Welt Pixel. While free, this module remains fully functional for Magento 2. With 95% positive reviews and benefits, RMA & Return Order is a great extension for small businesses or startups with a tiny budget.

Magento 2 RMA Extension Free Welt pixel

Main Features

  • Automated return label generator for prepaid and scan-based return labels
  • Various refund options: online payment, offline payment, store credit, gift card, in-store refund
  • Efficient management of eCommerce returns, encompassing return requests and refunds
  • Choose between instant approval of return requests or pending approval
  • Efficiently handle returns based on different RMA conditions
  • Intelligent return policies are based on product SKU, product attribute, and product feed attribute. Furthermore, you can establish return policies based on return reason, country, discount amount, item status, date range, and more.
  • Flexible return cost: free, fixed amount, or deduct return label cost
  • Effortlessly return products to multiple locations with smart return dispositions
  • Seamless integration of online and in-store returns
  • Customers can attack comments and images when returning products
  • Tailored return timeframes for various products
  • Customized return explanations
  • The Returns Center is equipped with user-friendly self-service return options

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#2. RMA for Magento 2 developed by Aheadworks

RMA for Magento 2 is an ideal extension developed by Aheadworks that assists in improving customer service with flexible product return management.

Magento 2 RMA extension Aheadworks

Detailed Features

  • Speed up the processing and negotiation of returns
  • Manage RMA: Supervise and generate RMA requests in both the backend and frontend interfaces
  • RMA approval: The store administrator has the ability to manually approve requests or set up automatic approval by adjusting the corresponding option in the module settings
  • Custom fields: There are 4 types of field options available for custom fields, such as dropdown and multi select; these fields can be designated as required
  • Label printing: Access label printing directly from the backend to facilitate warehouse operations
  • Status switching: Take advantage of the capability to switch statuses in a non-sequential order
  • Status priority: Allocate priority levels to statuses within your store to organize statuses based on their importance and visualize the sequence of RMA stages
  • Return period: Establish the number of days after the order placement within which customers can request returns
  • File attachments: Enable customers to attach files to their return requests. Specify the maximum file size in megabytes and the acceptable file extensions
  • RMA TextBlocks and Policy: Configure the placement of CMS blocks within the RMA form on the frontend
  • M2 coupon code: Issue coupon codes to customers as an alternative to refunds or replacements
  • Data export: Export all essential data in CSV or Excel format

#3. Magento 2 RMA Extension created by Magetop

The Magento 2 RMA extension by Magetop enables customers to initiate return requests for products they have purchased. Furthermore, the Return Merchandise Authorization module permits guest users to access the RMA form. Customers can generate shipping labels for returning or exchanging products.

Magento 2 RMA extension Magetop

Detailed Features

  • Send and receive files and attachments along with messages
  • Establish fields that can be customized for the RMA Request Form
  • Guest customers generate RMA too
  • Facilitate communication between Buyer and Admin through the RMA system
  • Access RMA history with filters and pagination features
  • Present the return policy page to customers
  • Enable dynamic order selection with a range of options
  • Effortlessly print RMA details and shipping labels
  • Customers can input consignment numbers and upload images post-RMA generation
  • Admins can manage RMA status and reasons
  • Both customers and admins will receive notification emails
  • Use return quantity to return RMA quantity to the store
  • Admins can specify the allowed product types for RMA
  • 100% Open-source, supports multi-store, and multi-language
  • Simple installation and customization process

#4. RMA for Magento 2 developed by Mageplaza

Magento 2 RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) by the Mageplaza developer facilitates the efficient and convenient management of product returns and exchanges for store owners. Through using the Magento 2 RMA extension, the process of returning items becomes transparent, uncomplicated, and mutually beneficial for both customers and store owners.

Magento 2 RMA extension Mageplaza

Detailed Features

  • Guests can easily request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) based on specific conditions for their orders and products
  • Allows for the handling of return requests for each item, selected items, or the entire order
  • Opt to customize RMA reasons, solutions, and more
  • Stay alert and discuss their RMA requests via email
  • Customers can cancel a return request if needed
  • Admin has the authority to reject or approve the RMA request by modifying the status of the corresponding order
  • The visibility of the RMA rule can be adjusted based on the store view or customer groups.
    All RMA requests can be efficiently managed through the grid interface
  • Admins have the ability to view, edit, or create new RMA requests in a timely manner
  • The position of the RMA Request Link and RMA Policy Link can be selected to appear either at the top link or footer link of the webpage
  • The RMA process applies to all types of products
  • Customers can access all the necessary details, conversations, and comments for an RMA request conveniently through their My Dashboard section
  • RMA feature is supported across multiple store views, providing flexibility and convenience for both customers and store owners.

#5. Magento 2 RMA Extension by Mirasvit

Mirasvit’s RMA extension offers a user-friendly interface for managing RMA processes efficiently. It includes a live chat option and keeps a detailed record of all communications related to each RMA.

Magento 2 RMA extension Mirasvit

Detailed Features

  • Enhanced visibility into RMA progress for both customers and store administrators
  • Tailor-made RMA process with customizable workflow, statuses, reasons, and resolutions
  • Flexibility to add custom fields to capture specific information related to RMA requests
  • Streamline operations with automated responses and workflow rules, minimizing manual effort.
  • Comprehensive record of status updates, messages, and files associated with each RMA
  • RMA reports provide detailed insights and analysis

#6. Vendor RMA Addon [M2] by CedCommerce

The Vendor RMA Addon [M2] extension created by CedCommerce for Magento 2 allows front-end users to easily return products to vendors for efficient management. This add-on is compatible exclusively with CedCommerce’s Multi-vendor Marketplace extension and the Vendor Order add-on.

Vendor RMA Addon [M2] by CedCommerce

Detailed Features

  • Tailored to seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Simple configuration options are available in both the admin and vendor panels
  • Endless and customizable settings for reasons, conditions, and resolutions
  • Vendors can conveniently monitor RMA status in the dedicated RMA section of the dashboard once it’s transferred by the admin
  • RMA settings are accessible for both logged-in and guest users, with a flexible return window
  • Personalize messages based on clients’ RMA requests
  • Integration with the best Magento multi vendor marketplace extension is required
  • Vendors can engage in live chat with customers regarding RMA for products
  • Customers can upload images of returned, replaced, or damaged items
  • Users can request an RMA for order cancellation when payment is pending after placing an order
  • Admin has the authority to enable customers to submit RMA requests post-invoice or shipment creation

#7. Magento 2 RMA by Meetanshi

Meetanshi has created the Magento 2 RMA extension to simplify returns management for Magento 2 store owners. This extension automates product return processes and exchanges, ultimately lowering return management costs and enhancing customer loyalty.

Magento 2 RMA extension Meetanshi

Detailed Features

General features:

  • Automates the process of requesting and processing returns for both customers and the admin
  • In the backend, the admin can configure the return address
  • Options to set the default status and owner for new RMA requests
  • Option to ask the customer to confirm shipping, and the admin can enable RMA for offline orders
  • Option to indicate if the item was a gift
  • Option to integrate with a helpdesk system
  • Admins can configure the code for the “brand” attribute
  • Admin can enter the extension of attachment types and specify the allowed shipping label upload extensions
  • Configure the maximum attachment size in MB

Customer account features

  • Display the RMA section in the customer account section using Magento 2 Return Order Management.
  • Enable the feature to display RMAs for guest customers based on their orders.
  • Customers must choose from the options provided, which can be set as mandatory by the admin: Reason, Condition, and Resolution

RMA policy features

  • Specify the number of days required before submitting an RMA request
  • Set up the order status to be eligible for RMA requests
  • Enable RMA requests for multiple orders
  • Admin can configure a setting where only the items that have been shipped will be eligible for RMA if the order has been partially shipped.
  • Admin can prompt the customer to agree to the RMA policy text by adjusting the setting in the backend.
  • Admin can choose the CMS block containing the RMA policy text
  • And more other features

#8. RMA for Magento 2 developed by Amasty

The Magento 2 RMA extension by Amasty efficiently manages all aspects of the return process, offering customizable module settings to tailor the return policy to fit any business model and satisfy customer requirements.

Magento 2 RMA extension Amasty

Detailed Features

  • Gather more customer data by adding extra custom fields
  • Speed up communication using personalized ‘Quick Reply’ templates
  • Initiate returns with attachments directly from the backend and use a direct link.
  • Show the Privacy Policy checkbox and direct to the RMA Policy page
  • Enhanced logistics management (for Premium)
  • Advanced administration and analytics (for Pro and Premium)
  • Address each requirement with Magento 2 returns
  • Keep customers engaged with a robust Magento RMA system

#9. RMA for Magento 2 created by MageDelight

The RMA feature in Magento 2 offers an improved method for delivering post-sales assistance to customers, ensuring their satisfaction by addressing any product-related inquiries they may have. Through the Magento 2 Product Return RMA extension, customers can promptly receive assistance with their product-related questions and conveniently request returns when necessary.

Magento 2 RMA extension MageDelight

Detailed Features

  • Generate a return request via the administrative backend
  • Manage status, reasons, conditions, and solutions
  • Establish a two-way communication channel between the user and the store owner
  • Admin can handle return package requests and make updates
  • Both the customer and the administrator have the ability to initiate a return request
  • Admin can monitor every phase of the RMA through the “RMA History.”
  • RMA features a chat-style interface for monitoring previous communications
  • Enable guests to submit return requests
  • Set up email notifications

Main Benefits of Using RMA Extension for Magento Store

Explore the main benefits of using the RMA extension for Magento stores, provided below:

Streamlined return process

Thanks to the integration of Magento 2 RMA extension free or paid, the return process for both customers and store owners can be optimized, resulting in a seamless transaction. With pre-set return reasons, a hassle-free label creation process, and clear instructions, shoppers can easily navigate the return procedure without any confusion. This organized approach not only reduces the workload but also minimizes the number of questions directed to customer service.

Management of warranty and return policies

Magento RMA extensions offer a wide range of features that enable merchants to clearly define warranty terms and return policies on their website. These extensions provide user-friendly settings that allow store owners to easily customize return conditions and restocking fees. Merchants can personalize warranties based on different product categories. Therefore, transparency and trust are fostered between the customer and the online store.

Streamlined order management and fulfillment

RMA extensions offer Magento order management and fulfillment capabilities, facilitating efficient order tracking and processing. Merchants are provided with a high-quality dashboard that includes status grids and data analysis tools, allowing them to effectively prioritize cases and handle returns without burdening their teams with excessive workloads.

Tracking tools

Magento RMA extensions offer a comprehensive case-tracking tool, ensuring that both customers and store owners are well informed. Thanks to enabling direct linking to return requests from the order page, the return status can be monitored in real time. Moreover, a complete history of all communications is easily accessible. These tools guarantee efficient documentation and management of every return process.

Advanced features for customization and integration

Magento RMA extensions possess versatile and sophisticated customization features that enable them to meet a wide range of business needs. They can seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, add custom fields for return reasons, and adapt to different shipping methods. These extensions can be easily customized to suit the specific requirements of any business, regardless of its size, without the need for intricate developer involvement.

Tips to Choose the Best Magento RMA Extension

In addition to the benefits you can obtain from Magento RMA extensions, thoroughly consider the tips provided below to choose the best Magento RMA extension:

1. Verify compatibility with your Magento version. Before choosing the best Magento RMA extension, it is imperative to verify the compatibility of the RMA extension with your Magento platform, be it Adobe Commerce, Magento Open Source, or EE. This step is crucial in order to guarantee seamless integration and prevent any potential conflicts with other extensions or theme modifications that may occur after installation.

2. Assess the user interface and navigation. User-friendly interface with simple navigation is crucial for both front-end users and back-end managers. Seek out RMA extensions that provide a clear menu and grid system. These extensions facilitate effective handling of return processes and guarantee customer loyalty through a smooth return experience.

3. Review integration with shipping carriers. Looking for RMA extensions that provide seamless integration with leading carriers and support for multiple shipping methods is critical. This can greatly simplify the process of generating and monitoring shipping labels and RMA statuses.

4. Check the customization options and rule configuration. Custom rules, which include criteria for approval, types of returns allowed (e.g., for items that are damaged or defective), and charges for restocking. Through choosing extensions that enable detailed adjustments, you can establish a return procedure that conforms to the distinctive operational regulations and policies of your business.

5. Tracking and resolution functions. Select an RMA extension that provides comprehensive tracking capabilities for both you and the buyer. The extension records each return request’s messages, comments, and actions related to each return request, which will aid in making well-informed choices regarding resolutions, refunds, and exchanges.

6. Check reviews and verify developer support. Analyzing customer feedback offers valuable information on the functionality of the extension in practical situations. Additionally, it aids in assessing the level of assistance you can anticipate from developers in the event of any problems. To ensure excellent customer service and the overall well-being of the software, seek out an RMA extension that receives consistent updates and dependable support.

The Final Verdict

In brief, Magento 2 RMA extensions play a crucial role in streamlining your return merchandise authorization process. Thanks to implementing the right extension, you can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and gain valuable insights into your return trends. So, if you’re looking to optimize your RMA process in Magento 2, take into account the list of 9 options for Magento 2 RMA extension free and paid provided in the above section.

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