BSS Group 6th Birthday – Proud to be a BSSer

Whenever Christmas and New Year come, BSS-ers are eager to celebrate our big party – Our Birthday!

In 2018, the developing journey of BSS Group reached the 6th year.

🎉21/12/2012 – 21/12/2018 🎉

In the evening of the same day, all BSS members got together at the Crowne Plaza Hotel to look back on a successful 2018 and hope towards a more victorious 2019. More importantly, we came and shared the cozy and full-of-fun moments.

A completed and meaningful day!

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A beautiful backdrop was ready for all members to take photos with close colleagues. In the spirit of the party, all of us were dressed up. Even, our developers who normally put on casual, yet that day they looked very cool 😀

15h30: Meeting

Our 6th birthday party started by singing and dancing performances made by BSS talents :D.

Then, CEO Nguyen Quang Trung shared about the 6-year journey of BSS Group, especially the outstanding successes we had achieved in 2018, for example, to become Magento Select Extension Builder.

That day at Crowne Plaza, there were members who had been with the company for many years and also new faces who were starting their first journey with the BSS, but when we heard of his sharing, we were all touched by his enthusiasm and motivation that the Big Brother had conveyed to the whole BSS family. We strived for the same purpose “Make BSS Group bigger to provide Magento community Best Success Solutions!”

Breaking News!

“BSS always make efforts to provide the best successful solutions not only for customers but also for members. Therefore, reaching the 7th years old, BSS will have a completely new look and scale.” said the CEO.

And his special gift is a new office – the new working environment for better engagement and creation!

In the party, Mr. Trung also gave gifts and certificates to individuals who had made outstanding contributions in 2018.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Trung cut the birthday cake and sent his best wish to BSS “New Year Old, New Successes.”

16h30: Tea Break

All members had gathered again in the stage to take a picture celebrating the 6-year-old birthday of BSS Group. After that, we spent some time on a tea break and prepared for the very next special program.

17h00: BSS Idol

At BSS Group, we are proud that almost all members have their own talents from playing guitar, singing, dancing, doing magic to acting. On the special occasion of the 6th birthday party, our developers, testers, marketers, PA, etc. had prepared various exciting performances. Surprisingly, all the four are plays which had elaborate costume investments, compelling scripts, and especially the ecstatic performances of the members.

This is the winner of BSS Idol contest, whose name is “The Three Millions Team.” The other performances were also very special and funny.

19h30: Time to Cheer!

After the plays “made by BSSer” and exciting lottery game, our big family had a cozy dinner party. We made a toast wishing that BSS would have a more successful new year and new old.

Together, we keep moving forward!

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