BSS Commerce x Hyva Theme Partnership in 2022 – A Year To Look Back!

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With 10 years of experience providing eCommerce solutions, BSS Commerce believed Hyva theme was the perfect solution for Magento 2 frontend right from the beginning.

The reason is the Hyva theme can offer flexibility, speed and ultimate performance to the Magento platform. It can drive long-term eCommerce results without difficult and costly maintenance.

That’s why BSS partnered with Hyva in early 2022 to provide Hyva theme development service and many Hyva theme compatible modules.

And as the year 2022 is about to end, let’s look back at all the achievements that BSS and Hyva made together!

Hyva Theme Facts and Statistics 2022



First of all, let’s quickly review the Hyva theme.

As Hyva official statement said, Hyva theme is a brand-new Magento 2 frontend with the best DevExperience, Performance and Time to Market. Hyva helps you build Magento 2 stores quicker and with a lower budget. And the result is a modern and ultra-fast shopping experience for your visitors.

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In our company’s view, the Hyva theme is currently the best way to build storefronts for Magento 2 websites. Hyva is made only with JavaScript framework, AlpineJS, and Tailwind CSS, so there is no unnecessary complexity. It is lightweight but very flexible for functionalities to run.

There are 4 major benefits of the Hyva theme:

  • Performance: Hyva themes makes your website perform faster and score up to 100/100 across all of Google’s core web vitals.
  • Removing complexity: Hyva allows merchants to retain the functionalities needed on their websites, whilst keeping it simple.
  • Development speed: Your eCommerce website can be built quicker due to less development time required.
  • Ease for developers: Given the Hyva theme only requires developers to be familiar with Apline.js and Tailwind CSS, it’s much easier to learn and use during development.
  • Reducing maintenance costs: Due to its simplicity, it reduces the ongoing costs associated with maintenance.

The number of websites using Hyva is increasing fast. In October 2022, the Hyva team celebrated the 1,000 livesites milestone. And up to now, there are over 1,200 live sites built on Hyva, based on BuiltWith data.

There are now almost 200 Magento modules compatible with the Hyva theme. And many major extension providers committed to making their extensions compatible. Among those, BSS Commerce is one of the most active partners.

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BSS Commerce x Hyva Theme Partnership in 2022

BSS Commerce officially started the partnership with Hyva theme in June 2022.

After that, BSS quickly became one of the most active technical partners of Hyva as we released new compatible modules almost every week.

Up to now, BSS has finished compatible with the Hyva theme for 37 modules – the most out of all providers. And we are working/about to work on 20 more.

Some standout BSS Commerce’s Hyva compatibility extensions:

BSS also provides the best Hyva development service to help Magento merchants implement this amazing frontend in their stores.


This service offers you:

  • Business analytics and consulting: BSS’s experienced team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal Hyva theme option.
  • Development and customization: The Hyva theme deployment process follows the PCI compliance and SSL certification strictly to protect customer privacy and merchant credibility. They also customize solutions depending on market niches and recommend technology that can help you succeed.
  • Integration with 3rd modules: BSS can handle 3rd party modules that are compatible with the Hyva theme to bring more amazing features to your store.
  • Maintenance and optimization: To minimize urgent technical issues and security risks, BSS will accompany you throughout your journey. Furthermore, they will give site optimization recommendations to help you boost sales and performance.

BSS Commerce & Hyva Theme Plan for 2023

For the new year 2023, BSS definitely will continue strengthening our partnership with the Hyva team.

Our plans are:

  • Make all BSS’s modules compatible with the Hyva theme
  • Provide B2B solution for Hyva frontend
  • Develop more Hyva development service


hyva theme-handbook-bsscommerce-blue|hyva-partner


We BSS Commerce strongly believe in our partnership with the Hyva frontend. And we promise to keep working with the Hyva team more closely to offer the best solutions for Magento merchants.

BSS Commerce x Hyva theme – Successful together!

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